Brisbane: A Wondrous City for the Senses

brisbane during twilightKnown as Queensland’s subtropical capital, Brisbane is an incredible city that caters to all the senses. Its remarkable attraction and accommodation options can open up a world of experiences for both tourists and residents.

City Charms

With vibrant blue skies, this charming riverside city plays host to many fascinating attractions, including:

City Botanic Gardens

These riverside gardens are Brisbane’s original botanic gardens. They offer landscapes where visitors can walk or bike through, such as the Bamboo Grove and Weeping Fig Avenues.

At the Riverstage, the City Botanic Gardens hosts many free and paid local, national, and international concerts and other special events each year. For paid special events, interested tourists and locals can buy tickets from Ticketmaster.

Kangaroo Point

Known for its location and natural splendour, this is the premier location for both tourists and locals in Brisbane. It features the magnificent Kangaroo Point cliffs, infamous Story Bridge, along with incomparable river and city views.

Given its close proximity to major highways and the CBD, Kangaroo Point is also home to most holiday and residential towers.

City Lodgings

Regarding holiday and residential towers, Brisbane is also home to many convenient accommodations, such as:

The Terrace

With magnificent surrounding landscapes, this resort styled complex offers spacious one, two, and three bedroom units, with bold fixtures. It features secured grounds that include a swimming pool with a wading area, sun deck, spa, and gymnasium.

Close to the city centre, The Terrace is a popular hotel/complex near the RNA Showgrounds and the Royal International Convetion Centre (RICC).

Republic Apartments

With private balconies with stunning city and river views, this complex is only a five-minute walk from the Brisbane River. It features air-conditioned, Wi-Fi units that include a laundry and kitchen area, with a dishwasher and microwave. Each apartment also includes a living area, with a flat-screen TV with over 35 cable channels, and DVD player.

The apartments also feature an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, and free parking spaces.

Walking distance from the city centre, Republic Apartments is also a famous accommodation near the RNA Showgrounds and Suncorp Stadium.

Brisbane is an incredible city that offers a world of experiences with its remarkable attraction and accommodation options. If you’re planning to visit and explore this treat for the senses, research more and ask for recommendations.

Redefining Summer Blues: Blue Mountains Camping Essentials

motorhome campervanWith each passing day, more Australians are slowly feeling the strong heat of the upcoming summer. As temperatures rise, so does their anticipation for another getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle. And what better way to spend the summer than taking a trip to the ever-enchanting Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains has always been an enigmatic figure of west Sydney’s metropolitan area. Over the years, campers and tourists alike have flocked to the mountainous region to experience the one-of-a-kind adventure waiting for them. It’s also the perfect spot to take your family for a ride in a motorhome.

Though Blue Mountains is good for camping activities, it’s always better to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Before packing your bags and setting off for one of the many camping sites there, you have to take some things into account, particularly which motorhome parts you have to bring.

Filter Parts

Soaking up the sun is part and parcel of being in Blue Mountains. But being out for too long can drain your energy. So, make sure to replenish your body fluids with water or ionized drink. It also helps to bring a water filter along on the trip. This way, you can refill water just about anywhere without worrying for harmful elements in your drink.


Awnings are important additions to your motorhomes. Some used motorhomes for sale in places like Townsville even have pre-installed awnings already. Apart from the shade it can give, it can also provide protection from sporadic downpours in the area. Though precipitation turns to mist in most days, it still better to have a protection in case it rains.

Extension Cord

Most camping grounds have reliable power sources for your electronic devices. While a 25-foot extension cord might be enough for some, for good measure, bring 50-foot anywhere you go. They come in handy particularly in times when you have to share power outlets with other motorhome campers.

Blue Mountains camping is one summer excursion every Australian and foreign visitor must experience. To complete the trip, look for used motorhome or campervans for sale and plan your next adventure ahead. You can also check out websites for more information about motorhome essentials and camping tips.

Tourism Is Rescuing Portugal’s Economy

portugalAs many countries suffered from the recession, Portugal authorities are determined to protect the tourism industry, which plays a vital role in the city’s economy.

Economic crisis

Foreign visitors are going to Lisbon and other parts of the Portuguese capital, which is just the cure that the crisis-hit country needs.

