Ideas on Improving Reputation Management in SEO

How Reputation Management affects your SEOVarious misconceptions are surrounding reputation management in SEO. While a large majority views it as ordinary social media monitoring, others view it as a model of public relations.

Unfortunately, there are still business people who do not know the importance or relevance of reputation management to their businesses. SEO Werkz explains the part played by online reputation management in your search engine optimization project for your company in Utah.

Transparency Risk

With online business marketing, transparency has become a business commandment. Transparency in business is expressed in such ways as allowing your employees to talk about your services and products publicly, setting up a one-on-one communication channel, and asking your customers for feedback. Transparency is also expressed by not covering up criticism but instead addressing it publicly. This takes care of any reputation problems that you might have since you address all concerns from your customer. While transparency is risky in business, lack of it is even riskier.

Failures in Online Reputation Management

Transparency does not come without a price. If you accept customer opinions and feedback, you must be ready to face criticisms promptly. Failure in reputation management may occur when your competitors take advantage of the criticisms, your employees are not savvy with social media, or a product or service is criticized too much. You need to have a reputation management plan in place, prior to embarking on the transparency route.

Social Media Monitoring in Reputation Management

Effective reputation management requires a proactive approach of where you monitor the public reputation of your company on a daily basis, and not only when there is a nasty event to deal with. This monitoring allows you to collect information from social media sites and blogs, analyze the information, and see whether something negative or positive is being said to affect the company’s reputation.

If you do not fully understand online reputation management and its importance, or your current efforts are not sufficient to restore or protect your brand image, then you need professional help. This way, you will have all the areas covered to protect you from the aftermath of poor reputation management.

Primary Categories of Search Engine Marketing

Types and terms in digital marketingGetting substantial web traffic is the primary goal for all companies with an online presence aiming for profits. With the millions of websites currently clamoring for the attention of online customers, promoting your services and products is paramount. Search engine marketing {SEM} is a form of promotion which boosts the visibility of your web pages.

There are various categories of SEM with SEO being the most popular. An SEO company based in VA like Alkries LLC is efficient in handling all forms of search engine marketing despite its name which might mislead you into thinking it only handles SEO. Here are some other forms of SEM.

PPC {Pay Per Click}

This form of SEM works much like a bidding system. You will first choose your target keyword then bid how much you want to pay for a click on your ad. Should you win the bidding for this keyword, then your ad shows up each time a client keys it in. PPC is very cost-efficient since you only pay for the clicks on your ad.


This form of SEM targets clients who have already left your site. Retargeting gives you a ‘second chance’ to entice your customers but generally focuses on your products rather than the website. You will use a tracking cookie to trail all people who have seen your ad. Though retargeting doesn’t require direct payment, you need the software and expertise to move its tracking cookies.

Paid Search Advertising

This involves conventional adverts posted on search engines pages as sponsored listings. The cost of paid search advertising is pre-determined and varies depending on your chosen page. Though effective, it is the most expensive type of SEM.

Most business owners associate SEM only with SEO. This erroneous thinking makes them not fully benefit from the many opportunities available for boosting their website’s and product’s online visibility. You can now place yourself ahead of your competition with the knowledge of different SEM categories.

3 Best Tips for Negotiating the Price of Your Dream Home

Handshake in foreground, house with lawn in backgroundSo you’ve crunched the numbers and established how much you can realistically pay on your desired house. Perhaps you’ve even visited homes for sale in Richland, WA, and have made up your mind on which one you want.
There’s just one problem though. The asking price of the house is slightly over what you had budgeted for. How do you get the seller to lower the price? 

Find a Competent Broker

A great broker has the skills and experience to negotiate on your behalf so that you get a reasonable price on your dream house. Ask around for reputable professionals, or head online and check out a few. Talk to two or three of them, and ask about their process, approach, methodology and tactics. Choose the one who demonstrates the ability to help you out.

Understand the Market

The market your dream house is located in determines how much negotiating room you have. If the home is in a competitive market, then negotiating may be a bit harder. Do a little research on the price of homes in the area to find out what figure you should offer to make the negotiation more effective. 

