Make It Memorable: Three Ways to Encourage Networking in Conferences

two women talking at a conferenceThe most memorable conferences are those that have remarkable people. More specifically, famous people whom you had conversations with. In other words, conventions become notable because of the meaningful networking opportunities that people share.

Although networking depends on the willingness of people to interact, event planners such as One Floor Up can encourage participants to start a conversation with fellow attendees. In fact, this is the challenge for you as the organizer. You must maximize interaction among your attendees so that you can make your event more meaningful. When you brainstorm with your team, consider these tips:

Dedicate Time for Interaction

Many people go to conferences with networking as their primary goal, but because there’s a schedule of hourly talks to follow, they rarely get the chance to pause and talk to co-attendees. Change things up a bit by including time for networking in your program.

This may be as simple as having breakout groups after a talk. Also, it can be a game of getting as many business cards as possible in five minutes. Whatever you do, dedicate time for interaction. Event production companies can help you in integrating this into your program.

Choose the Food Wisely

Lunch served on tables allows people to interact with fellow attendees nearby. That’s good. However, what about the people at other tables? Most people wouldn’t go as far as jumping from one table to another to introduce themselves. Make it natural for them to go around and meet others. A buffet setup might help in that. People can talk while waiting in line or when they’re at the dessert bar getting ice cream.

Take Advantage of Technology

Even before the conference, you should be able to have online discussion forums. You can also do a live Twitter broadcast to elicit reactions from the audience. This will not just engage people but also create buzz online for those who are not able to attend your event.

Remember that you can use various forms of content for this. Videos should be a part of your strategy because you can repurpose content after the conference to sustain the buzz. Most production companies offer video coverage services, so you might want to consider that.

Conferences become memorable to people when they can interact with each other. Give that opportunity to them so that your event will be remarkable.

What You Need to Learn to be a Hotel Manager

a hotel manager standing at reception areaWith the number of visitors that go to Singapore yearly, it makes sense that the hospitality and tourism industries are booming. There are plenty of tourist guides ready to prepare visitors for their journey around Singapore, and when they are ready to rest, a comfortable room awaits.

Now, what if you are not a tourist, but rather an aspiring hotel manager? The number of tourists can be too much sometimes. Your hotel management course in Singapore should help you deal with the following aspects:


It would be detrimental to a hotel business if the premises are dirty and disorganised. The lobby is the first thing guests see when they enter the hotel, and it will set their expectations. The cleaning staff should be on top of keeping the area clean at all times. This should also go for all rooms and hallways in the hotel.


You will not succeed in the hospitality industry if you do not intend to be hospitable. Your course will give you the basics of how to deal with guests and fulfil their requests, as long as they are within reason. More importantly, you will also learn to check every detail of a booking so that before guests arrive, everything has already been arranged for them. This goes beyond keeping fresh sheets and toiletries in each room; this means checking that everything is functioning properly, as well.


You can have the biggest rooms to offer in Singapore, but if they do not have air conditioning or hot water, you cannot expect guests to enjoy their stay. If word of this gets around, you will be losing clients you have not even earned in the first place. As a hotel manager, you should be in contact with maintenance companies to keep every room comfortable and welcoming for guests.

As someone who wants to manage a hotel, you should be aware that you are managing more than just the rooms. You are also managing every aspect that contributes to guest comfort.

Prevent and Manage Chemical Spills in Your Workplace

a doctor on a laboratory with various chemicalsA safe working environment is essential for any company that stores, distributes, transports or uses hazardous chemicals. There should be measures to reduce the risk of spills and mitigate the dangerous effects of a spill. Here are some ways to prevent and manage a chemical spill.

1. Prepare for a spill.

Accidental spills can still happen even after taking precautionary steps. Experts from Argyle Commercial explain that you can purchase spill kits to handle chemical spills fast and reduce the impact of any leak. There should be several spill kits in every room where the chemical is used or stored. Teach the workers about ways to handle the spills using these kits.

