The Basics of Alterations for the API Standard 653 for Aboveground Field Storage Tanks

White Storage TanksSection 9 of the API Standard 653 includes guidelines for the proper alterations and repair to be done for aboveground storage tanks built under the API 650 and 12C standards. It details the requirements that should be followed whenever a certified API tank engineer is replacing, removing, or repairing storage tanks. This also includes the proper installation of tank components defined in the standard manual.

Following the API 653 tank alteration requirements is important because it ensures safe storage and handling of petroleum and chemicals, as well as promotes protection of people working and living around storage tanks and the environment.

General Guidelines

An authorized inspector or tank engineer should inspect a storage tank before repairs are to be done. The inspection should follow the API 653 requirements, including the examination method, procedure, acceptance standards, and even the qualifications of the examiner. If repairs are to be done, an alteration order will be recommended.

Contractors cannot start repairs unless there is an authorized order for alterations coming from an authorized inspector or tank engineer. They can only work with the specified alteration and repair work indicated in the authorized order. An authorized alteration order should include design, materials, testing methods, examination, procedures, welding, and work execution.

Alteration Guidelines

Approved repair and alterations include works on the bottom, shell, or roof of the tank, such as re-leveling or jacking. Repair work also includes replacement or removal of weld metal or base material of the tank. Reinforcing plates can also be added to existing shell openings, while flaws, such as tears or gouges, are grinded before being welded.

Alterations to the service requirements of the tank should also be approved. This includes decrease or increase in the height of the shell, or changes and additions to the nozzles or man ways.

Work Execution Guidelines

While repairs are ongoing, the authorized inspector or tank engineer should inspect the works done on the tank regularly. Each stage is to be inspected, documented, and approved before moving on to the next.

Now that you know the basics of API 653 tank alteration, you can finally request a formal inspection for your tanks before getting the proper repairs you need.

AC Maintenance: Saving Big with Servicing

Air conditioning Maintenance in AustraliaAir conditioning units have made living more comfortable even in the hottest places around the world. It’s probably one of the best inventions so far that many are thankful for.

Air conditioners for commercial use are far different from the ones in residential areas. They have to cool larger spaces and take into account the office equipment and the number of people in the establishment.

No matter the purpose, though, and other HVAC experts say that maintenance is the key to keep your units functioning properly and avoid premature replacement. Here’s how you can save big with servicing:

Maintenance Checklist

Experts suggest that inspection, servicing, and cleaning should take place at least once a year — usually in spring. This is to make sure that your AC is still at its peak efficiency, specially before summer arrives.

As the HVAC system starts to work, it sucks in dirt and dust which affect efficient functioning. Cleaning the coils and duct work and replacing filters every month are among some ways to do it. If not checked regularly, air conditioning systems lose about five to 10% of operational efficiency every year.

Hiring Professionals

When hiring a residential or commercial air conditioner servicing company, they should specialize in different brands. In addition, their services should have reasonable prices and that there should be maintenance and service contracts. For a set fee, they should have the expertise to clean and tune up your unit and replace its filters.

These professionals can help you save money on energy bills. A well maintained unit, regardless of its age, can function well and provide the same cooling as a brand new unit.  Replacing air conditioning units cost money, so schedule regular inspections to know if the motors, blowers, coils, drain lines, pressure, temperature, supply and return lines, and refrigerant levels are working well.

With proper maintenance and care, your air conditioning unit can last up to 15 years or even more. All you need is to take responsibility and hire the necessary services.

Strategies that Can Increase Your Company’s Customer Count

Promoting Your Company It is cause for concern when there is not enough traffic going to your store despite being a well-known commercial establishment in Brisbane. Several factors can affect the number of people visiting and purchasing from your company. Check these simple but effective ways to improve your company’s reputation and promotional capabilities.

The Social Circuit

With everything easily accessible, you don’t really need to be a professional marketer to promote your business. With your very own network of friends, family and acquaintances, spread the word about your products using a single post or creating a blog specifically for promotions.

Do not worry about the design. There are simple page templates you can use. If you don’t like mixing personal life with work, create separate email and social media accounts for your business. This would also make it easier to print business details onto a calling card to give to prospective clients and partners.

