Log Cabin: Having Fun as a Couple in the Woods

Cabin in the woodsSearching for a secluded lodging in the woods is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, for those who have an affinity with nature, they can spend some quality vacation in peace. There’s joy in staying in the woods surrounded by nature, and the nearest neighbor is beyond earshot.

Interested to know more? Riveroflove.com discusses the other advantages of having a vacation in a log cabin:

Things to do

A cottage in the woods is no longer what it seems. These are no longer the old cabins where there’s no electricity, indoor plumbing, or even showers. There are even some places that have Wi-Fi and hot tubs. Inside the cabin, there are now modern amenities.

Outside, you can walk in the woods, enjoy the long hiking paths, fish in the stream or lake, or just read a book in a hammock. With the thick foliage, the sun is filtered and there’s a soft light under the trees. Additionally, you and your partner can swim in the lake or just have a long soak in the hot tub (with a beautiful view, of course). Cabins look like a traditional countryside cottage from the outside, as it blends with its surroundings.

Outdoor activities

In most places, especially those where there are cabins for rent, some parks within a short distance has plenty of activities for couples. You can ride ATVs and go off-road riding, fish in the lake, and enjoy some boating activity. These nature activities are within a short distance of where they’re staying. Of course, with the cabin’s elegant and natural surroundings, it’s always tempting to just stay inside the cabin for most of the day and laze away as a couple.

Modern wood cabins provide modern amenities for renters who are on their honeymoon or just want a romantic getaway. The cabin can also serve as a base while the couple explores and enjoys the other activities that the area or county has to offer.

Unusual, Countryside, and By The Sea Places for Weddings in Cornwall

Guest throwing confetti at newlywedsThe United Kingdom has a lot of places which may be considered as weird places for a wedding. However, Bodmin Jail may be considered a more unusual wedding venue in Cornwall. It is in parts a museum, and events place and a restaurant.

Cornwall Places for a Wedding

The dry wit of the British is quite evident in Cornwall, especially when it comes to wedding venues. Bodmin Jail is one of the most sought-after places for traditional wedding celebrations. The architecture is richly detailed and complete with Gothic high vaulted ceilings and matching decors. There are other places almost equally popular and just as unusual.

It is fairly common for castles and manors to be used as wedding venues. In Cornwall, these are almost ordinary occurrences. Cornwall castles include Pentillie Castle, Tredudwell Manor, Tregenna Castle and the Pendennis Castle. Barns and brewhouses are also common places for weddings. You can choose between Brewhouse St. Ives, Marquee Venue Newdowns Farm, Nancarrow Farm, Trevibban Mill Vineyard, Trevanna and Coombe Trenchard. Most barns and farmhouses which serve as wedding sites can accommodate only around 40 guests. This seems to be the norm in Cornwall.

In the Heart of the City

For those who would like to experience the rustic settings and still stay within the city limits, they can choose among hotels or taverns. One example is the Guildhall located in the heart of St. Ives in West Cornwall. The countryside is uniquely Cornwall, and there are places which could not be b mistaken for anywhere else. These include the bay of St. Ives, as well as the cliffs all along the coast.

Hotels in the area are unlike their urban cousins and are unique and unusual in the context. The Headland Hotel, for instance, stands almost at the water’s edge. It offers a breathtaking view of the sea. If you would want to get married in lovely, if unusual surroundings, Cornwall is a viable place to go to.

Spending Good Times in Singapore – 4 Affordable Ways to Enjoy the City

view of beach in Sentosa islandSingapore might be small in size, but it is nothing short of exciting adventures and magnificent sights. More than the usual places and scenes you’ve heard and saw, the city-state offers plenty of other activities that would make your visit even more memorable and worthwhile.

To start off the list, here are some suggestions you can’t dare to miss.

A Trip to the Haw Par Villa

As you travel along the Pasir Panjang Road, you’ll come across to a theme park inspired by Chinese mythology. The place is also known as the Haw Par Villa. Many tourists, both local and foreign, find the place frightening yet intriguing at the same. The park has collective depictions of many Chinese folklore including the 10 Courts of Hell most of which are in a life-sized and three-dimensional diorama.

Kayak Experience at Khatib Bongsu

Marvel at the lush greenery of mangrove trees right in the north region of Khatib Bongsu or eastern part of Pulau Ubin. Visitors could readily paddle their way through this jungle which is not too far away from Singapore’s mainland. Tourists could enjoy kayaking at the whole stretch of this water forest because you’ll also discover other types of wildlife living off this area, like sea eagle as well as the horseshoe crab.

