3 Ps of Great Graphic Design

a graphic designer working on a laptop and seeing the results on a phoneGraphic Design is essential for any type of business. Whether you have a technology development business in Provo or a clothes shop tucked somewhere in New York, chances are you will need a graphic designer to come up with ideas for your logo, business cards, and other marketing materials you will need.

But what makes a great graphic design? Red Rider Creative shares some insights.


When it comes to design, three perspectives should be taken into consideration. First is the graphic designer’s perspective. For them, a design should be attractive. Whether it’s for a product logo, packaging, or a website, coming up with a design that’s eye-catching is of utmost importance. Second is the client’s. For them, an effective design takes precedence over everything. They want a design that will make people look at their products and sell their business.

Then, there’s the perspective of the users or clients. For example, users want a web page that is attractive and easy to navigate. A cluttered design may not be good for business no matter how beautiful the page might look. A great graphic design integrates all three perspectives well.


While most people say that you get what you pay for, that is not necessarily true when it comes to hiring a good graphic designer. When hiring one, it’s more important to look at their portfolio to make sure that their design is something that will work for you and your business.


It’s not also always about the aesthetics. A great designer should understand color psychology, particularly as to how people make associations with colors. Knowing which images appeal to people will help the designer come up with a design that will satisfy you and your target customers.

Graphic design is not about simply putting together elements that make a product look good. The design must actually sell the product.