Dictionary.com Names “Furlough” As Misspelling Of The Year

To explore the psyche of a people, don’t look at what they do—look at what they do wrong. And because of that, Dictionary.com has named the Misspelling of the Year. The word: furlough.

Lots of Different Misspellings

word of the yearThe word “furlough” was chosen as “(a) word that was looked up misspelled significantly more this year than the year before. A word with lots of different misspellings. A word in the news,” the website said in their blog.

Dictionary.com saw tens of thousands of lookups of this word, often spelled without the ugh.

Several Variants

“Though the correct spelling is furlough, three variants ballooned in lookup volume: furlow was looked up 66 percent more in 2013 than it was in 2012, and furlo was looked up 60 percent more. We can’t calculate how many more times ferlow, which was in the top 10,000 words of 2013, was searched for because no one was searching for it in 2012,” said the website.

According to their research, “The main reason folks were talking about furloughs was the October shutdown of the US government (sequester and sequestration searches also jumped 2.3 and 2.8 times relative to last year, but no one was misspelling those).”

Real Expectations, Virtual Means: Businesses in the Age of the Internet

small business broadbandThe emergence of the Internet and the steady decline of traditional marketing methods are two pieces of evidence of how modern advancements now inevitably influence the business world. Today, companies are turning to virtual means in order to bring their brand to the forefront of the digital world. The ‘hype’ behind this is not too hard to understand. Without too much physical effort and labour costs, you can spawn a ripple type effect to different parts of the globe and reach more people. Each passing day, companies are finding new ways to expand their campaigns simply by being underpinned by a proper broadband service for small businesses.

Knowing Your Audience

You can market your brand on the Internet just as easily as handing out flyers on the street. Retaining their interest and curiosity, however, is entirely another matter. Businesses today are always under tight competitive pressures. Each company now shares similar services and products with probably thousands of other companies around the globe. While online visibility can be achieved with simple website optimization techniques, the defining factor is genuinely knowing your market and keeping them interested.

Mere social media updates will not necessarily help you. Engaging in activities such as polls, competitions and promos will make sure that online users will keep on coming to your brand. It is by direct interaction that you gain a wider client base and secure potentially profitable gains.

Streamlined Operations

It is now easier to exchange industry know-how, through online training and web-seminars (webinars) – to truly benchmark your global business standards. Many companies can even employ outsourcing services for clerical and administrative work. In this way, global organisations can focus more on other important business operations.

Indeed, businesses today are fortunate to have more resources available to them. With a reliable provider of broadband service, business operations are sure to run more smoothly. Once a business has a reliable, fast broadband service, they are inevitably more capable to take on the new challenges that the Internet age brings.



The Art of Composing Music

composing musicYour singing prowess, the great skill of playing instruments, or knowledge of notes doesn’t make you a good musical composer. Love of music does. When you’ve fallen in love with music and make it your ultimate company, that’s the only time when you can compose a great song regardless of whether you’re a professional composer or not, or a great singer or not.

While practically anyone who loves music can learn how to compose songs, you can be a better composer if you learn some of the fundamentals of music. Composing music is a skill that you can learn and a talent you can cultivate. For you to improve, you need to focus on improving and strive to learn some of the basics of creating music. The process of improving happens through learning, listening, and undergoing specific exercises that can help advance your understanding of all aspects of the technical side of music.

The Fundamentals of Music

You need to start learning the fundamentals of music if you want to be a great composer. This means going back to your grade or high school days and revisiting some of the lessons you had in music class. Some of the basic things you need to learn about music include timbre, tempo, sound, meter, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, notation, and intervals.

The Stages

There are actually stages of composing music and it’s important that you know where you currently are on the path to becoming a composer. Not all people are at the same stage of learning to compose music. It’s important to evaluate where you are in the stages of learning so that you can focus on what you need to learn on that specific stage. The stages of musical composition start with listening, learning the basics, understanding musical alphabet and rhetoric, and writing your own piece. Beginning composers download software like MuseScore to create their first few songs.

The Composing Mindset

Composing music is a fun and enjoyable act of creation. It can turn into a waste of time and frustration, however, if you don’t have the right mindset. It’s important to approach each of your compositions with a beginner’s mind. This means approaching the process of composing music without great expectations. You’ll surely get frustrated if you expect to be Beethoven or Bach after a few sessions of learning to compose music. You need a lot of learning and writing if you want to become good at it.

The key to composing songs is learning the fundamentals of music, knowing which stage you currently are, having the right mindset, and writing and composing a lot of musical pieces. It’s only when you download MuseScore for free, learn at least one instrument, and start composing music will you become a great composer.

LibreOffice: An Office Suite Worth Considering

When Microsoft Office isn’t available, what will you do? Download LibreOffice for free and get back to work.

libreoffice for windows

LibreOffice is an open source office suite developed by The Document Foundation. It includes programs for word processing, maintaining databases, and composing math formulae. It also has programs for creating slide shows, spreadsheets, and diagrams. LibreOffice is compatible with other major office suites, including the more famous Microsoft Office. It is also available for a variety of platforms, including Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. The suite also comes in over 112 different languages.