Enjoy a Dip in the Beach

The Lion City is famous for many things but not entirely for their beaches. Surprisingly, there’s quite a good number of beaches where tourists could swim all they want and get the perfect sun-kissed skin they want. To complete the experience, you may also enjoy beach party in Singapore which portrays the culture and heritage of the city-state.

Treasure Hunt at Sungei Road

Singapore is known as one of the highly commercialised nations where big chain brands and malls heavily dominate the shoppers’ experience. What you probably didn’t know is the thriving and alive flea market scenes of the country.

Sungei Road Thieves’ Market is among the most popular of those and has been in existence for decades now. If you just can’t seem to have your fill, you can visit Sunday Artist Market in Ann Siang Hill to find unique and antique items. What’s so good about these areas are they are located nearby MRT station, so you need not worry about getting lost.

Whether or not it is your first-time, these suggestions will level up your tour in the Lion City. Don’t miss out to re-discover and enjoy this city-state by including these on your travel bucket list.

Travelling: Private Airport Transport vs. Car Hire

Woman waiting for her plane rideTime is gold — and this old saying is especially true for travellers.

Whether you are on a holiday or an important business meeting, sticking to your itinerary without the mishaps should be the ultimate goal. And since time is your number one priority, you look for a transportation option that will meet your needs.

There’s always public transport, of course, but it is not always convenient due to fixed drop off points and schedules. The decision ultimately comes down to two things: car hire or a private airport transport.

Let’s see which option is better.

On Getting Lost

Deciding to travel alone with a self-driven car means you’re likely to get lost in the streets even if you have a map or a navigation device. This is especially true if you’re a first time visitor. There is always a chance you head down the wrong direction after misunderstanding the map, or if the navigation device does not recognise your hotel.

A private airport transfer, on the other hand, already includes a driver who knows the locality inside and out. Mona Vale Coaches says to make sure, however, that the driver holds a current accreditation by NSW RMS Driver Authorities.

On Petrol Costs

Petrol is expensive everywhere. With a private car hire, you need to take care of the fuel expenses. Providers would expect you to refill the tank before surrendering the vehicle. The petrol cost depends on the type of car, and it could be just as much as the price of the rental itself. That’s not the case with a private airport transfer. All you need is to pay for the cost of the transfer and the distance covered.

On Queues

Choosing a private airport transfer lets you avoid long queues as well. The driver is already waiting to take you to your car as soon as you’ve picked up your checked in luggage.

Car hires, on the other hand, are annoying. You don’t only need to find the right desk, but you also need to stand in a queue until you’re seen.

Air travel is already a stressful experience itself, and no one wants to experience the hassle of paying for petrol costs, waiting in long lines, and getting lost. If you really want a seamless trip, a private airport transport is the better option.

What Can You Do in Batam for a Short Getaway?

An Island Getaway

Batam is a near destination from Singapore and is a viable weekend getaway option for those who want to have fun. This island has a little bit of everything for tourists looking for sun, sand and sea. It is not the place for a perfect beach holiday, but its proximity, just 45 minutes by ferry, to Singapore makes it a good enough alternative.

Here are some of the noteworthy things to do and attractions in Batam, according to WOW Getaways.

Get a Massage and Spa

You have plenty of options in Batam Centre if you are looking for a massage or a spa. Most of the centres there cater to tourists and provide different priced services based on your budget. This is the perfect way to end your day after doing water sports or cycling around the island. Pamper yourself during your holiday to rejuvenate your body for the coming work days.

Try Water Sports

When you want to try something adventurous, the waterfront city is the place to go for land and water sports. You have many options, when you want to try the latter, these include riding a banana boat, windsurfing, and jet skiing, parasailing and kayaking. If you want to explore the surrounding area dry, ride a go-kart.

Get a Glimpse of Local Life

Get off the tourist trail and get a glimpse of how locals live by wandering into the backwaters. You will see boats, makeshift houses, stilt homes and a fishermen village right next to modern buildings. This takes you back in time when there were little to no tourists going to Batam.

Head to the Islands of Anambas, Bintan and Galang

Anambas was on CNN’s list of Asia’s best tropical islands in 2013; it is a great dive destination because of the protected turtle species, and it is also a perfect place to relax and unwind because of the beaches with swaying coconut trees. Bintan and Galang are noteworthy destinations because of the private resorts which are within budget.