2. Store the chemicals in covered zones.

Protect all hazardous chemicals from rainfall. Rainfall increases the volume of water exposed to the chemical which makes it hard to manage a spill. There should also be no pools of water that form in areas where you store the chemicals.

3. Follow stacking guides and avoid overcrowding the store.

Do not stack chemicals that come in cartons beyond the recommended height. Moreover, do not store too many chemicals in a small room. There is a chance that you could break one of the containers as you retrieve others. It is also hard to determine which container is spilling its contents in an overcrowded room.

4. Label all chemicals.

Label every container based on the chemicals contained inside. The label should include the name of the chemical and the category of the chemical. Categories include explosives, combustibles, flammables, oils, solvents or corrosives. Labelling ensures that workers use the right chemicals and that the right steps are taken to contain a spill.

Proper chemical handling and speedy management of spills enhance workplace safety. This, in turn, lowers the cost of production. These provide basic ways to prevent chemical spills and deal with spills if they occur.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Notes: All About IP Address Conflicts

Networking service and an IT personnelA big chunk of the CompTIA A+ Certification exam covers networking, and one of the most common scenarios you’ll need to be familiar with to pass your A+ certification practice test and exam is IP address conflicts.

First off, an Internet Protocol (IP) conflict happens when two endpoints of communication on a network, such as mobile devices, computers systems, or other individual network adapters, are given the same exact IP address. When this happens, one or both endpoints won’t be able to access the network. But why exactly does this happen?

Common Causes of IP Address Conflicts

Two endpoints could obtain the conflicting IP addresses by the following ways:

  • The system administrator gives two endpoints on a LAN the same exact static IP address.
  • The system administrator gives one endpoint a static address within the DHCP range of the LAN and the local DHCP server assigns the same IP address automatically.
  • An Internet service provider (ISP) unintentionally assigns the same address to two clients either dynamically or statically.
  • A problem with the DHCP server enables the same dynamic IP address to be assigned automatically to several computers.
  • A computer might experience a conflict with itself if it’s set using multiple adapters.
  • A network administrator unintentionally connects two network router ports or network switch ports to each other.

Common IP Address Conflict Fixes

Some IP address conflicts do work themselves out, though that rarely happens. Below are some of the most basic workarounds for IP conflicts:

  • If the computer has a dynamic IP address, release and renew the address.
  • If the network has static IP addresses, make certain that every local host uses a unique address.
  • If you suspect that your broadband router’s DHCP server is malfunctioning and is the cause of the conflict, upgrade the firmware of the router.

The main thing to remember with networking and IP address conflicts is that you increase the possibility of experiencing IP conflicts every time you connect more and more endpoints to the network. Although this is not something that you could come across daily, it’s crucial that you understand the potential causes and workarounds so you know to do if ever you experience it.


The Road to a Good Exam Score: Effectively Writing a Good Economics Essay

students writing an essay during examThe essay portion of a Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics exam makes up over half (60 per cent, to be specific) of the total test score. With only 45 minutes to plan and write the answer to an economics essay question, it’s vital for exam takers to have excellent essay writing skills to obtain a good grade in the test.

Although there’s no one universal approach to tackle an essay question, there are ways to construct a right answer that will earn the student most, if not all, of the possible marks for each essay question. Keep these things in mind when coming up with a compelling economics essay answer in the exam.

Follow a Systematic Approach

Many JC Economics tuition centres would offer different approaches in answering an essay question. One good way would be to use an eight-step approach, which consists of the following steps:

  • Review the question carefully.
  • If it’s a two-part question, consider starting with Part B before answering Part A to avoid any answer overlaps.
  • Focus on the keywords as they indicate the topic of the question.
  • Check the command words to learn what you need to do to answer the question.
  • Note down any economic concepts or theories relevant to the question.
  • Prioritise these according to relevance.
  • Based on your list, choose the ones that effectively answer the essay question.
  • Organise your selected concepts or theories in such a manner that answers the question.

