Choose Your Online Marketing Strategy: SEO, PPC, or Both

SEOSmall businesses need to establish their brands online. To build a successful presence on the Internet, you need to employ effective online marketing strategies.

If you are a start-up company or a small-sized business, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert in Denver or a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) specialist could help you build the most effective online marketing strategy for your brand.

What is SEO?

SEO is the optimization of your website and your content to improve your organic search rankings on Google. It involves the use of keywords related to your topic. The more relevant and useful your site’s content is, the higher your ranking will be.

What is PPC?

PPC, on the other hand, involves paying for a higher ranking on Google’s first-page search results. Every time a user clicks on your sponsored listing, you pay the search engine. You need to set a budget and duration as you see fit for the paid ranking.

Which should you choose?

Now, you may wonder which one of these strategies can you use, or can you utilize both? Choosing one or both depends on the circumstances of your business, your objectives, and your marketplace.

Why SEO?

SEO has many benefits such as low costs, sustainability, better click-through-rate (CTR), and wider scope. SEO works best for long-term goals like building your business as an authority in your industry. You gain trust from more clients this way, and ultimately, gain a loyal customer base.

Why PPC?

PPC, meanwhile, can give you an instant increase in website traffic, instant visibility, tighter control on mechanisms and budget, stability, and speed. It works best in the short-term, especially when entering a highly competitive market or advertising a new product. You gain more exposure this way.

Of course, you can also employ both SEO and PPC, and make them complement each other. You can work with both an SEO expert and PPC specialist to help you find the right online marketing strategy for you.

Farming Made Easy: Farm Machine Maintenance Tips

Clean and green farmFarming is a physically demanding task that requires strength, analytical skills and knowledge about the field. Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, working in the farm need not solely be a measure of stamina and strength.

Various farm tools and machinery were developed through the years. These tools made the lives of farmers easier and more productive. Your farm equipment supplier should have everything you need to do your job at the farm in the most efficient manner. In order to maximise the benefits of your machinery, you must know about maintenance.

Here are some important things to remember:

Observe and inspect

Conduct daily inspections and observations. Check your equipment from top to bottom and be wary of any abnormalities. Noticing damages early on can help you take the necessary preventive measures to fix the machine.

Check fluid levels

Gradual loss of fluid over time is normal. But when the loss speeds up, there must be an underlying problem with your coolant. Be observant and keep a record of your fluid levels in order to monitor your machine’s function and efficiency.


Your tractor tyres are as important as the tyres in your private vehicle. Check for air pressure regularly to increase your tractor’s work efficiency and prolong your tyre’s life.


It might be built to ensure tough rides, but storing farm machineries properly is a must. Put your equipment in hibernation mode (i.e. disconnecting and removing the battery from the tractor) during winter. Avoid leaving it under the heat of the sun to preserve its tyres and paint.


Do not forget to keep your equipment clean. Remove debris and other particles from the parts before using to avoid blockage and potential breakage.

Treat your farm equipment with care and enjoy the convenience and comfort it brings to your life. Follow these tips to maximise the benefits.

Top 3 Things to Consider During Outdoor Events

Outdoor EventPlanning indoor events can be quite the task, with all the organisations, the suppliers, the contacts, and everything else. However, it still does not compare with what an outdoor event entails. Whenever you are organising an event in the open, there are extra considerations you need to take into account.

It can certainly cause you a great deal of headaches. To help you out, here are a few things that you need to check.


Ask these questions: Where are the ingress and egress points? Will there be a holding area for facilitators and organisers? How many temporary fabric structures will the venue need? How about security? Careful planning of these things takes a much complex path than indoor events.

Will It Work?

You must understand that not all events do great when done outdoors. Are you sure you want to hold the technology summit you are organising out at the park? Will a celebrity meet-and-greet work when done outdoors?

Consider the kind of event you are handling, and use your best judgment. Perhaps it would be better to book a hotel function room instead.

Weather Dependent

One of the most worrisome aspects of events planning is the factors that are completely out of your control like the weather. What if the heavens decide to pour down upon the wedding reception you spent weeks planning? Are you 100% sure it is not going to snow today?

We cannot exactly turn the weather on or off for your own benefit; it helps to have a Plan B just in case Mother Nature does not cooperate.

Outdoor events can have its own hassles and headaches, but it has its advantages as well. If you can learn how to take care of the extra things these kinds of events require, then you will definitely have something that would be the talk of the year!

SEO Strategies That Will Never Go Out of Style

Optimise your site for mobile searchAsk any SEO agency, and they’ll tell you that there’s a certain set of strategies that they specifically adhere to in order to follow their chosen approach to optimising your website. But, in the world of SEO, there are quite a few constants —factors that stay true, regardless of the industry you’re in or the SEO specialists you’re working with.

Top SEO agencies say these timeless strategies have been proven to produce remarkable results for businesses willing to apply them to their websites. Take a look at these three strategies that you should definitely consider.