The Paper Trail

Despite the digital age, do not limit your efforts to online promotions. Your campaign should include offline marketing tactics such as having billboards or signage, handing out flyers and even updating your business card.

There are people out there who are not technologically savvy or are trying to cut down on their time online. Make your business stand out as you figuratively talk to clients even when they’re not online. According to McGees, commercial properties in Brisbane are often located in areas with heavy foot traffic. Use that to your advantage by positioning your signage where people can notice them easily.

The Marketer

People will always look for other people to relate to. Getting promoted through a reputable marketing and promotions company is another good way to get the crowd to notice you. These professionals have a vast network who can reach out to your target audience.

This may be the most expensive of your possible investments, but if you end up with the right company to create your promotional program, then you are assured of increased inquiries and customers.

Successful people work hard to ensure that their business offers top-notch quality. However, they also need to be smart to know the pulse of the people they want to sell to. Having the right means and medium to make your brand, company, products and services stand out will always be worth the energy, time and price you pay.

Fun and Practical Decorating Tips for Your Upcoming Backyard Party

Backyard PartyThrowing a party shouldn’t mean breaking the bank just because of costly venue rentals. You can always use your vacant backyard to save on costs. Whether it’s a small birthday party, a reunion with your high school buddies or a family gathering, your backyard can serve as a practical and perfect venue for any affair.

Nonetheless, this option comes with one challenge: turning the yard into a party place. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have a knack for decorating and an idea for a great party. Whether you’re new to event design or you’ve already done something like this, the following decorating ideas can be helpful for your upcoming backyard party:

Let there be light

If it’s an evening party, lighting is something you shouldn’t forget. To perk up the venue, you can hang strings with different colored bulbs. Lanterns made from tin cans are also a good decorative idea. If you don’t have time to do such crafts for your party preparations, you will never go wrong with Christmas series. Hang it on the fence or tree branches for an extra flare.

Pitch a tent

There’s something about the outdoors that lifts up mood, especially when you can see the clear blue sky or the stars dotting the night sky. It pays to consider the weather, as it could ruin the perfect day for celebration. A sudden drizzle or strong winds can destroy everything you’ve prepared.

The safest way to anticipate such events is by pitching a tent that will serve as a barrier from these elements. You can find several companies offering tent rental. Duluth, MN has many party rental companies offering these services.

Create a photo booth

A photo booth will surely make an instant attraction during the party. You don’t have to rent an expensive service for this, though. You can actually improvise one. All you need to do is hang a big picture frame on a tree branch and you have a photo booth to remember.

It’s not hard to decorate your yard for an upcoming party. The key is to know the essentials and use your creativity.

Accessory After the Fact: Definition and Defenses

Accessory After the FactA person becomes an accessory after the fact if, after a felony has been committed, they conceal, harbor, or aid a principal in committing the felony with the intent of helping the principal avoid or escape from arrest, trial or conviction. If your friend committed a crime and you sheltered them to help your friend avoid arrest, you are likely to face charges as being an accessory after the fact.

Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Jacksonville, IL for a better understanding of the lines you have crossed, as the statutes may have slight variations per state. There are several defenses your attorney can assert on your behalf to fight a charge of accessory after the fact. Here are the most common ones:

You Had No Knowledge of the Felony

One of the key elements the prosecutor has to prove is that you knew the principal committed the felony or was convicted of it. To illustrate, if you picked up a hitchhiker alongside the road to drive him to a certain point without knowing the person committed a felony, you cannot be convicted of accessory after the fact.

You Had No Intent

Another element the prosecutor must prove is that you concealed, harbored or aided the principal with the intent of helping them escape punishment. Following the same illustration, when you picked up the hitchhiker and when you drove them to somewhere without knowing they committed a felony, it follows you did not help him with the intent that he escape arrest. You cannot be charged as an accessory.

You Were a Bystander

Finally, if you were merely a bystander or by circumstance, at the scene of the crime, you could not be charged as an accessory. Consider this: if you were at the scene of the crime when a person you didn’t know shot and killed someone, you are not an accessory after the fact. However, if the police asked you about the incident and you misinformed them, you will have violated the accessory statute.