Write a Good Introduction

Now that you have an approach to answering the question, you’ll need to construct a proper intro. Your introduction should define the economic terminologies mentioned in the essay question. Additionally, it should provide an overview of your approach in a clear and succinct manner.

Use the Right Diagrams

Besides a good intro, it’s also important to draw the appropriate and correctly labelled diagrams to illustrate your understanding of the economic concepts. These diagrams can substantiate your explanations and allow you to earn the required marks to ace the essay.

Utilising a systematic approach, coming up with a good intro and drawing the appropriate diagrams can help you write a good answer in the essay portion of the economics exam. Additionally, these strategies can save you time, allowing you to proofread your answer.

How Do You Choose a Preschool for Your Kids?

Child boy together with mother playing educational toysSeparation anxiety is normal for both kids and parents when the little ones start going to school. Truth be told, it is less about the child not wanting to go to school and more about the parent not ready to let go. What makes parents feel better is when they know they have chosen the best preschool in their area for their child. Choosing a preschool is more complicated than most people think. Parents are now very particular about the teaching staff and how secure the place is.

Here are a couple of things to think about if you’re considering starting your kids in preschool in Salt Lake City.

Class size and teacher-to-student ratio

Apart from the distance to their home or place of work, parents are seriously considering the class size when choosing a school for their children. Preschool students should be given close attention, and it would be impossible to do this when the class size is big. Most parents want classes that have a small teacher-to-student ratio. There should also be additional staff to help clean up after the kids or assist them when they go to the bathroom.

Focus on play and exploration

Preschool sets kids for life. Whatever they learn here will be instrumental in their growth and development in the years to come. Child development experts suggest looking for schools that focus on free play and exploration. It allows the child to become inquisitive and curious about the world around them. Instead of lesson-based curriculum, preschool experts suggest looking for a variety of play areas and materials for the kids.

At the same time, you must also observe how the teachers interact with the kids to be sure that the children are encouraged to explore as they learn.

Of course, CCTV cameras and childproofed environments are bonuses. It would be best to ask for a trial before signing up your child to any particular preschool in your area.

How to Be a Friend to You Teenage Son or Daughter

Children ready for schoolParents always face challenges when it comes to raising their children. It might be easy to some, but others have a hard time dealing with it, especially if their children are in their teens.

Your teenage son or daughter might grow apart from you especially when they are hooked to their gadgets and mobile devices. As parents, however, it is one of your tough tasks to get them to listen to you. So, how do you deal with teenagers and help them make good life decisions? tells us how.

Spend Time with Them

Teens often feel misunderstood. They find it difficult to say what’s on their mind and would rather express it on their social media accounts. Don’t just let them do that. Make time to schedule an activity to do with your teen. Talk to them. They need guidance and someone who listens to them in this stage in their lives more than anything.

Help Them Cultivate Their Sense of Self

Most teens just need validation and reassurance. In the age of social media, comments on their posts mean more than you know. Encourage them to be themselves. Tell them not to let comments on social media define who they are. Tell them that it’s okay to be different and that they do not need tons of likes on their posts to be proud of who they are.

Be Their Best Friend

Once they see that you are there for them without judgment, they will open up and share with you their thoughts and feelings. Establishing an open communication with your teens is the key to building a great foundation for the rest of their lives.

Trust and Learn to Let Go

Finally, don’t stalk them on all their social media accounts. While there are advantages and disadvantages to doing so, it is still best to trust them and give them freedom to learn things on their own. You just have to guide them and be there for them when things go wrong.

No son or daughter will ever forget how much you nurtured them growing up, given that you were with them every step of the way. In the future, they will look up to you and impart to their children the life lessons they got from you.

Practical Tips to Run Your Learning Institution

Students studying in the libraryRunning a learning institution can be a lucrative venture for those who know what they are doing. For most people, however, this seems like an uphill task, given the sensitive nature of schools and those involved.

With these smart tips, however, you can stay ahead of the competition.