1. Optimise your site for mobile search. A high percentage of the overall traffic on the internet comes from mobile users. Indeed, it’s convenient for people to check their smartphones while on the go. With a good SEO specialist and expert developers, you can capitalise on this, optimising your website to make way for a seamless and hassle-free mobile experience for your customers.

2. Make a deal with a great PR agency. If you’ve never heard of the concept of linking back to your site, now’s a good time to try it. Partner up with reputable websites relevant to your industry or brand and strike a great PR deal with them. Remember, though, that you shouldn’t just expect them to help you out – you need to prove that you’re producing valuable content and are therefore worthy of assistance.

3. Quality content. What’s the use of optimising your website if the content you’re going to churn out reads exactly like a mechanical, optimised-for-search article that provides nothing of value to your clientele? Remember that while good SEO will bring customers to you, quality content will make them stay.

Remember that it’s not just the keywords that will help propel your online visibility to new heights; it’s the planning and strategy behind it all that really counts. Put time and effort into developing a good SEO strategy, and beef it up with good content on your site and on other high-traffic websites.

The Pros of Asset Purchasing

businessBefore purchasing an existing business, you need to decide whether you are buying the assets or the stocks of the business.

An asset purchase involves buying the selling company’s assets, which may consist of the facilities, equipment, vehicles, and stock or inventory. In contrast, a stock purchase entails buying only the stock of the company that is selling.

Most buyers now prefer purchasing the assets of an existing business compared to buying its stocks.

They often find that it provides numerous possibilities, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. In an asset purchase, you can specify the liabilities you are willing to assume, while leaving the others behind. When it comes to a stock purchase, you may be buying stock in a business that may have liabilities that are described as unknown or uncertain.

2. In an asset purchase, if the purchase price surpasses the aggregate tax basis of the assets you are buying, you can receive a stepped-up basis in the assets equal to the purchase price.

3. Take note that you can avoid the problems that may develop from minority shareholders who refuse to sell their stocks in the asset purchase.

The site noted that an attorney familiar with asset protection should help you get started

4. In an asset purchase, the seller and buyer are not typically asked to comply with the securities laws and regulations, state and federal. As such, it is less complicated from a securities law perspective.

5. In an asset purchase, you can amortize goodwill for tax purposes, over a period of 15 years.

It is unwise to decide on merits alone. As such, you also need to find out about the cons of buying assets against stocks before making your decision.

Consult asset protection attorneys or asset or stockbrokers to make sure you’re making an informed decision. After all, when it comes to purchasing a business, you are not merely buying a company, you may also be buying your future.

Successful Branding: Creating, Sustaining, And Evolving

tree of brandsBranding is a process that involves the formation of memories, emotions, and working relationships between your product and your customer’s consciousness.

More than merely establishing, it also entails making sure that it has the longevity to stand the test of time and making the necessary changes when the time comes that it is not effective any more.

Utah marketing agency Penna Powers explained that successful branding is a process that involves building a solid foundation, ensuring a hold on the market, and developing adaptability through the changing marketing landscape. Keep the following points in mind and unlock the future of your brand.

Creating Your Brand

Brands that have a steady cult of die-hard followers are the envy of brand strategists around the globe.  You need to firmly establish your brand on a solid foundation. When your brand can command a loyal following of consumers, the initial momentum can carry your company forward for many years to come.

Sustaining Your Brand

Sustaining a brand requires consistency. What works, works. Stay with it until it no longer does. In addition to consistency, it is equally important to aim for brand cohesion. Know your audience right from the get-go and always keep their needs when working out your marketing plans. Though most consumers can be fickle, if you are consistent with your message that you are there to provide them with good products, it will pay in dividends in the end.

Evolving Your Brand

You need to keep your brand healthy and relevant. What worked yesterday may not necessarily today or tomorrow. Company branding needs to be dynamic and be able to flow with the changing times. Knowing when to do this can be tricky. If you see a steady decline in your market share, re-evaluate your brand and examine your options as you head into the future.

Branding is a three-pronged approach. It does not stop merely at its inception. With the ever-changing landscape of marketing, marketers need to be constantly innovative. Approach branding with these three key areas in mind and you will ensure lasting branding success.

How Copywriting Should Be According to Science

copy writingGreat copywriting is indeed an art. Not all who has a healthy book diet and wide vocabulary can produce copies that sell. The ability to plant ideas in someone else’s mind is a talent only a few possess.

No one, however, should discount science to improve every piece of writing. According to a premier digital marketing agency, TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc., several studies revealed interesting findings about how the mind works and what affects consumer behavior, which could serve as nuggets when it comes to creating persuasive copies.

Here are several copywriting gems backed by science that most marketing companies use today:

Power of Painting Pictures

According to a research, mirror neurons cause the brain to transform anything you observe, through reading or watching, into a feeling. If you have a business, you can make people care about your brand by appealing to their emotion. Creating a perfect scenario that transfers a desired feeling is an effective way to convert casual readers into customers.