Study House Inspection Reports

Naturally, you’re going to have your home inspected before you purchase it. If the report reveals certain issues with the house and you feel you want to buy it, then use the report as your leverage. Most sellers will be willing to listen to your concerns and lower the price of the home.
You negotiate for most other things you want to buy, and there’s no reason not to do the same when buying a home. By applying a few smart strategies, you can get the seller to reduce the price to a level both of you are comfortable with.

Top 4 Website Design Functionality Practices

Website Design Being PlottedWhen guests visit your home, you want them to feel comfortable and have an excellent first impression of your home. Similarly, businesses should strive to create an excellent first impression for their site’s visitors by putting their website in order. Website functionality is essential in ensuring that visitors navigate your website to access the information they want. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t pay attention to the functionality of their website. Well, below are tips to enhance your site’s functionality.

Ensure a collaborative effort

When designing a website for your business, it is necessary to have open communication with the web developer. You need to be clear on the features you want the site to have as well as its functionality so that the web designer and developer knows how to develop the site. Besides, web design services have designs to develop websites for all types of businesses in Minnesota.

Make the site searchable

The other way of enhancing your site’s functionality is ensuring that the site is searchable. You need to ensure that you add features or use tools that will help in making the site searchable. That way, visitors or customers looking for your products or services can easily access your website.

Make Way for feedback

Website functionality can be enhanced by providing an avenue for customers to give feedback. You need to design your website such that you can easily communicate with its users so that they can give you feedback. Besides, feedback is essential to improving your services so that you can offer quality customer service.

Make links identifiable

Finally, business people add links to web pages to direct visitors to other locations on the site. Therefore, you need to ensure that the links are identifiable. You can achieve this by using a different color for the text or underlining the text to make it unique from the other content.

Hopefully, these tips will enhance the functionality of your website. They will give your visitors a reason to revisit your site. Better website functionality also increases conversion which often leads to more sales.

Don’t Get Duped: 3 Types of SEO You Need to Know

SEO concept on a computer monitor screenIf you’re a business owner in Utah, search engine optimization is probably on your radar for quite some time now. This strategy means optimizing your website by publishing valuable content, making sure it loads fast, and that it follows basic guidelines imposed by the search engines. When proper SEO is in place, your website will climb up the search engine results pages (SERPs) and stay in a favorable

Search engine optimization goes hand-in-hand with developing your website. SEO Werkz warns that without proper SEO, your customers would find it difficult to come across your site. Some SEO specialists try to rank sites fast using questionable techniques. While these techniques can improve your rankings almost instantly, they are not reliable and have serious consequences. This is especially true when Google implements changes to its algorithms, which it does on a regular basis.

There are three types of search engine optimization strategies that SEO professionals employ: white hat, black hat, and gray hat. Read on to make sure that the SEO experts you hired aren’t taking a shortcut, which would cost you your rankings and your hard-earned money in the future.

White Hat

White hat SEO techniques involve the time-tested ways of offering well-written content, making your website easy to use, and using tags and keywords that are relevant to your pages. It also involves building backlinks to your website the natural way, such as guest posting or social sharing. The great thing about using white hat techniques is that its effect is for the long-term; this means your website rankings won’t get affected much during algorithm updates.

Black Hat

According to experts, there are three main examples of black hat SEO techniques: cloaking, keyword stuffing, or using hidden text. This technique also involves buying backlinks or traffic. Black hat SEO is shady because it is similar to cheating the SERPs. These practices also put your website at risk for a penalty, especially when Google changes its algorithm.

Gray Hat

Gray hat SEO, meanwhile, uses techniques that are still generally questionable but are not necessarily considered as big no-nos. Experts note that using clickbait titles for articles (and they’re everywhere) is considered gray hat. Using Private Blog Networks, which still apparently works in bringing traffic to websites, is also gray hat because it’s been considered black hat before. The problem with gray hat techniques is the uncertainty of whether it will be considered black hat in the future.