A Complete Set of Apps

LibreOffice opens with a menu that lets users choose from different applications. It has a word processor called Writer, a graphics application called Draw, and a database called Base. It also has a spreadsheet called Calc, an equation editor called Math, and a presentation software called Impress.

Once you download LibreOfficefor free, you’ll notice that the suite’s spreadsheet, word-processor, and presentations look and work like Microsoft Office’s applications. It has a standard top-line menu that leads to all of its major features. Similar with MSOffice, you can open a few drop-down menus to find the feature you want. Below the menu, you’ll find customizable toolbars with a set of different icons. Most of the icons are easy to understand at a glance, but you can hover your mouse over one for more information.

Costs Nothing, But Runs on Everything

You can download LibreOffice for Windows or for Mac for free. Yes, it’s free. It is a full-featured office suite that costs nothing, but runs on everything. LibreOffice is your best bet if you don’t want to spend on Microsoft Office or Apple iWork. This suite is perfect for you if you need an open-source office software instead of a commercial office suite.

A Free Software Worth Considering

LibreOffice is an offshoot of The Document Foundation’s old OpenOffice.org, which the company revived as Apache OpenOffice. The office suite, however, is far behind LibreOffice both in power and flexibility. Similar to Google Docs and iCloud, you can also leave your documents on the cloud with LibreOffice. LibreOffice is the only free, open-source office suite worth considering. The software isn’t perfect, though, as it also has minor problems, but if you need a free open-source or cross-platform suite, you’ll be glad that LibreOffice is available.



Top 3 Favorite Tech Products for the Holidays

purchasing reliable headphonesWhen compiling a list of tech products, it’s important to look at their practical and at times odd aspects. With that said, if you’re making a list of tech products you want to get this upcoming holiday season, think of the following:


Determined to walk off those holiday treats while listening to music, you suddenly have a problem. You find that your earbuds doesn’t quite reach your smartphone in your inner pocket. With Adapt, you can solve this problem by creating a wireless Bluetooth connection between your headphones and phone.

Adapt has a clip-on Bluetooth adapter that plugs into headphones and clips onto clothes. Equipped with a built-in microphone, it lets you take calls without having to dig for your phone. With its convenient and identifiable controls, you can adjust the volume, jump songs, or accept incoming calls as you walk.

Available in black, pink, and blue, you can also connect Adapt to other devices with a 3.5mm jack. You can power it up using its built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery.


If only you can see the screen of your smartphone, a bright sunny day will be ideal for snapping photos. To deal with this, you’ll need some shade.

Even though shady trees often do the trick, shading your phone with Shade will be even better. Made from stretchable silicone, it functions as a collapsible hood that shields your phone’s screen from outside light. Once it shields your phone, you can peer through its lens that magnifies the screen two times. This allows you to see clearly the person or object you’re photographing.

Available with a lanyard, you can wear Shade around your neck, or stuff it into a roomy pocket or small bag.

Smart Pointer

It’s easy to walk away even if you’re in the middle of a presentation with Smart Pointer. Bluetooth-enabled, it allows you to control slide shows, videos, and other multimedia presentations from across the room. It’s also compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers, and comes with a lithium-ion battery that you can recharge using its USB cable.

Think of these devices when making a list of your favorite tech products for the holidays. To learn of other gadgets, ask around or search through the Internet for more information.



Technological Shifts that Must Concern the Modern Musician

tuxguitar downloadTechnological jargon often turn a lot of artists off, but not being tech-savvy hinders them from a variety of marketing opportunities. While all praises go to romantics who cultivate their craft for love, profit is inevitably important to its relevance to the general public. Indeed, today’s artists are looking at lonelier sales of their recordings, with the slice of the revenue pie getting smaller. What can you do to make up for the loss?

The good news is that most musicians have hosts of revenue-generating opportunities they don’t even know about, such as generating proper metadata. For instance, the music industry is shifting from a download-based music economy to a subscription-based one, where the revenue depends more on long-term engagement as opposed to short-term sales. This shift from acquisition to attention means that all media items become highly lucrative products and services. To take full advantage of these rising revenue streams, it’s important that you understand how to work with tools like TuxGuitar as an audio software, and also develop your digital archive.

In Recognition of Others: Notes and Credits

You’re bound to have a lot of posters, photos, and logos care of both fans and promoters, all of which you’d appreciate better through archiving and uploading. This is why you have to fill out the metadata and tags for image location, while also safeguarding against the violation of usage rights.