“In the past few months tourism in Portugal has seen its biggest growth in recent years,” said Economy Minister Antonio Pires de Lima of the nearly 10-percent increase.

In the first half of the year, the earnings produced by foreign tourists rose 8.2% to 3.7 billion euros ($4.9 billion).

There were 3.8% fewer tourists from Spain, which also suffered from the economic crisis.

Tourism industry

Tourism, accounting for 9.2 percent of GDP, “is the sector that has most contributed to getting Portugal out of the crisis,” said Adolfo Mesquita Nunes, a junior economics minister in charge of tourism.

After a few years of recession that has wiped around 5% of GDP, Portugal slowly recovers from the crisis and experience growth in the second quarter with an expansion of 1.1%.

“Security has played an important role,” said Costa, whose organization has the job of promoting tourism in his country. “We have picked up tourists who abandoned these destinations,” said Frederico Costa, president of Turismo de Portugal.

Miss America Contestants Welcomed In Atlantic City

miss indianaSix long years after the Miss America contest spurned the city for Las Vegas, it is back to the place where it began- Atlantic City. A special welcoming ceremony was held in the city on Tuesday for the 53 contestants of the pageant, who come one each from every state in the US, plus one from Puerto Rico, District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands.

The Homecoming Ceremony

The welcoming ceremony of the pageant on its home grounds kicked off with a signing-in event which required every contestant to sign her state on a map of the United States and give a few words of introduction. Predictably, most of the girls said that they were happy that the beauty pageant had come back to its nest.

The preliminary competition is to be held on September 10, which will last for three nights. The traditional Show Us Your Shoes Parade event will be held on September 14 and the finale, which will be televised nationally, is scheduled for September 15.

Giving Credit to the Cornerstone of the Australian Revolutionary Spirit

Going on fishing holidays is the opposite of war, as there’s something about angling that promotes a serenity of the mind. With that simple truth, retired veterans often find their inner peace in fishing.

Perks in the Land Down Under

It’s good that Australia is known for providing free fishing therapy to its war heroes.What’s so beautiful is that there are several hundred volunteers who spend their summers organizing these expeditions, teaching them tying, casting, and helping to move them from wheelchairs to boats.Credit is also due to literally hundreds of amazing corporate donors, together with generous fishing shops that offer free reels, poles, waders and other gear.

Labour of Love

Australia spends thousands of dollars on each veteran, including accommodations,travel costs, meals and fishing gear. Most of them come in wheelchairs, or missing a body part. But what really works during the therapy is the compassion focused on these warriors – knowing that their sacrifice matters, and that their country is grateful.These series of veteran fishing tours has evolved throughout the years, removing all dysfunctional temptations while maintaining the therapeutic effect. With days out on the water, sun-kissed and lulled by gentle waves,veterans are able to sleep better than they have in years.

Giving the Love they Take

Coming together with wounded comrades raises issues that they each veteran admits not to have thought of in a while. They do come from different eras, but they still speak the same language they used in the field. The time they spend together on the water helps resolve issues that were born during the war.

It’s especially nice bringing in older vets because they have so much to give, which is often so much more than what they take. Spending time with these guys also changes the lives of the volunteers, who become more inspired to live their lives with gratitude and respect.

Many vets find it easier to hide in their homes and deal with their devils alone, rather than leaving their comfort zones to get some help.Yet Australia wants them to know that the government is willing to help those who rise to the challenge and thrive on the change.

Not a veteran, but longing for a peaceful escape from the drudgeries of your own life? Sign up at Angling Adventures for that much-awaited respite.

Why Your Vacation on the Florida Keys is Not Complete without Boating

The Florida Keys are like heaven on earth. This series of islands is known for its paradise-like spots, diverse wildlife, and fun water activities. This renowned vacation spot never fails to attract all kinds of travelers and fishing enthusiasts every year. It’s really the perfect destination to go to for your excursion and discover the beauty of nature with your loved ones.

Boating is one of the best ways to make the most out of your Florida Keys vacation. Florida Keys boat rentals can spice up your trip and complement your family activities. Here are some of the rewards of boating during your vacation.