If you are unsure of what technique your SEO specialist implemented on your site, the best way to go is to visit Google’s Webmaster guidelines. The checklist is available for all and is presented in layman’s language for those without prior SEO technical knowledge.

Essential Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Different social media sitesMarketing through social networks can increase your company’s brand awareness and sales by over 90%! It provides an exceptional marketing opportunity for all businesses regardless of their industry. The enhanced online traffic also boosts your search engine ranking.

For any business to reap from social networks, it requires a sound marketing strategy. You should also partner with a dedicated social media marketing company in Singapore for you to make substantial gains. Here are the key elements of a social media marketing strategy you should incorporate.

Customize Your Content for Specific Channels

There might be some content that should feature on all your channels but ensure you adjust the message to suit particular audiences. LinkedIn, for instance, tends to have a business-focused clientele, so your content should be in-depth business topics. Pay attention to the audience demographic of each channel so that the content you publish appeals to them.

Keep Track Of Your Metrics

Metrics are essential in evaluating the impact of your campaign. A few parameters you can measure are your conversion rate, reach, brand mentions and total shares. Measure the metrics of all channels differently to get a good picture. Schedule time to review your metrics together with your marketing company on a regular basis.

Have a Committed Social Media Customer Service

Should a potential customer post a question on any channel and not get a reply, they might shift to your competitor for answers. Make sure you have a social media first-responder on your payroll to answer any questions. Keep track of your regular followers and engage them. They will become your most prominent brand ambassadors.

Social media marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing for all businesses. It is a great way to become an expert voice in your particular field. The sooner you partner with the right company to implement your social media marketing strategy, the sooner your business will grow.

Digital Marketing Tips to Make Your Hotel Stand Out

An online hotel reservation bookingThe hospitality industry is very competitive. Many small hotels find themselves at a disadvantage, given their limited resources compared to that of leading hospitality brands. The good thing is digital marketing allows them to compete against the industry’s big fish for a share of the market. Here are some digital marketing strategies your hotel can use to attract new guests:

Perform a website audit

A site audit provides important information about your website. Different tests are performed to analyze SEO and end-user experience issues.

Study the competition

Research about not only the hospitality industry in general but also your competitors. Find out how your website is performing compared to the sites of other hotels. Also, check their profiles and pages on different social media sites to try to understand their digital marketing strategy and see which works and does not.

Differentiate your hotel

Build your hotel’s digital presence around features that are unique to you. This helps guests in distinguishing your services from others. A unique hotel feature can be anything from stellar customer service to breath-taking landscapes. Look for features that are unique to your hotel and promote them in your online ads and promotions.

Invest in social media

Social media is an important marketing tool for hotels. Post about your services on your top social media platform. Encourage your guests also to share posts about their experience in your hotel. Incentivize the process by offering deals and discounts to users participating in contests on your social media pages.

Target your niche

Small hotels do not have the resources to compete against leading hospitality brands. For this reason, you should keep your target market in mind when developing a digital marketing strategy. All of your digital marketing efforts must revolve around the needs of your target market.

Hotels that do not implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy risk losing potential clients and profits to the competition. Make sure to strategize well for the success of your business.

3 Ps of Great Graphic Design

a graphic designer working on a laptop and seeing the results on a phoneGraphic Design is essential for any type of business. Whether you have a technology development business in Provo or a clothes shop tucked somewhere in New York, chances are you will need a graphic designer to come up with ideas for your logo, business cards, and other marketing materials you will need.

But what makes a great graphic design? Red Rider Creative shares some insights.


When it comes to design, three perspectives should be taken into consideration. First is the graphic designer’s perspective. For them, a design should be attractive. Whether it’s for a product logo, packaging, or a website, coming up with a design that’s eye-catching is of utmost importance. Second is the client’s. For them, an effective design takes precedence over everything. They want a design that will make people look at their products and sell their business.

