4 Recommended Leisure Time Activities for the Elderly

group of elderly peopleThe Affordable Care Act (ACA), signed back into 2010, has allowed the elderly affordable and better access to senior healthcare services.

Some of the benefits from ACA that seniors can enjoy include lower cost of prescription drugs, preventive services and annual wellness visit, lower Medicare part B premiums, among others. These senior-focused healthcare updates are no less than stellar.

But, we should not fail to remember that the rights and privileges we provide to our elderly should not stop here. Aside from medical assistance, they deserve access to leisure opportunities as well, such as these:

1. Group activities

Gone are the days when the only group activities available to seniors are bingo and shuffleboard. Now, options have improved, and our elderly can choose from an array of leisure time activities, such as adult day programs, bridge clubs, music clubs, theater groups, chess clubs, fitness and strength training, and even cycling tours.

2. The Golden Age Club

This is an organization that accepts people aged 50 and older. They come up with various events including sports, health, and recreational activities.

3. Volunteer Activities

For seniors with the spirit of volunteerism, this should be a fun opportunity. Seniors can even volunteer for elderly care facilities as receptionists or gift shop attendants and therefore be able to interact with their fellow elderly.

4. Learning New Things

With internet access and a mobile device, seniors can learn new hobbies which they can share with their loved ones. These activities can even fight off the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

For our senior’s medical and leisure needs to be consistently catered to, we must find better ways to provide them with the financial support they need, such as free professional financial advice. Most of our seniors are susceptible to an array of financial difficulties.

Now, regardless of the existence of medical and leisure privileges accessible to them, so long as they struggle financially, these privileges will be out of reach.