Air Casters: Stimulating Weightlessness Through Thin Air

casterMoving heavy loads across your factory means using cranes, dollies, and carts. All these machineries have their own uses and benefits, but they require force to support the loads. And that force means manpower and the risk of human error.

Advances in technology have made a more reliable and affordable method of moving heavy loads. Fragile loads are more protected from breakage; heavy loads from falls. And all your goods will stay in place – thanks to air casters that use air bearing technology.

How it Works

Air bearings or air casters are pneumatic lifting tools that form a thin film of air between the load and the floor surface. Compressed air inflates a wear-resistant diaphragm, forming a seal with the floor and lifting the structure off the rest pad. The floor and the air diaphragm then squeeze air, creating a thin film of air that lifts the load. This thin air allows for zero-friction movement and easier transport of goods in any direction. When combined with an excellent floor, you can minimize the air required that results in a productive and efficient operation.

A safe workplace

Air bearings provide omni directional frictionless mobility for your loads, resulting in a safe and accident-free operation. Unlike trucks and carts, air casters offer effortless movement and accurate positioning. They require no turning radius and they can revolve around their own axes.

Transforming operations

Air bearings have transformed the operations of countless lean manufacturing companies. When mixed with different pieces of equipment and custom designed machineries, air casters eliminate the need for dollies, wheeled carts, trucks, and overhead cranes.

The Future of Lean Manufacturing

When you use air bearing technology for your operations, you are extending the depth of your moving and transporting solutions. From moving and positioning heavy loads to providing ergonomic and safe lifting solutions to you and your staff, air casters can be a breakthrough for your production lines, keeping your business moving.