4 Destinations to Complete Your Vacation at The Rocks

Sydney observatorySydney has a lot to offer for travellers seeking to know more about the world and experience rich cultures. If you’re up for a Sydney vacation, a great and unique destination is The Rocks. You’ll get a sense of Sydney’s past when you see The Rocks’ cosy restaurants, cobbled laneways, and the oldest pubs in Australia.


A well-prepared travel itinerary is important wherever you go. Book your flights wisely to get the best deal. Reserve an accommodation in The Rocks in advance so you could avail of discounts. For your destinations, here are some of the best and most recommended places to visit.

The Rocks Café

Iconic not just because of its name but the great coffee selections, this café is surely not to miss. Enjoy an authentic European dining experience with your loved ones. In addition, the two floors showcase a mix of modern Australian architecture and traditional bohemian vibe that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Susannah Place Museum

Museums are always fascinating to visit because you’ll surely know more about the history and culture of the place. Susannah Place Museum is no exception. Built in 1844, this place is composed of four houses and a recreation of a 1915 corner store. It feels like opening an old photo album because of the many discoveries that await you.

Ken Done Gallery

For art enthusiasts, Ken Done Gallery is arguably the best place to visit. Starting in 1980, Ken Done has already done more than 50 one-man solo exhibitions in different parts of the world. In fact, his style is considered the most original to come out of Australia.

Sydney Observatory

Let science occupy your minds by visiting the Sydney Observatory. Located in the heart of The Rock, this wonderful heritage-listed sandstone building will truly fascinate kids and adults alike. You could see stars, the Moon, planets, or even nebulae. They also have a 3-D Space Theatre and Sydney Planetarium.

The Rocks is an interesting place that represents Sydney in a great way. Don’t miss these must-see destinations to complete your trip.