Primary Categories of Search Engine Marketing

Types and terms in digital marketingGetting substantial web traffic is the primary goal for all companies with an online presence aiming for profits. With the millions of websites currently clamoring for the attention of online customers, promoting your services and products is paramount. Search engine marketing {SEM} is a form of promotion which boosts the visibility of your web pages.

There are various categories of SEM with SEO being the most popular. An SEO company based in VA like Alkries LLC is efficient in handling all forms of search engine marketing despite its name which might mislead you into thinking it only handles SEO. Here are some other forms of SEM.

PPC {Pay Per Click}

This form of SEM works much like a bidding system. You will first choose your target keyword then bid how much you want to pay for a click on your ad. Should you win the bidding for this keyword, then your ad shows up each time a client keys it in. PPC is very cost-efficient since you only pay for the clicks on your ad.


This form of SEM targets clients who have already left your site. Retargeting gives you a ‘second chance’ to entice your customers but generally focuses on your products rather than the website. You will use a tracking cookie to trail all people who have seen your ad. Though retargeting doesn’t require direct payment, you need the software and expertise to move its tracking cookies.

Paid Search Advertising

This involves conventional adverts posted on search engines pages as sponsored listings. The cost of paid search advertising is pre-determined and varies depending on your chosen page. Though effective, it is the most expensive type of SEM.

Most business owners associate SEM only with SEO. This erroneous thinking makes them not fully benefit from the many opportunities available for boosting their website’s and product’s online visibility. You can now place yourself ahead of your competition with the knowledge of different SEM categories.

Do You Want to Save a Flunking Business? Read On.

a worried businesswomanDespite being in an economy that keeps growing stronger, the retail industry is lacking momentum. There probably reasons why, but the shifting needs and desires of millennials most likely drove it. They are not as materialistic as older generations for they would instead invest in experiences. This is probably why there is a growing demand for Salt Lake City bankruptcy attorneys, which isn’t a bad idea.

Switching Your Market Strategy

Take supermarket chains, for instance, the majority of them sell ingredients, so why not take it up a notch. Consider offering them an array of made-to-order or pre-made meals, such as ready-to-eat roast pork accompanied by a variety of sides. You can even include seasoned meatballs that they can cook at home.

Not only that, you can allot an aisle that offers a large collection of organic products with a remarkable customer service for possible queries regarding each. You can even give them the freedom to choose whether they want a home delivery service.

Reorganizing Your Financial Situation

Some companies choose to file Chapter 11 or reorganization for it legally offers business owners protection and a breathing space. With creditors contained, you will have to chance to rearrange your debts and to keep your business running.

In case you are in an even worse position, Chapter 7 might help you out. This is ideal for those who are about to close their business and are planning to sell the remaining assets to please creditors.

Aside from coming up with new ways to lure back your consumers, try to reorganize your business. Don’t be ashamed to use bankruptcy as a tool in your tactic to reinvent, dissolve or rescue a flunking business. The key takeaway here is to know what consumers want and try to give it to them to keep your business in one piece.

Diamond as Collateral: A Low-Risk Alternative to Payday Loans

diamondSecuring a loan or mortgage can be a tiresome and stressful process. Between credit checks and reports, and predicting your next paycheck, the risk is often too high and most people struggle with actually paying off the loan when circumstances don’t turn out favorable.

A bank isn’t the only place where you can get a loan though. If your goal is to get money fast and without the hassle of going through all the requirements of a standard loan, you may want to consider using your jewelry, such as diamonds, as collateral for a loan.

A Low-Risk Alternative

Parting with your precious diamonds can be very difficult to do, they actually make for good collateral and it’s all because of its inherent value. One of the biggest draws to using these as collateral for a loan is that it doesn’t require any credit checks of credit reports.  All that you really need is that actual piece of jewelry with the diamond in it, and the evaluator will be able use it as collateral for a loan.

