Maintaining a Steel Storage Tank

Steel Storage TanksSteel storage tanks are a long-term solution when storing different kinds of liquid such as water, fuel and chemical. Homes and businesses often choose this type because of its durability, cost efficiency, and quality of material. Steel storage tanks, however, may still corrode and leak due to poor maintenance. Prevent this from happening in three simple yet effective ways.

Conduct Routine Inspections

To ensure its quality and cleanliness, ask an industry professional to inspect your steel storage tank at least once a year. There are two options for inspection namely dry and Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) assessment, which primarily depend on the technique you would like. A dry inspection removes all liquid from the tank, so that qualified personnel can conduct an internal check. An ROV inspection, however, doesn’t require draining, which makes it cheaper than the former. Both methods are ideal for underground and above ground storage tanks.

Check for Rust and Leaks

Steel storage tanks initially consist of layers of bees wax to prevent oxidation and corrosion. This protective coating, however, may not last that long due to heat and steam. When this occurs, your steel storage tank will rust and form internal leaks. Prevent this by placing your tank away from the sun, and conducting regular cleaning. If it does rust or leak, repair it by welding patches or covering it with epoxy-based compounds.

Maintain Tightness of Seal

Inspection hatches and seals provide access to liquid level indicators, submersible booster pumps, visual inspection of the water level, and sediment accumulation at the bottom of the tank. To prevent dirt, debris and bacteria from coming in, make sure to seal them tightly after use. Do this by installing gaskets, locks and multiple bolts around the area of the cover. Apart from preventing corrosion, this also ensures the cleanliness of the liquid inside.

Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your steel storage tank. These three simple ways do not only ensure its stability, but also assures the quality of the stored liquid. Always seek the advice of an industry professional when checking the internal parts of your tank.

The 4 Elements of API 653 Owners of ASTs Should Memorize

Storage Tank MaintenanceAPI 653 is one of the standards for maintaining the safety and integrity of above ground storage tanks. Owners should know their 4 critical components by heart. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations set in this law could bring about disastrous consequences that can affect both human and the environment.

  1. General Tank Information

The first step API 653 inspectors conduct is acquiring general information about the above ground storage tank itself. They take note of and review the descriptions of the AST including its specifications, construction, release detection methods, and spill control.

  1. Inspections of the AST’s Bottom, Tank Shell, and Tank Roof

The API 653 standard enables certified inspectors to conduct various types of checks on the components of the above ground tanks. The most common methods they use include visual, spot (ultrasonic), scan (ultrasonic as well), liquid penetrant, penetrating oil, magnetic particle, radiography, magnetic flux scan, vacuum box, and tracer gas.

These ways of inspecting the crucial part of the tank allow inspectors to determine any faults in the tank that can turn either suddenly or gradually into a huge problem.

  1. Bottom, Shell and Roof Structural Integrity and Construction Considerations

During inspections, the certified AP 653 inspectors need to factor in certain structural integrity and construction details, including the above ground tank’s minimum remaining thickness, the minimum required thickness and its maximum corrosion rate.

  1. Evaluation of the Tank’s Settlement

Last but not the least is to evaluate and examine the AST’s positioning. API inspectors have to check whether the tank is already tilting or has settled improperly into the ground. The most important factors inspectors consider during this step include the tank’s dish type, uniform, out of the plane, localized dispersions, edge settlement, and rigid body tilting.

It is only through this standard that AST owners can establish whether they already need their tanks to undergo API 653 tank reconstruction or repairs, thus, as an owner, make sure your hired inspector conducts all four steps.

Understanding Hybrid Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage in OgdenA hybrid ARM or adjustable rate mortgage combines the characteristics of a typical adjustable-rate loan and fixed-rate loan. Initially, your interest rate will be on fixed-rate and will only begin to adjust according to a set index and margin. This is known as the reset date, at which your loan changes from fixed-rate to an ARM.

Should You Consider a Hybrid Mortgage?