Employ a Competent Staff

Your teachers are responsible for the day-to-day running of the school’s activities. The most accomplished international schools in Dubai go out of their way to hire the best staff they can. Get a mix of new and experienced teachers give them sufficient training where and when there is a need.

Develop a Good Staff Culture

The attitude of your team can make or break your school. You want everyone who visits your school to have the best impression possible. Insist on building a friendly, welcoming culture, so your students, visitors and parents feel comfortable being part of your school.

Get a Good Dean, Principal or Headmaster

The school head is the first point of contact between you and your clients. Almost everyone passes through their office while looking to be served. Get an experienced person who is open to new ideas and treats everyone well. Make sure your principal encourages people to achieve the vision of the institution.

Make the Institution Student Centred

Your students are the most important people in the entire organisation. Every decision you make should put students at the centre. Let your curriculum, teaching methods and any other program centre on the interests of the learner.

Include them in critical discussions, so they do not feel left out. Gone is the error when the teacher’s world was final in schools.

Running a school need not be a difficult task. By applying a few ingenious tweaks in your daily schedule, you can keep every stakeholder happy and improve your bottom line over time.

Stepping Up: Choosing a Suitable College Degree

Student going over books in the libraryAfter high school graduation, you will surely feel all sorts of emotions. You may feel excited, anxious, and confused. These feelings are normal, and they can be amplified if you are already at the stage where you will have to choose a college degree.

The pressure is on. Truth be told, college is expensive, and you will need to pick a degree that you will surely want to finish. But don’t let the pressure stop you. It is important that you stay relaxed, objective, and goal-oriented. Being so will help you come up with the right decision, especially if you are planning to get a degree in Singapore or other places abroad.

Here are some tips to make the search much easier:

Know your goals

Before you even choose a college degree, you must first identify your goals in life. Do you want to help improve your community? You may want to take a degree that has something to do with community development. Want to travel? You might want to consider taking tourism. Want to get into film and advertising? Communications is your way to go.

Know your strengths

It is important that you know your strengths. Your strengths are your arsenal of skills that will help you navigate life after you graduate, and it is your college education that will help you improve them. For instance, you may want to take a degree in physics or engineering if you are a big fan of science and maths.

Know your interests

Your hobbies and interests can also help you determine which college degree suits you best. If you like aesthetics and design, you may consider getting games design or fine arts. If you are fascinated with relics from the past, you may take a degree in anthropology, paleontology, or history.

These are only some of the pointers that will help you choose the right college degree. If you are still confused, you can always talk to you school’s placement centre representative or career adviser.


Make Your Money Work! Make an Investment

Stock Market Charts

Inflation is the silent thief that steals the value of your money. When governments print more currency, the value of your money decreases. With the annual interest rate for cash deposit accounts significantly less than the annual inflation rate, you’re losing money by keeping it in the bank.

Knowledge is Key

Simply put, keeping some money in the bank for the sake of liquidity is enough. You should place excess funds should in a different security. Securities are something that can hold the value of your money such as shares, bonds, real estate, businesses, and commodities. However, not all securities are equal, and each one takes a different level of dedication and skill to achieve optimal results.

Choose Your Security Type

Commodities like gold bars or bullion, oil barrels, and even corn have intrinsic value. Their price often moves with inflation. In the UK, gold bars and bullion are sold at gold exchange traded funds or by reputed gold bar dealers. You can buy gold bars if you choose to invest in these commodities, it is easier to do it now, as you can buy them from online dealers or even vending machines. However, it is important to buy from a reputable trader and be wary of buying numismatic coins since their value can fluctuate.

Investing in government or corporate bonds is also quite safe. While government bonds are typically the safer option, corporate bonds give a higher yield. Bonds are essentially a means for you to loan money to the government or a corporation for a particular amount of time.

Investing in shares is easy to get into, but it is much more volatile than bonds or commodities. You need to watch how the stock markets move, otherwise, you may lose your funds should the market crash.

Your Appetite for Risk

To gain sufficient information about investing, consult with a financial adviser. An honest discussion with them can give you a fair idea which security type is best for you and your finances.

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