The penalty for conviction as an accessory is naturally less severe than the principal the accessory has aided. To learn more about the penalty and punishment, consult with an attorney you trust.

Fires in Salt Lake City and What to Do About Them

MatchSalt Lake City might be one of the places in Utah that don’t get hit by a lot of natural disasters, but that doesn’t exactly mean that the city doesn’t experience them at all. The most recent statistics on natural disasters display a low number of incidents, but the numbers are enough to show what happens most frequently – and fires are one of the most common disasters that people in the city are most wary of.

Be Very Careful

The most common causes of fires in Salt Lake City can be traced to carelessness regarding flammable objects in homes and offices. Most of the fires that start at homes are often caused by stoves left unattended, or faulty electrical connections. One large fire early this year was caused by oil-soaked towels that caught fire.

These fires may have been caused by honest mistakes, but these could have been easily avoided. You need to make sure that you and your household avoids fire as much as possible by making sure that flammable objects are kept at a safe distance away from things that could set them on fire. Turn off stoves when no one’s home, don’t plug in too many appliances into one electrical socket, keep matches, lighters, and flammable fluids in a secure place, and make sure that there are no gas leaks anywhere in your house.

In Case of Fire

In the unlikely event that you experience a fire, make sure that you respond quickly.  Call the closest fire department in your area, and try to extinguish the fire as much as you can. Once the fires are out and everything is mostly intact, you’ll want to make sure that you get the necessary repairs and restorations done to your house. You need to get professional help when restoring your home from fire damage, because it requires a lot of extensive work that might go beyond your do-it-yourself capacity.

Rest assured, if you get professional help, your house will be restored as if the fire never happened, and it can even be improved to make it more fire-proof.

Reasons for Choosing Rigging and Lifting Service Providers

A large lifting machineWith the opening of a bigger and wider trading system, more companies are getting into the business of transporting large containers by sea. Handling these very heavy containers poses a challenge for them. This is why the services of companies that offer rigging and lifting products are very popular.

Businesses involved in shipping are just some of the companies that use lifting products, notes in Savannah. These products not only ensure that the work is performed in an efficient manner, but also that the individuals involved go about their tasks safely.

Training Sessions and Seminars

Those that provide rigging and lifting products also make sure that their clients know how to use and operate these correctly. They hold seminars on various topics, such as rigging, fall protection, and lifting and discuss the measures that are effective in preventing accidents. These seminars are very important because in doing their daily work, employees risk their lives by working in environments that are physically demanding and also with heavy machinery.

Regular Inspections

Apart from conducting training sessions, it is also useful to know that service providers also carry out equipment and site inspections. These are done with respect to the legal requirements.

They take a look at the equipment used to do lifting and rigging such as hoists and cranes. They also carry out tests to accurately evaluate their reliability and if they are still fit for doing the work. It is important to regularly monitor the condition of all equipment to prevent accidents and casualties at work.

It is important for businesses to know not only that their equipment is in good operating condition, but that their workers know how to use these safely. A continuous operation without any accidents is far more profitable than having to deal with any unfortunate event.

The Wildlife Project: Where to Place Bird Feeders

Bird feederHaving a well-designed and sturdy bird feeder is not enough. You have to learn how to place and position it properly so it is not only attractive random passers-by, but to birds as well. After all, it is not for human aesthetics, but for birds to eat and get enough nutrition.

The first step to proper placement is, well, to get your own bird feeder. UK stores are not short of creative and durable designs to match how your garden looks or the colours currently in use for your home’s exteriors.

Feeding Preferences

Now that you have a bird feeder that you like and that goes well with your yard, you have to think about the birds in your area and their natural feeding preferences. To illustrate, feeders for woodpeckers will be more popular if placed near tree trunks while ground-feeding birds will like platform feeders better.

Generally, however, birds prefer feeding in quieter areas. Avoid placing your bird feeders near active areas like the garage door or playground. Though some birds can gradually grow accustomed to some noise activity, most species would rather feed in less disturbed areas.

