3 Must-Try Fruit Flavour Combinations for Cakes

fruit cakeCelebrations and occasions call for great food, especially with the desserts. Almost all the time, we get a chocolate, vanilla, or caramel dessert to go with the sumptuous meal. The problem, however, is that these classic combinations get boring over time – even more so in cakes.

Fortunately, you canturn things up a notch by using fruits as the main ingredients of your next baked treat. Try these great combinations on the next cake you’ll bake:

Apple and Banana

Apple pie and banana bread are both tasty treats, but things get more interesting when you put both fruits in one cake. An apple banana cake is a great way to add a unique twist to the typical chocolate or vanilla-based dessert, as it presents a distinct sweetness and texture. Moreover, it’s a nutritious fruit combination. The fibre, folic acid, and potassium of bananas plus the flavonoids of apple certainly do a good job in keeping you healthy.

The recipe for this is pretty simple, and you can actually do it like how you bake banana bread. But if you want a more creative twist, TheSugarBox.com.au suggests adding icing to it, as well as nuts, chocolates, and other cake accessories on top.

Kiwi and Berries

Surely you can think of another dessert with berries other than cheesecake, right? Well, if not, try using kiwi and assorted berries in your next baked goodie. Slices of kiwi and strawberry in between the cakes are the way to do this. Once you’ve iced up the cake, add the kiwi slices, blueberries, and strawberry chunks on top. The citrus flavour of the kiwi will complement the distinct blend of blueberry and strawberry.

Mango and Pineapple

Mango and pineapple is a good pair for cakes, too. The acidity of the pineapple, the sweet-sour taste of mango, and the sweet, creamy texture of icing balance each other out, so you can create an interesting flavour profile with this mix. This recipe from FoodNetwork.com presents an interesting take onthis dessert.

Fruit combinations are an easy way to make your cake stand out from the typical decadent chocolate cake we’re all used to eating. As long as you choose fruits that blend well in terms of taste and texture, the desserts you’ll serve will always be interesting. With the right ingredients, you can bake a fruity cake that bests chocolate rolls and vanilla cakes any time of the day.