Hull Loan System adds notes that “the amount of the loan is based solely on the value of the diamond jewelry”, making it a low-risk alternative to upfront cash or payday loans. You can theoretically pay off something as big as a housing mortgage depending on how valuable the actual diamond piece is.

Diamond Collateral and Ownership

There’s always a bit of hesitation when using a piece of diamond jewelry as collateral, but what most people don’t realize is that you actually don’t lose your ownership of the jewelry when you use it as collateral. So long as you can pay off the actual amount of the loan, you’ll be able to redeem your diamond piece.

Banks and other financial institutions rarely give you the option to extend the repayment period beyond the agreed date and even then, they will often impose penalties that may make it even more difficult to repay. When you use a diamond piece as collateral, there are no penalties if you want to extend the repayment period of the loan. The interest, however, continues to increases over time, so even if there are no penalties, you need to be wary how much interest is accumulating on your item.

Using your precious jewelry as collateral may not seem like an appealing option initially, but it’s an easy and low-risk way to secure a loan. If you want fast cash without having to deal with credit checks and applications, a diamond loan is a viable alternative.

5 SEO Recommendations for Law Firms

Law Firm SEOEven with modern web tech, and various social media and blogging platforms, there are still a number of law firms with poor or even non-existent brand awareness. In contrast, others are doing well and gaining business due to well-structured web presences.

With the different methods of online marketing, it can be understandably difficult to decide which strategy or technique to implement. To make the decision easier, read these recommendations for search engine optimization or SEO for law firms:

Choose Targeted Keywords

Choose targeted keywords that your law firm’s clients and prospective clients usually search for. To help you with this, use Google Keyword Planner, which can help you search for keywords and ad group ideas, determine keyword ratings, and even create new keyword lists.

Use Targeted Keywords

Use targeted keywords by including them in your meta data, heading tags, body text, image alt text of web pages, especially the home and key landing pages.

Take care not to stuff your website with the targeted keywords, however. Remember to avoid spamming your web pages with keywords at all costs, as it can result in a penalty from Google.

Create Blog Pages

Create a blog or blog pages using an open source content management system (CMS). Publish the contents regularly with your naturally integrated targeted keywords.

Write Expert Content

Write expert content for your web and blog pages. Create articles for your blog pages and submit them to authoritative sites. As an alternative, guest blog on other legal blogs.

When writing content, remember not to do it only for the links, but do it to enhance and promote your brand.

Use Social Media Platforms

Use several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to send social signals back to your website. To make it easier, use an auto-posting system that posts your blog’s content to social channels.

Use your social media pages to interact with your law firm’s clients or prospective clients. For instance, answer their questions directly via your Facebook or Twitter account.

Applying SEO strategies to law firms is almost the same, but not quite. Still, for the subtle nuances of using this strategy, consult an online marketing expert for the technique that will work for you.

Turkey Blocks YouTube Over Security Leak

Image by Rego Korosi | Flickr
Image by Rego Korosi | Flickr

Turkey has banned video-sharing website YouTube, days after a federal court ordered the suspension of a ban on Twitter, after both were used to spread recordings damaging to the government.

Serious trouble

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is mad with the apparent wire taps, suggesting a major corruption scandal.

“After technical analysis and legal consideration…. an administrative measure has been taken for this website,” the telecoms authority (TIB) said in a statement.

The move came after the release of an audio file, relating to a security meeting in which top government, military, and spy officials talk about a possible scenario for military action inside Syria.

Purported security leak

Some news agency said it could not verify the audio’s authenticity.

But it was potentially the most damaging purported leak so far as it appeared to have originated from the bugging of a highly confidential conversation.

“They even leaked a national security meeting,” Erdogan said in a statement. “This is villainous, this is dishonesty… Who are you serving by doing audio surveillance of such an important meeting?”