Batam is a great place to spend a short getaway in because it has a bit of everything you are looking for in a tropical destination; great seafood, water sports and islands to explore.


Vacation Hits: Where to Spend Your Family Getaway

Family Vacation in AlbuquerqueWhen was the last time you went on a vacation with your family? While those projects at work might smell like an incoming promotion, you shouldn’t put aside the small moments that you can spend with your family. Planning a vacation every once in a while not only relieves you from the stress at work, but also provides you the chance to reconnect with your loved ones.

So, what places are you targeting for your next getaway? Here are a few suggestions:


What’s not to love in Albuquerque? With blue skies and sunshine all-year-round, this large city in the high desert of New Mexico makes the perfect destination for family vacations. Amusement centers, theme parks, and outdoor activities can make up your itinerary. The city is rich not only in attractions, but also in culture and heritage. You’ll surely have family fun in Albuquerque.

The Grand Canyon

Overlooking the rapids of the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon provides families with a sight to remember. People from all places visit this UNESCO World Heritage site just to witness its natural grandeur. This is one of the best places to bring your family if you want to escape the bustling city and enjoy a weekend of hiking and camping.

Clearwater Beach

If you’re looking for the best place to enjoy the sun and the sea, Clearwater Beach in Florida makes a great choice. The surrounding waters and the white sand invite tourists from all places, making it a fun family destination. Apart from beach activities, you can head on to the small town and enjoy the local scene with your family.

Never pass up an opportunity to spend time with your family. Work will always be waiting for you at the office; precious moments with your loved ones may only happen once. So, skip that overtime, go home, and start planning that next weekend getaway.

Amazing Ways to Bond with Your Children in Singapore

SingaporeIt is safe to say that children love and dream of being whisked away in a distant land to experience something out of the ordinary.More so, if you are taking your children in Singapore.

Luckily, the Lion City is getting better atmaking the city more fun and enjoyable for the young ones, constantly building on surprises, infusing entertainment and education in every way it can. No matter if you are visiting every monthor every year, you will not run out of fun things to do in Singapore.

Here are some of the wonderful ways to celebrate childhood and make family bonding more enjoyable in the Lion City:

Sentosa Buskers Festival

Get them amazed by the series of fun and entertaining spectacles from street performers from different countries. Located at the Beach Plaza on the pristine beaches of Palawan, this free event will make your children stare in wonder and awe for hours on end.


Bond with your kids and help them appreciate art with the Imaginarium exhibition. This contemporary art exhibition is held atthe Singapore Art Museum. If you are getting cautious that your hyperactive little ones may break the arts on display, fear not. The artworks are made of mixed media and are designed for touching and inspiring questions from young minds.

Storytelling Comes Alive!

Who gets tired of stories about giants, prince and princesses? Certainly, not children. Take your happy bunch to a day of fairy-tale classics featuring Jack and the Beanstalk, The Enormous Turnip and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Located at the Imbiah Lookout, encourage your children to participate in the interactive activities following after.


Opened in 1987, the Omni-Theatre and is the titleholder for the largest seamless dome screen in the Southeast Asia. Let your kids wonder about the great universe and astronomy with documentaries like “Pandas: The Journey Home” and “Back to the Moon for Good”.

Forest Adventure

After cognitive stimulation, take them to the next stop and let them bring out the wild child in them. What better way to play than being high on the trees! Their playground includes grand obstacle course and zip lines designed just for them.

Make your children’s dreams come alive and awaken their passion for learning and cognitive play with these activities exclusively in the wonderful land of Singapore.

4 Destinations to Complete Your Vacation at The Rocks

Sydney observatorySydney has a lot to offer for travellers seeking to know more about the world and experience rich cultures. If you’re up for a Sydney vacation, a great and unique destination is The Rocks. You’ll get a sense of Sydney’s past when you see The Rocks’ cosy restaurants, cobbled laneways, and the oldest pubs in Australia.


A well-prepared travel itinerary is important wherever you go. Book your flights wisely to get the best deal. Reserve an accommodation in The Rocks in advance so you could avail of discounts. For your destinations, here are some of the best and most recommended places to visit.

The Rocks Café

Iconic not just because of its name but the great coffee selections, this café is surely not to miss. Enjoy an authentic European dining experience with your loved ones. In addition, the two floors showcase a mix of modern Australian architecture and traditional bohemian vibe that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Susannah Place Museum

Museums are always fascinating to visit because you’ll surely know more about the history and culture of the place. Susannah Place Museum is no exception. Built in 1844, this place is composed of four houses and a recreation of a 1915 corner store. It feels like opening an old photo album because of the many discoveries that await you.