  • With hybrid mortgages, borrowers will receive a reduced, fixed interest rate between five and seven years. This will depend on the mortgage term, which enables them to save up some cash for monthly payments. Once the fixed-rate term has concluded, the loan then becomes an adjustable-rate loan. This could, however, cause some issues since your monthly payment will now vary from month to month according to the fluctuating interest rate.
  • Home loan specialists in Ogden explain that a viable option would be to take out a hybrid mortgage with a cap on the interest rate. This means that there will be a set or predetermined interest rate that will be charged to your every month so that you can easily budget your money because you’ll know exactly how much to allocate for your monthly loan payment.
  • Many homeowners go for hybrid mortgages since the initial fixed-rate term is significantly more economical than most of the home loan options these days. In addition, some people don’t stay for more than five or seven years in their homes before they refinance or sell. If you’re only planning on living in your house temporarily, a hybrid ARM will make sense in your situation.

Take note of the time horizon when looking at different hybrid ARM options, and determine the associated risks involved once the initial fixed-rate period expires. This reset date could potentially translate to a higher interest rate, so you should ensure that you can put a cap on the interest rate on the hybrid loan you’re planning on taking out.

Once you learn how your hybrid mortgage works, then match your planning horizons with the adjustment dates as this could be a practical tool for your financial planning portfolio.

Your Mortgage Down Payment: Why Pay Less Than a 20%

Mortgage in St. GeorgeConventional wisdom in the Beehive State tells you it’s advantageous to put down 20% of the property’s sale price in a mortgage. In many ways, this holds true: it renders you a less risky borrower to lenders, it essentially eliminates PMI, it reduces your loan amount to save in interest over time, and it could qualify you for better rates.

At a glance, paying one-fifth of the real estate’s purchase price out of your pocket makes financial sense. It’s even a heroic act to take a serious time to save and not hastily apply for a mortgage, and you think you’d be reward with your sacrifice. But this isn’t always true.

Unfair as it may seem, but it may even work against you, unfortunately.

Rate of Return

Other than your home, you must look at your property as an asset as well. Under the right economic conditions, it would appreciate over time. This means you’re passively building your wealth just because you pick the right location.

But the larger your down payment, the smaller your gains. Irrespective of your down payment size, your home’s value would increase or decrease the same way.

So if you put down, say, $84,000 (20%) on a $420,000 property, and it grew at 8% in just a year, your rate of return would just be 40%. Unlike when your down payment is $21,000 (5%), your rate of return would be a staggering 160%.


Cash is a liquid asset, which means it can easily be withdrawn and spent. But if you use it for down payment, it quickly becomes home equity — an illiquid form of asset. Although home equity is factored in to calculate your net worth, you can’t use it for anything in the hour of need.

Any mortgage company in St. George, Provo, or Salt Lake City would tell you that you could only convert it back to cash by either selling the property or taking a cash-out refinance. In addition, both transactions would cost money to some extent.

Risk of Foreclosure

One of the main motivations for putting down an oversized down payment is avoid being in a negative equity position. In the event the real estate market crashes, house prices could sharply drop too. If you have plenty of equity, you could keep your head above the water.

However, most homeowners don’t realize that lenders are less keen to foreclose properties with no equity. On the contrary, if you default and face the brink of eviction, your lender may be less eager to foreclose your underwater property because of the substantial loss he or she would have to absorb.

Paying a down payment is certainly beneficial in many ways, but be conservative with its size. If you don’t think prudently, you might unnecessarily pay cash on your property and suffer in the end.

Fences to Keep Your Pets Happy and Safe

Fencing Option While invisible electric fences might appear to be a chic and sophisticated choice, they are not the always the best idea. For many, there’s nothing more embarrassing than having a pet that’s constantly digging up neighbour’s perfectly manicured lawn. The idea of picking up after a dog is quite emotionally draining and likely become a cause of a lawsuit. 

Some crazy neighbour might end up shooting your dog, creating different problems. Rather than facing many complaints, you can choose to install a heavy-duty fencing around your property to keep your pet from running wild.

According to Direct Trades Supply, your pet’s size and behaviour as well the amount of space available are some of the factors you must consider while ordering fencing supplies.