Safety and Visibility

Next, you have to consider the feeder’s safety, and of course, the birds’. The guidelines to bird feeder safety is positioning it about 10-12 feet from trees, bush, shrubs or any other suitable shelters so the birds can quickly retreat to safety if a predator is nearby.

But keeping it safe does not mean hiding it in view. Birds will not readily visit a feeder they cannot see. It is a sound strategy to place the bird feeder in an open and sunny area so it is visible to passing birds and the bird feeding will have a good view or lookout for predators or other threats.

Other things that are wise to consider: cats or squirrels, which can easily scare birds away; the mess that comes with feeding, as bird feeders get naturally messy; and easy access for refilling them. With a bit of research and trial and error, you will find the perfect spot for your bird feeders easy enough.

Beat the Workplace Heat with an Air Conditioning System

Split Air ConditionerBusiness is not just about earning money. As the owner, you have to consider the welfare of your workers and customers. After all, your business wouldn’t exist without a dedicated staff and loyal customer base. One of the major factors you must consider is their comfort.

The climate in Perth, Australia ranges from bearably warm to extremely hot. It is one of the sunniest cities in the Land Down Under. As such, workers and customers prefer business places equipped with commercial air conditioning systems.

Air conditioning has become more than a necessity.  lists down the three reasons you should consider installing an air conditioning system in your commercial space:

1. Absolute concentration

With air conditioning systems, workers can concentrate and work better. Closing the windows eliminates the noise outside and maintains the indoor coolness, which makes workers feel more relaxed. The same applies with customers; they feel more comfortable once they enter your “cool haven”.

2. Clean Indoor Air

One of the major benefits that you can get from an air conditioning system is indoor air quality. The AC can filter dust and other particles circulating in the air, keeping your space well ventilated. You just need to clean the unit regularly to remove the dust and other small particles from your AC filters.

3. Adaptive Environment

Air conditioning systems don’t only keep your indoor surroundings cool, but also offer comfort to suit the needs of people. The cooling environment prevents people—especially the elderly—from suffering heat stress. Proper ventilation keeps the indoor air temperature at acceptable levels.

The growing benefits of air conditioning prove its value in terms of providing comfort and ease. A philosopher once, “I like the cold weather. It means you get work done.” Air conditions guarantee an environment where customers flock and workers become more productive.

Don’t be Crap at Craps: Why People Usually Lose at a Game of Craps

Casino gamesCasino games are never complete without a round of craps. This fun and devilishly addictive game is one of the most fascinating areas in the world of gambling. Craps treats you to highs unlike other highs and also takes you to the low of lows. With unpredictable moves and thrilling game mechanics, craps is the game one should not miss.

Craps is one of the casino’s better offerings. The game allows players make illogical bets whenever they feel like it but standard bets also work in favor of the house. You can play craps and have fun at the same time, but the rush of it all can overwhelm you. When the tempo is just right and everything seems like clockwork, you think you know where the dice is going.

Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not.

Losing at a game of craps is unfortunate, depending on the severity of your loss. Solaire Resort & Casino encourages the fun of the game by being knowledgeable of the common pitfalls many craps players experience.

The odds are not in your favor

Some players keep going through the game despite the obvious: they are not going to win. While having a positive mindset during play is advantageous, it’s also important to realize when you’re losing. Continuously losing at a game of craps signifies that the odds are against you. While no one enjoys losing in the first round, know that you can’t win every session. Deal with your coping mechanisms and learn how to let it go when the odds are not in your favor.

Setting unrealistic expectations

Just because you placed a thousand-peso bill on the table, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll leave the casino with a million. Some players set their expectations too high and neglect creating a disciplined game plan at craps. If you are serious at winning, consider your bank account and when you should quit the game.

Betting on bad bets

Bad bets are detrimental to your chances of winning. Always stick to the good bets, such as Come, Pass, Don’t Pass, Don’t Come and back it up with an Odds bet. Unfortunately, some players stick with bad bets and end up losing more than they can afford.

Don’t be crap at craps. Polish your betting skills before diving into the thrilling game of bets and craps.