Ken Done Gallery

For art enthusiasts, Ken Done Gallery is arguably the best place to visit. Starting in 1980, Ken Done has already done more than 50 one-man solo exhibitions in different parts of the world. In fact, his style is considered the most original to come out of Australia.

Sydney Observatory

Let science occupy your minds by visiting the Sydney Observatory. Located in the heart of The Rock, this wonderful heritage-listed sandstone building will truly fascinate kids and adults alike. You could see stars, the Moon, planets, or even nebulae. They also have a 3-D Space Theatre and Sydney Planetarium.

The Rocks is an interesting place that represents Sydney in a great way. Don’t miss these must-see destinations to complete your trip.

4 Exciting Activities for Adventure Seekers

mountain bikingAdventure keeps your mind, body, and soul in harmony. It also adds spice to a routine life. Horseback riding, river rafting, mountain biking, and zip lining are adrenaline pumping activities for adventure seekers like you.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a unique way of exploring the great outdoors and will give you an unforgettable experience. AmericanAdventure.com is one of many tour companies that provide adventure seekers with an opportunity to ride a horse through a scenic trail. Go through towering piñon pines, open meadows, and stand in awe of beautiful cliffs.

Preparing for a horseback ride is important; it prevents injuries and helps you approach a horse without scaring it.

River Rafting

River rafting pumps adrenaline throughout your body as you ride and tumble with the rapids of a ravaging river. Muster all of the strength you have as you paddle and balance until the end of the rafting experience. Staying on the raft is just as fun as putting all you have on the oars. It is also a good workout for thrill seekers looking for an alternative form of exercise. It exercises the back, shoulders, core, and arms. Tone your muscles and get out of your comfort zone.

River rafting is not just an exciting activity; it pushes you to go beyond your limits. The experience is best shared with friends and family.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has many health benefits for the fitness buff, but it is also a thrilling activity for adventure seekers. If hiking is too common for you, go through trails and forests on a mountain bike. Speed through pine trees, breathtaking cliffs and mountains, and scenic riversides.

There are areas in the wilderness that are easier to get to and explore on a bike. Get to see more of nature and experience it firsthand.
Riding a mountain bike is for all ages.

Zip Lining

Zip lining gives you a bird’s eye view of nature, but it is not for the faint hearted. Feel the wind rush through your body as you see the forests and the mountains whisk by. This thrilling activity lasts for a minute or less, but the memories you create last for a lifetime.

These activities will keep your adrenaline pumping even after the initial rush has ended. Do something adventurous once and you will never regret it.

Just Keep Cruisin’: The 3 People You Need in Your Cruise Adventure

cruise adventureIsland tours, getting that sun-kissed glow while out on the deck, and swimming with the dolphins are just some of the activities that make cruises so magical. That and the possibility of dancing under the moonlight with the love of your life, with the cool sea breeze are why so many people rave about their cruise experience.

If you are thinking about ticking ‘cruising’ off your bucket list soon, it is not enough to have the money and to prepare the essential items; you need to have the right people to go with, too.

Complete your boat cruise experience by surrounding yourself with the best people possible:

1. The One Who Will do Anything Once

Have a friend that will not back down from any opportunity to go on an adventure. The presence of such a companion is perfect if you are faint-hearted and will need egging on to participate in more exciting activities. Their “I-can-do-anything” attitude can be contagious and will have you saying yes to things like snorkelling, waterfalls exploring, mud crab fishing, and more. Having someone there constantly reminding you about how ‘you only live once’ will help you let go and simply have fun!

2. The Foodie

A foodie will make sure that everyone has a happy tummy by suggesting dishes based on their meticulous palate. Having a foodie along means you do not have to worry about which to pick among the food choices are best. Not only will your tummy be satisfied, you will also get to broaden your knowledge about other food cultures through the help of your foodie friend.

3. The Photographer

With all the beautiful views and scenic spots a cruise will take you through, it would be a sin not to document the journey. Sure, you can snap selfies, but how will you take a picture of yourself while swimming with the dolphins? Enter your photographer friend. Perhaps they are not professional, but they act like the real deal. They will suggest poses, snap photos from different angles, and even talk to other tourists to make way for your Instagram-worthy picture.

Take these people with you on a cruise and it is a guarantee: your adventure will be unforgettable. Have fun cruising!