Selling Time over Money

A Stanford University study shows that using time as a selling point over money is a more effective marketing strategy. Researchers share that customers tend to foster a feeling of personal connection because of their experience with the product, which can result to more purchases.

People can make more money in one day, and they can control their spending. Time, on the other hand, is something constant and a scarce resource. The things people spend their time with matter more than to those they spend their dollars on.

The Devil Is in the Details

In marketing, a single detail can make or break the sale. One study showed how emphasizing on the small stuff can convince the most conservative buyers to make a purchase. More spenders are likely to buy products at $99 than those at $100. The difference is just a dollar, but the impact of the former is greater.

Combining art and science is the best formula to produce persuasive business content. Hiring a company with a professional team that can find the balance between the two is the key to increasing your conversion rate.

The Rise of Low-end Devices? Microsoft Launches $25 Mobile Phone

microsoft techgiantTech giant Microsoft has officially launched a low-cost mobile phone called the Nokia 130, which costs about $25.

Emerging market

As demand for affordable devices continue to grow, Microsoft revealed the handset that targets first-time mobile phone buyers.

The company’s new device has the ability to play back videos and MP3 files, but does not have access to the Internet.

Microsoft aims to reach thousands of low-wage consumers who still do not own a mobile phone.

Big decision

The company has made a major decision to enter the low-end market, as it believes there is only little competition there.

“This is a massive market segment, and there are not a lot of players in this segment for the reason that scale is really important,” Jo Harlow, head of Microsoft’s phones business, said in a statement. “We have the distribution and supply chain scale to compete effectively in this market. This is a space where smartphones today don’t reach, so there is still very strong benefits to our business.”

Despite experiencing struggles in the industry, Microsoft remains committed to deliver quality products and services.

The 4 How’s of Integrating Social Media into Your SEO Campaign

reliable seo servicesWhen creating your digital marketing campaign, SEO keywords alone won’t cut it anymore. Companies like Nu Studio are now integrating social media marketing into SEO campaigns for better results. Using both social media and SEO will guarantee higher rankings and better brand recognition. To better understand how to do this, here are four how-to guides for you.

How to Start

Use the social media platforms that your target audience uses and that pertains to your industry. This way, you can be sure that your efforts won’t go to waste. Be clever about how you’ll start your campaign because first impressions last. Speak their language and be accessible for users who are showing interest.

How to Target Locally

It’s best to concentrate on building a local following for your business. Having geo-targeted keywords and content will attract more consumers near your area. Use location-based social media sites such as Menu Pages and Yelp to gain credibility locally. This will also help search engines recognise you better.

How to Be Consistent

Making your brand consistent across all platforms is important to build it effectively. Make your social media profiles as complete as possible. Include phone numbers, important URLs, locations and addresses, products and services, and forms of payment. Always be consistent so that you look professional.

How to Be Attractive

Be visually pleasing because people are naturally drawn to visuals that attract the eyes. Your social media profiles should have great profile pictures, banners, ads, infographics, charts, and background images. This will encourage people to share your profile, campaigns, and images. For SEO purposes, always put alt tags on every image.

It’s not just about gaining more traffic, but interacting with your audience to convert them into customers and develop loyalty. Work on your SEO and social media strategies to double your impact in the online world. Know the latest trends and apply them to make sure you’re not left behind.

The Road to Google Penalty Recovery: A Few Takeaways to Get Back on Track

seo servicesIf there’s anything webmasters and site owners dread, it’s a Google penalty. Without any warning, a penalty can strike the site and leave your rankings at the bottom of SERPs. This could be a sign that you’re doing something wrong with your website, or Google has another algorithm on the prowl.

Here are a few takeaways to help you recover from the penalty:

Is It Manual or Algorithmic?

Google lays down two types of penalties: manual and algorithmic. Manual penalties occur when Google flags something related to your website or spots unnatural links that aim to manipulate rankings. This type of penalty is easier to remove, as you will receive a message in your Webmaster Tools account. Algorithmic penalties, on the other hand, can be harder to detect. These usually happen if you deliberately violate Google’s quality guidelines, like using unnatural link schemes or spammy anchor texts. Algorithmic penalties also occur when there are changes with the search algorithms, specifically Penguin and Panda updates. The consequences are more severe than those of a manual penalty, as it causes a site’s rankings to plummet to the bottom of search listings.

Is There a Cure for the Penalty?

Yes. Removing a Google penalty isn’t something far from your reach. In fact, some SEO reseller services offer effective solutions to put your site back in Google’s good graces and help you find valuable link opportunities. All you need to do is identify the type of penalty, remove the items causing the problem, and apply the appropriate steps to get your site back on track.

The road to a Google penalty recovery may be long and winding, but you’ll eventually see your efforts pay off. This is where your patience and perseverance as a site owner will be tested for the better.