And while you are the one responsible for anything that you create, there must be people with whom you collaborated with. Who were the musicians, producers, engineers, studio managers, and all the other people involved in your recorded tracks? What are their contact details? What free audio program did you choose to download? Collecting this information may seem unnecessary when you’re in the middle of the creative process, but these credits are essential for the discovery of your work. Nobody regretted treating all these contacts as part of their portfolio, as they contributed to your growth as an artist.

Foresight, Not Egotism: Digital Archiving

These are also times when everyone, much more artists, can create a wealth of information that can be collected and even sold in the future, simply subscribing to the feeds of their own social media accounts. Huge returns are waiting for practically zero investment. It’s something that every creative person can do right now.

These are just a few of the many ways that technology can help artists and entrepreneurs increase their income. Like everything else, digitally archiving both creative and mechanical files isn’t difficult when turned into a priority.



Changing the World One Open Source Application at a Time

using smplayer for freeCollaboration and community involvement is inherent to man. People are bound to interact and to connect with each other, no matter the circumstances. Recent developments in the field of information technology bear witness to this universal truth, highlighted by the reach and spread of open-source software development.

Active Collaboration

Open source has been a buzzword for many software developers for quite some time now. Before the term became popular, it was known as user-generated content, open software development, and sourceware. People were already sharing techniques and codes back then. In fact, the Internet was borne out of active collaboration between network engineers and systems developers.

It was not until a group of people in the free software movement decided to adopt the label “open source” in one of their strategic meetings. Linus Torvald, the would-be Linux kernel chief architect, followed suit by releasing Navigator’s source code without the stigma of “free software.” He then pushed for the release of an open source operating system, which led to the creation of the Linux kernel.

The Rest is History

Open source activities quickly grew into prominence. Now, people can easily contribute and improve application development processes with little to no expense. Non-developers, in turn, can download essential software like the SMPlayer for free. Today, there are many open-source applications that can rival even their proprietary counterparts.

As it banks on community cooperation, open-source software development enables fast bug diagnosis and coding improvements. Participants can correct any glitches and update the code algorithms of their projects. This has led to wide usage and development of low-cost operating systems, programming languages, and application software.

Open Source Future

Open source development has opened many doors for modern society. Apart from downloading applications such as SMPlayer and other operating essentials, it has created a collaborative environment where no creative boundaries exist. It may be just a matter of time before open source development progress into another level. One thing is for sure, though: cooperation and community involvement is still and will always be relevant for years to come.



Next Generation Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon’s next generation Kindle Fire tablets set for release this fall.

Upcoming Kindle Fire tablet

According to a report, Amazon is going for three times the performance of its current product, and has enlisted Qualcomm’s top-tier Snapdragon 800 SoC to achieve this.

The online retail giant would focus on a more compact design and far more affordable pricing.

The new 7-inch Kindle Fire HD set to launch later this year also includes an upgrade to 2GB of RAM, a front-facing camera, Wi-Fi, and available cellular connectivity.

It will be either 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of internal storage according to sources.

Next generation Kindle Fire specs

In terms of software, internal test units are currently running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Amazon’s heavy customizations.

The larger 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD model, which Amazon is planning to introduce this fall, features specs similar to the 7-inch model behind its 2,560 × 1,600-pixel high-definition display.

Reports claim the new tablets are expected to be more comfortable and lighter to handle than the present version of Kindle Fires, and though pricing remains vague, Amazon is said to be trying hard to keep the same $199 and $299 starting price of its latest Kindle Fire HD lineup.

One More Moon For Neptune

neptuneNASA on Monday announced that Neptune has a 14th moon. The space research agency discovered this using the Hubble Telescope that revealed the presence of the satellite as a white dot.

More about Neptune’s Moon

The new moon of Neptune, the planet that orbits in the outskirts of our solar system, NASA researchers say is its tiniest being just 12 miles across. This moon has been currently designated as S/2004 N1.

The first discovery of Neptune’s satellite came from Mark Showalter of SETI’s Institute, Mountain View, California, when he was studying the segments of rings around Neptune. Quite suddenly, a white dot popped out about 65400 miles from Neptune. Over a period of 5 years, from 2004 to 2009, Showalter took more than 150 pictures to track the movement of the white dot.

In comparison, Jupiter, our solar system’s gas giant, has four times as many moons- 67 to be precise.

A Planet Where It Rains Glass – Hubble Telescope

hubble telescopeThe Hubble telescope has spotted an azure blue planet that orbits a star 63 light years away. According to NASA and the European Space Agency this is an achievement for astronomers since it is the first time that they have been able to determine the color of a planet located outside the solar system.

More about the Blue Planet

While the color of the planet HD 189733b might resemble that of our own, NASA says the color unlike is the case with Earth, does not come from reflection of oceans. Rather the deep azure hue of this planet is attributed to a hazy blue-torch atmosphere that contains high clouds laced with silicate particles. The research organization continued that the silicates could condense in the heat of the planet to form tiny glass drops that scatter blue light more than red.

The amazing findings of astronomers have already been published in the August 1 issue of The Astrophysical Journal Letters.