Steps to Recovery From Drug and Alcohol Addiction

A Drug AddictAddiction is a complex condition that hurts many aspects of a person's life. Treatment could be a long process, but it is as effective as the treatment for any chronic condition.

Drug addiction recovery in Salt Lake City does not happen overnight, but it occurs in stages. Each phase assists the addict to transition into a new addiction-free life. Here are some of the important steps to recovery.

Behavioral Intervention

The initial step in addiction treatment is containing the addict’s behavior by stopping more drugs or alcohol from entering his or her body. Acute detoxification to rid the body of harmful drugs also takes place to help the brain chemistry return to normal. In this phase, addicts go through immense anger and grief and at times sink into depression.

Emotional Integration

After the behavioral change, the person gains cognitive insight and revives his or her feelings. Society views addicts as ethically weak and undisciplined individuals, and when addicts internalize this societal attitude, they realize that they have an illness and comprehend its insidious process. This step takes some time and requires perseverance and courage. Most addicts who have not completely recovered from chemical addiction attempt to bypass this painful stage or give up altogether.


This phase is not just about changing an addict’s mind on the use of drugs. It involves seeing the world from a different perspective. Addicts usually describe it as a deeply spiritual experience. Most rediscover their past or discover an entirely new religious experience, especially those in a gospel rehab facility. People who reach this stage continue living a drug and alcohol-free life filled with a surprising inner peace.

An addict is the last individual to acknowledge he or she has a problem because one of the symptoms of addiction is denial. Checking into a good drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility is a great step to recovery. With group and individual therapy sessions, together with the support from family or loved ones’, addiction recovery becomes a reality.

4 Ways Dentists Treat Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Kid undergoing dental treatmentCertain behaviors and incidents could lead to a fracture in one of your molars. If the crack appears as a tiny hairline fracture, it will be invisible to the naked eye and may not even show up on an x-ray. Small, hard to detect fractures are called cracked tooth syndrome and may be treated in one of the following ways:

Dental Bonding

Your dentist in Gurnee, Illinois can use tooth-colored composite resin to repair the crack. After applying the special resin to the fracture, the dentist will harden the material with a special light to bond it to the tooth. Tooth bonding is easy and inexpensive, and can be done in a single visit.

Root Canal Treatment

If the fracture has extended into the soft tissue inside your tooth, your dentist may recommend endodontic treatment to remove the damaged pulp. The dentist will remove the damaged tissue, clean and disinfect the area, and then fill and seal the tooth. A root canal procedure can help save your cracked tooth.

Dental Crown

Your dentist can cover the fractured tooth with a tooth-shaped cap. A dental crown fits over the affected tooth to keep the fracture from spreading. This procedure helps restore the tooth’s strength and provides maximum protection.

Tooth Removal

An untreated cracked tooth will worsen in time. If the fracture extends below your gum line and damages the root, saving the tooth may be difficult. Your dentist may recommend extraction as a final option.

Your dentist can use several treatment options to repair a crack in your tooth. He will consider the location and the severity of the crack and then recommend the best treatment. Schedule a dental visit as soon as you start feeling pain when you bite or when your tooth becomes sensitive to temperature changes.

2 Telltale Signs You Need to Lose Weight

Girl Measuring Her WaistlineThe term “time flies” is a popular phrase for a reason. Even if you are the best planner ever, sometimes you might find yourself overwhelmed by work, children, to-do-lists after work and other activities. These leave you with minimal or no time at all for yourself. As such, exercise takes a back seat in your life and before you know it, excess fat is already accumulating. Below are two indicators that you need to start paying more attention to your body weight, according to experts in Lexington, Kentucky, who specialize in weight loss plans.

You Feel Extremely Uncomfortable at the Slightest Stair Climb.

Even though it is hard to admit for a majority, physical exercise is vital for a healthy body. Is your weight is preventing you from enjoying simple physical activities? Then it is time to focus on shedding some pounds. Exercising with a goal keeps you focused. Remember to set specific goals and milestones on your weight loss journey.

You Are Groggy in the Morning, and You Snore Too Loudly.

Have you noticed that you hardly have a good night’s sleep? Do you snore during your sleep? You have your excess weight to blame. You could be suffering from sleep apnea. It is a condition that causes breathing disruptions during your sleep. Try to focus on losing some fat around your neck. This will open up the breathing airways, hence minimizing pauses and shallow breathing during your sleep.

Besides the signs mentioned above, your doctor may also recommend weight loss depending on your current health situation. Don't hesitate to mention any other health problems you might be having. Inform your doctor about medications or supplements that you are using. This will ensure that you remain safe while you go through your weight loss plan.

Mastering the Mother Sauce: 3 Things to Know About Hollandaise Sauce

Eggs Benedict with BaconThere’s a reason the Hollandaise sauce is considered one of the five mother sauces in cooking – its uses go beyond being the key enhancing ingredient in any decent eggs Benedict.

While many other sauces may be derived from the classic Hollandaise sauce, there are also just as many reasons the base version is worth keeping in your kitchen, whether you will use it for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner dish.

A complex process for a complex taste

The classic Hollandaise sauce is made up of three basic ingredients: egg yolks, butter, and lemon juice. Creating Hollandaise from scratch can be difficult because it requires emulsification to bond all the ingredients together.

According to experts, creating Hollandaise sauce requires a lot of patience. It calls for the balancing act of patient tempering of the mixture and careful handling to avoid breaking the sauce. One advantage of using ready-to-use Hollandaise sauce is that you avoid the time-consuming method of creating it.

