AC Maintenance: Saving Big with Servicing

Air conditioning Maintenance in AustraliaAir conditioning units have made living more comfortable even in the hottest places around the world. It’s probably one of the best inventions so far that many are thankful for.

Air conditioners for commercial use are far different from the ones in residential areas. They have to cool larger spaces and take into account the office equipment and the number of people in the establishment.

No matter the purpose, though, and other HVAC experts say that maintenance is the key to keep your units functioning properly and avoid premature replacement. Here’s how you can save big with servicing:

Maintenance Checklist

Experts suggest that inspection, servicing, and cleaning should take place at least once a year — usually in spring. This is to make sure that your AC is still at its peak efficiency, specially before summer arrives.

As the HVAC system starts to work, it sucks in dirt and dust which affect efficient functioning. Cleaning the coils and duct work and replacing filters every month are among some ways to do it. If not checked regularly, air conditioning systems lose about five to 10% of operational efficiency every year.

Hiring Professionals

When hiring a residential or commercial air conditioner servicing company, they should specialize in different brands. In addition, their services should have reasonable prices and that there should be maintenance and service contracts. For a set fee, they should have the expertise to clean and tune up your unit and replace its filters.

These professionals can help you save money on energy bills. A well maintained unit, regardless of its age, can function well and provide the same cooling as a brand new unit.  Replacing air conditioning units cost money, so schedule regular inspections to know if the motors, blowers, coils, drain lines, pressure, temperature, supply and return lines, and refrigerant levels are working well.

With proper maintenance and care, your air conditioning unit can last up to 15 years or even more. All you need is to take responsibility and hire the necessary services.