Pope Francis Accepts Resignation Of Germany’s ‘Bling Bishop’

Image by Christliches Medienmagazin pro | Wikimedia
Image by Christliches Medienmagazin pro | Wikimedia

Pope Francis has formally accepted the resignation of the controversial bishop of Limburg in Germany, who came under fire after reports revealed he was living a lavish lifestyle.

Bling Bishop

Franz-Peter Terbartz-van Elst, whom the international media dubbed as the “Bling Bishop,” had been relieved indefinitely of his clerical duties by the pope last year after reports emerged detailing his high-roller lifestyle, the Vatican announced on Wednesday, March 26, according to a report from Agence France Presse.

The Roman Catholic bishop came under fire and faced outrage over an ostentatious construction project at his official residence in the ancient town of Limburg in central Hesse state. The building included a museum, several conference halls, a chapel and private apartments.

The whole project was originally priced at only 5.5 million euros ($7.4 million), but the cost ballooned to around 31 million euros. Additional features were added including a 783,000 euro garden and a 15,000 euro bathtub—all paid for using the revenue from a religious tax in Germany.

Other Allegations

The 53-year-old bishop also came under fire for lying under oath about his trips to visit slum dwellers in India.

Tebartz-van Elst had told a news outlet based in Hamburg that “we flew business class,” but then in sworn testimony denied having said those words.

The reporter, however, had videotaped him making the comment, and the embattled bishop agreed to settle the court case with a 20,000 euro payment in November.

Real Expectations, Virtual Means: Businesses in the Age of the Internet

small business broadbandThe emergence of the Internet and the steady decline of traditional marketing methods are two pieces of evidence of how modern advancements now inevitably influence the business world. Today, companies are turning to virtual means in order to bring their brand to the forefront of the digital world. The ‘hype’ behind this is not too hard to understand. Without too much physical effort and labour costs, you can spawn a ripple type effect to different parts of the globe and reach more people. Each passing day, companies are finding new ways to expand their campaigns simply by being underpinned by a proper broadband service for small businesses.

Knowing Your Audience

You can market your brand on the Internet just as easily as handing out flyers on the street. Retaining their interest and curiosity, however, is entirely another matter. Businesses today are always under tight competitive pressures. Each company now shares similar services and products with probably thousands of other companies around the globe. While online visibility can be achieved with simple website optimization techniques, the defining factor is genuinely knowing your market and keeping them interested.

Mere social media updates will not necessarily help you. Engaging in activities such as polls, competitions and promos will make sure that online users will keep on coming to your brand. It is by direct interaction that you gain a wider client base and secure potentially profitable gains.

Streamlined Operations

It is now easier to exchange industry know-how, through online training and web-seminars (webinars) – to truly benchmark your global business standards. Many companies can even employ outsourcing services for clerical and administrative work. In this way, global organisations can focus more on other important business operations.

Indeed, businesses today are fortunate to have more resources available to them. With a reliable provider of broadband service, business operations are sure to run more smoothly. Once a business has a reliable, fast broadband service, they are inevitably more capable to take on the new challenges that the Internet age brings.


LibreOffice: An Office Suite Worth Considering

When Microsoft Office isn’t available, what will you do? Download LibreOffice for free and get back to work.

libreoffice for windows

LibreOffice is an open source office suite developed by The Document Foundation. It includes programs for word processing, maintaining databases, and composing math formulae. It also has programs for creating slide shows, spreadsheets, and diagrams. LibreOffice is compatible with other major office suites, including the more famous Microsoft Office. It is also available for a variety of platforms, including Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. The suite also comes in over 112 different languages.

A Complete Set of Apps

LibreOffice opens with a menu that lets users choose from different applications. It has a word processor called Writer, a graphics application called Draw, and a database called Base. It also has a spreadsheet called Calc, an equation editor called Math, and a presentation software called Impress.