Then, there’s the perspective of the users or clients. For example, users want a web page that is attractive and easy to navigate. A cluttered design may not be good for business no matter how beautiful the page might look. A great graphic design integrates all three perspectives well.


While most people say that you get what you pay for, that is not necessarily true when it comes to hiring a good graphic designer. When hiring one, it’s more important to look at their portfolio to make sure that their design is something that will work for you and your business.


It’s not also always about the aesthetics. A great designer should understand color psychology, particularly as to how people make associations with colors. Knowing which images appeal to people will help the designer come up with a design that will satisfy you and your target customers.

Graphic design is not about simply putting together elements that make a product look good. The design must actually sell the product.

Increasing Clicks to Your Website: Online Marketing Strategies to Consider

Man doing PPC on his laptopWebsite owners and developers all compete for attention, in terms of both views or clicks. There are various strategies businesses use worldwide, and some work better than others. Some of the more common approaches include social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Reaching Your Audience

No matter where you are, online marketing can reach you as an internet user. This makes it a very powerful tool for direct marketing and internet marketing purposes. There are PPC services in major cities including Denver, Colorado, which can help you achieve your business’ targets.

To get the clicks, these services go from one process to another. Digital marketing involves keyword research, ad creation, account setup, landing page development as well as tracking installation and testing — the list goes on. Of all these tasks aim to get internet users to click on a link and buy a product.

Getting Views

Online marketing depends a lot on using the appropriate strategy for any given business. For instance, in some places, a kind of business or service is not allowed to advertise. In this case, they would have to use SEO techniques. For those who want a personalized approach, SMM would be the better option. However, when you want a focused marketing approach, PPC strategies deliver the clicks.

Click to Buy

There is a science behind the methods used in PPC. It is the continuous experimentation of the website design, including the words used and the graphics. Experts have studied these, and continuously improve them. The goals of internet marketing are to be visible to the public, find and create a following, as well as present a product. The last step is a matter of creating the need and showing that the supply exists. It makes the process smooth and efficient.

Marketing your Dental Practice: Local Search Basics

Online marketing webpage on a laptop screenThe best way to make your dental practice known in your local area is by maximising your website’s visibility locally. And the best way to do this is by optimising your website for local search or local SEO. If you’re just starting out with your local SEO campaign, make sure to cover these basics.

Choosing The Right Keywords and Key Phrases

While this might seem very basic, the keywords and phrases you choose could make or break your local SEO efforts. For instance, going with just “dentist” or “dental clinic” won’t suffice. Remember that you’re targeting your local area, so the more specific you are, the better. For instance, instead of “dentist UK”, you could go with “dental implants Hertfordshire” or “dentist Hertfordshire”, suggests Dominate Dental, a local search specialist.

Ensure that your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) is Consistent and Accurate

You need to pay attention to your NAP details posted in online directories to make certain that they’re all updated and accurate. Google and other search engines hate inaccuracies. So make sure that your NAP is consistent across all directories and that your contact numbers and address is correctly formatted.

Claim Every Single One of your Local Listings

One of the most effective ways to get your practice mentioned on other relevant websites is to claim every one of your listings. For starters, make sure sign up and claim your listings in Google My Business, Yelp for Business Owners, Yahoo! Small Business Listings, and Bing Places for Business. You should likewise consider adding your business to relevant and authority local business and industry online directories.

Get Positive Reviews from your Customers

Consumers love reviews, and search engines love them too. While you don’t have to have a 100% rating, note that search engines favour businesses with stellar ratings and usually feature them on the top local search results above-the-fold, which are the results that users see first when searching.

Post Relevant and Clear Photos

Search engines like photos and people love photos, so it’s a win-win all around. Photos would help improve your ranking in local SERPs and increase conversions since people would feel more at ease going to your clinic if they have some idea of how you, your staff, equipment, and clinic look like.

Done right and managed properly, your local SEO efforts could be one of the most beneficial marketing investments for your practice. If you could incorporate these local search basics to your campaign strategy, you’ll draw more patients, increase your traffic, and rank higher in local SERPs in no time at all.