Convenient Fishing

You need to ride a boat to fish properly in deep waters or flats. Your boat allows you to get to the best fishing spots. Being mobile on water will help you enjoy your activity even more. Even if you’re just fishing in shallow waters, you can’t just sit idly and wait for fish to bite. That won’t work if you’re hoping to bring home infamous catches like bonefishes.

Fish hunting is a lot more fun on boats. Roaming all corners of fishing spots allows you to explore the heart of the Keys while searching for a good catch.

Temporary Accommodation

Whatever itinerary you have, chartering boats can complete your Florida Keys vacation. Boating is essential, especially if you’re taking your excursion to the waters. Rent a boat that can accommodate your whole group. Choose a boat with enough speed to let you tour the crystal-clear waters of the Keys from coast to coast.

Laidback Excursion

Boating lets you bring the comforts of your home with you as you travel. Tread the waters conveniently with wonderful amenities on board. Some boats have an entertainment center while others offer nice facilities for a comfortable sea exploration.

Thanks to companies like Islamorada Fishing Source, you can have everything you need to make your Florida Keys vacation worthwhile. Click this to learn more information on boat charters in the Florida Keys.

A Surprising Destination for Caravanners

An Australian tourism site says that virtually half of all caravanners treat caravan parks as their actual holiday destination. What was once a place used by holidaymakers to park their RVs has now emerged as a prime travel destination in Australia.

As the numbers show, caravanning is no longer just for exploring the outback or visiting National Parks. Motoco RV, North Queensland’s largest RV provider, explains the logic behind the Australians’ love for caravan parks.

Economical Trip

Travelling to caravan parks is less costly than other types of trips. You only have to pay certain fees and charges to get into the area and use the services provided by the Australian Tourist Park Management (ATPM). These minimal expenses are nothing compared to the amount you need to pay in hotel accommodations and resort facilities of other tourist spots.

Staying at caravan parks with all the conveniences of home cut your travel costs. Home-cooked meals are less costly and more appetising than eat outs.

Beautiful Mornings

Caravan parks offer breathtaking views. Mornings become more beautiful with the refreshing look of the beach while sitting on your chair with your coffee outside the caravan. Taking pleasure from the natural wonders of Australia with your loved ones is priceless.

Accessible Facilities

All the utilities you need for a comfortable travel are at caravan parks. Clean water and electricity are easily accessible to keep your simple luxuries on-board charged such as microwave and TV. Their abundances are the things you’d miss when you hit the outback.

Fun Travel Company

Caravan parks are the best place to meet and socialise with fellow holidaymakers. Knowing new people along the way are one of the joys of travelling. Spending the holiday with intrastate vacationers with whom you can share similar travel interest can make your journey worthwhile, not to mention, expand your world.

Thanks to RV stockists like Motoco RV, you can buy your own RV and take your family into a simple, yet fun stay at caravan parks. For more information on caravans for sale in Townsville, call Motoco RV at (07) 4750 2900.

How To Keep Your Pet Safe During A Trip

pet in travelEveryone looks forward to a vacation, and it can be exciting to plan for. But those who have pets have the added complication of having to figure out arrangements for the duration of their trip. One solution is to simply take your pet with you; but as Prevention describes in “How to Take Your Pet on a Road Trip,” there are still precautions you should take.

Before The Trip
Check with your veterinarian whether your pet should get any vaccinations before you go. If your pet also takes medicine regularly, this is the perfect time to ensure you have enough to last for the duration of the trip. In addition, before you leave you should make sure your pet has an ID tag with your contact information, in case the worst happens and your pet can’t be found.

In The Car
There are several ways to secure your pet in your car; although many pet owners choose to let their pets sit freely in the car, that is dangerous for both you and your pet in the event of a crash. Instead, use a harness or a crate to keep your pet secure. In addition, keep your pet somewhere in the back seat; even if they are in a crate, any accident which causes the front seat airbags to hit them may end up harming them.

At Your Destination
Pets are often nervous and uncomfortable at a new location, so make the transition easier for them by bringing some familiar items from home. Having their own familiar toys, blankets, and bed will make them much more comfortable, and they will be able to relax and enjoy the vacation with you.