Once you download LibreOfficefor free, you’ll notice that the suite’s spreadsheet, word-processor, and presentations look and work like Microsoft Office’s applications. It has a standard top-line menu that leads to all of its major features. Similar with MSOffice, you can open a few drop-down menus to find the feature you want. Below the menu, you’ll find customizable toolbars with a set of different icons. Most of the icons are easy to understand at a glance, but you can hover your mouse over one for more information.

Costs Nothing, But Runs on Everything

You can download LibreOffice for Windows or for Mac for free. Yes, it’s free. It is a full-featured office suite that costs nothing, but runs on everything. LibreOffice is your best bet if you don’t want to spend on Microsoft Office or Apple iWork. This suite is perfect for you if you need an open-source office software instead of a commercial office suite.

A Free Software Worth Considering

LibreOffice is an offshoot of The Document Foundation’s old, which the company revived as Apache OpenOffice. The office suite, however, is far behind LibreOffice both in power and flexibility. Similar to Google Docs and iCloud, you can also leave your documents on the cloud with LibreOffice. LibreOffice is the only free, open-source office suite worth considering. The software isn’t perfect, though, as it also has minor problems, but if you need a free open-source or cross-platform suite, you’ll be glad that LibreOffice is available.


Technological Shifts that Must Concern the Modern Musician

tuxguitar downloadTechnological jargon often turn a lot of artists off, but not being tech-savvy hinders them from a variety of marketing opportunities. While all praises go to romantics who cultivate their craft for love, profit is inevitably important to its relevance to the general public. Indeed, today’s artists are looking at lonelier sales of their recordings, with the slice of the revenue pie getting smaller. What can you do to make up for the loss?

The good news is that most musicians have hosts of revenue-generating opportunities they don’t even know about, such as generating proper metadata. For instance, the music industry is shifting from a download-based music economy to a subscription-based one, where the revenue depends more on long-term engagement as opposed to short-term sales. This shift from acquisition to attention means that all media items become highly lucrative products and services. To take full advantage of these rising revenue streams, it’s important that you understand how to work with tools like TuxGuitar as an audio software, and also develop your digital archive.

In Recognition of Others: Notes and Credits

You’re bound to have a lot of posters, photos, and logos care of both fans and promoters, all of which you’d appreciate better through archiving and uploading. This is why you have to fill out the metadata and tags for image location, while also safeguarding against the violation of usage rights.

And while you are the one responsible for anything that you create, there must be people with whom you collaborated with. Who were the musicians, producers, engineers, studio managers, and all the other people involved in your recorded tracks? What are their contact details? What free audio program did you choose to download? Collecting this information may seem unnecessary when you’re in the middle of the creative process, but these credits are essential for the discovery of your work. Nobody regretted treating all these contacts as part of their portfolio, as they contributed to your growth as an artist.

Foresight, Not Egotism: Digital Archiving

These are also times when everyone, much more artists, can create a wealth of information that can be collected and even sold in the future, simply subscribing to the feeds of their own social media accounts. Huge returns are waiting for practically zero investment. It’s something that every creative person can do right now.

These are just a few of the many ways that technology can help artists and entrepreneurs increase their income. Like everything else, digitally archiving both creative and mechanical files isn’t difficult when turned into a priority.


One More Moon For Neptune

neptuneNASA on Monday announced that Neptune has a 14th moon. The space research agency discovered this using the Hubble Telescope that revealed the presence of the satellite as a white dot.

More about Neptune’s Moon

The new moon of Neptune, the planet that orbits in the outskirts of our solar system, NASA researchers say is its tiniest being just 12 miles across. This moon has been currently designated as S/2004 N1.

The first discovery of Neptune’s satellite came from Mark Showalter of SETI’s Institute, Mountain View, California, when he was studying the segments of rings around Neptune. Quite suddenly, a white dot popped out about 65400 miles from Neptune. Over a period of 5 years, from 2004 to 2009, Showalter took more than 150 pictures to track the movement of the white dot.

In comparison, Jupiter, our solar system’s gas giant, has four times as many moons- 67 to be precise.