Wooden fencing

Attractive, affordable, easy to repair and available in many styling options, wooden fences make an excellent choice to contain your pets. Such structures are sturdy enough to hold large sized dogs without suffering too much damage. Opt for a stockade fencing if your dogs have a tendency to bark at passing cars and other outside disturbances.

Aluminium fencing

Low maintenance, affordable and visually appealing, aluminium fencing can meet your security needs. If you have puppies, you can opt for puppy pickets – small spaced posts at the bottom to keep them from passing through the gaps. Such accessories increase functionality without trading off beauty.

Vinyl fences

Durable and safe, vinyl fences create a safe environment for your pets since they are free of sharp edges and do not require nails. They come in a variety of choices to offer both closed and open views depending on your needs.

Visible fences such as these make a better and safe choice in pet containment as opposed to invisible barriers. The pain that results when a dog tries to cross an invisible fence could lead to a change in behaviour as well as harm its health.

Get the Right Retirement Community for You or Your Parents

Retirement Community Time will come that you have to make tough decisions for yourself and for your loved ones. One example is moving your senior parents, and later on, yourself to a retirement community. While the decision to transfer is usually met with difficulties, it is often necessary to respond to the changing needs of ageing folks.

It’s easy to find senior living communities around, but choosing the right one could be difficult. Be guided by the following tips when choosing an ideal community either for your senior loved ones or for yourself.

Ask around for Referrals

You can start by asking friends, family, and neighbors if they can recommend a particular community for you. It’s also a great chance to ask for advice when choosing one. If asking around feels like too much of a chore, go online and search for local retirement communities.

Think about Independent Living

If a senior person has a good sense of independence, an independent living community must be considered. Assisted living communities in Ogden, for instance, provide residents with private apartment, along with third-party services to assist the seniors. This option is best for those who can attend to their daily house chores such as cooking as well as driving their own car, but might need assistance in other heavy activities.

Know the costs

It’s also important that you know the costs and modes of payment of your chosen type of community to retire in. For instance, when choosing a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), prepare to shell out a considerable amount. This option requires upfront entrance fees. When working on a smaller budget, you can find rental communities with lower monthly fee.

Consider your lifestyle

Lastly, keep in mind that an ideal retirement community should suit its resident’s unique lifestyle needs. Know the features, facilities, and added services of the community. Some senior living communities provide programs and classes for the social needs of the residents, while others have sports and fitness facilities.

With the right choice of community, you can ensure a peaceful and meaningful retirement either for your loved ones or yourself. Remember these tips to successfully find the ideal senior community.

Water Purifiers for Labs – Why They are Essential

Water PurifierWater is an essential element required for many applications even in a lab – for cooling, in experiments, drinking and so on. Especially when it is used for cultures, it has to be very pure so that there are no contaminants or germs which could alter the course or outcome of an experiment.

Whether it is to develop new drugs or to discover the course of a disease, purified water is an absolute requirement during the process of cell culturing. It is also used as a buffer and medium for dissolution of drugs etc. Compounds and micro-organisms present in normal water create havoc, hence the need for water purifiers in a lab setting.

Importance in cell cultures

Purified water is really important for successful cultures and also to clean up equipment like clarifier drivers. All of the equipment used in labs is very sensitive; many experiments are conducted in controlled conditions. Lack of purified water could mean the following things:

  • Bacterial growth which is detrimental to cultures and resulting in toxic byproducts
  • Endotoxins caused by bacteria which affect cell growth, their function and production of unwanted proteins
  • Organic compounds which become a source of nutrients and encourage unwanted side effects
  • Ion contaminants should also be low to avoid cytotoxic reactions

Not just for medical and drug related research, pure and distilled water is required by the electronics industry.

There are many companies which offer water purification systems and peripherals like carbon filters which make it possible for labs, clinics and other sectors to function effectively. One other task that these companies have to undertake is the safe disposal of contaminated water and the byproducts of many experiments.

Purification systems are available for different grades of water quality and production ranges of 1 liter to 1000 liters based on needs. These units are very cost effective to operate.