5 SEO Recommendations for Law Firms

Law Firm SEOEven with modern web tech, and various social media and blogging platforms, there are still a number of law firms with poor or even non-existent brand awareness. In contrast, others are doing well and gaining business due to well-structured web presences.

With the different methods of online marketing, it can be understandably difficult to decide which strategy or technique to implement. To make the decision easier, read these recommendations for search engine optimization or SEO for law firms:

Choose Targeted Keywords

Choose targeted keywords that your law firm’s clients and prospective clients usually search for. To help you with this, use Google Keyword Planner, which can help you search for keywords and ad group ideas, determine keyword ratings, and even create new keyword lists.

Use Targeted Keywords

Use targeted keywords by including them in your meta data, heading tags, body text, image alt text of web pages, especially the home and key landing pages.

Take care not to stuff your website with the targeted keywords, however. Remember to avoid spamming your web pages with keywords at all costs, as it can result in a penalty from Google.

Create Blog Pages

Create a blog or blog pages using an open source content management system (CMS). Publish the contents regularly with your naturally integrated targeted keywords.

Write Expert Content

Write expert content for your web and blog pages. Create articles for your blog pages and submit them to authoritative sites. As an alternative, guest blog on other legal blogs.

When writing content, remember not to do it only for the links, but do it to enhance and promote your brand.

Use Social Media Platforms

Use several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to send social signals back to your website. To make it easier, use an auto-posting system that posts your blog’s content to social channels.

Use your social media pages to interact with your law firm’s clients or prospective clients. For instance, answer their questions directly via your Facebook or Twitter account.

Applying SEO strategies to law firms is almost the same, but not quite. Still, for the subtle nuances of using this strategy, consult an online marketing expert for the technique that will work for you.