Pairs perfectly with many entrees

It’s hard to imagine eggs Benedict without the Hollandaise sauce, and it’s one of the easy pair-ups present in many breakfast menus. But given how the sauce can be tempered and adjusted, the resulting new sauce can be paired with other entrees.

Reports revealed that the Hollandaise sauce could be turned into the béarnaise, so it can be paired with roast beef or chicken. Altering another ingredient will bring forth the paloise sauce, which has a flavor that is ideal for lamb.

Combines well with other ingredients

Other than pairing well with several entrees, the classic Hollandaise sauce can get a new twist just by adding a few choice spices. Food experts suggest adding five different spices to give this basic sauce a different flavor without losing its essence. One way to give the usual eggs Benedict a spin would be to add fresh cilantro to Hollandaise sauce. A topping of jalapeno adds a spicy kick.

Avocado is becoming an easy favorite breakfast add-on and Hollandaise sauce benefits just as well with a good avocado puree. Another way to balance the creaminess of the sauce would be to add the taste of enchilada, either using a sauce version or tossing in some of the raw enchilada ingredients.

The hollandaise sauce is a flexible ingredient, making it a good staple sauce for any kitchen. If you don’t have the time (and the knowledge and skills) to create it from scratch, you better get the ready-to-use version.

3 Secrets to Clean White Teeth

Woman drinking coffee in red mugOh yes, you want that pearl white teeth from the TV commercial you watched, which is why you want to finally visit a family dentist in Sugarhouse. Of course, Walker Pediatric Dentistry and other dental clinics understand that you would like to flash the best smile in every occasion. To help with that goal, here are some handy ideas to keep your teeth healthy white:

Stay Away from Beverage Stains

While you might love having a break for a sip of tea or coffee, you might want to cut some cups from your diet. You can have any of them in moderation, but make sure to brush your teeth and clean them thoroughly. These drinks along with blueberries, soy sauce, marinara, and other dark food can ruin your dream to flash a pearl white smile.

Clean with a Dash of Baking Soda

In case you haven’t heard yet, baking soda can work wonders in cleaning your teeth. It might not taste well but you’ will see some guaranteed results after doing so. You might want to put a dash of baking soda on your toothbrush or a damp cloth to rub your teeth gently. This magical kitchen ingredient can surely bring back the glow in your pearl white teeth.

Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar

If you need more help, you can use some apple cider vinegar to rinse your teeth after brushing or flossing. According to experts, the solution should be two parts water and one part apple cider vinegar to achieve desirable results. It’s an organic way to cleanse your teeth effectively. This might even work better than your expensive bottle of mouthwash.

Other than all this, you should make sure to change your toothbrush once every three months or as often as necessary. Your toothbrush loses it charm after quite some time.

Don’t Let Acids Eat Away Your Teeth

Two friends drinking sodaFrequent consumption of foods that are rich in sugar is not the only thing that can damage your teeth. Foods and beverages that with low pH levels, such as soda, fruit juices, lemon, and pickles, can contribute to enamel erosion. This happens when the acid breaks down the outer layer (enamel) that protects the tooth’s surface.

Enamel erosion makes the teeth look yellow and more susceptible to decay.

What pH Level Means

Foods with low pH level are acidic, and can soften and wear away the enamel. Potential of hydrogen or pH is a way of measuring the acidity of a substance (0 to 14). Low pH indicates more acid, while high pH means more alkaline (non-acidic). If the substance has a neutral pH level of seven, it means that it is neither alkaline nor acidic.

The Role of Saliva

When you consume an acidic food or beverage, the saliva will help neutralize the acid in the mouth and fight enamel erosion. But when you consume extremely acidic foods and beverages too often, the saliva won’t have much power to restore the natural balance of acid in the mouth. Family dentistry clinics in Sioux Falls note that this means a higher risk of enamel erosion.

The Acids in Your Drink

Soft drinks are rich in sugar and phosphoric acid. Other types of acid, such as citric and malic acids are common in fruits and many fruit-based products. You don’t have to completely give up fruits in your diet; consume then in moderation instead. When it comes to soda or soft drinks, quitting is the best advice.

If you consume acidic food or drink, it is advisable to chew sugar-free gum to promote saliva flow and keep your mouth’s pH level neutral. You should also drink water or rinse your mouth to wash away the acids in your teeth. Brushing with a fluoride solution is also beneficial, but be sure to do so an hour after eating or drinking.

Guide to Finding the Right Matchmaker

A CoupleThere might be lots of fish in the sea, but you might need the right matchmaking services so you could find the right one. It does not only save you time and money but also saves you the disappointment of failed dates and mismatched partners. Use this guide to help you find the right millionaire matchmaker service in Chicago, Illinois.

Be ready to spend some money.

When it comes to elite matchmaking services, they often charge their clients upwards of $5000. In this situation, make sure that the matchmaking agency makes it clear to you what kind of service you expect for their charges. It is best to have a clear outline of what you expect and what they can deliver.

Explain to the agency what you want.

You need to explain to the agency what kind of qualities and character you are searching for in a partner. Aside from this, you also need to explain what kind of service you expect from them. It is best if you tell them whether you are looking for long-term partnerships, marriage, or simply dating.

Ask the right questions.

It's essential that you ask the right questions to potential candidates to know their character.  These questions should focus on their life goals, qualities they're looking for in a partner, and even commitment to a relationship.  Asking these questions helps you make the best choice. 

Be honest.

In any relationship, it is best to be honest. Tell the agency what qualities you do not want in a partner, so they do not waste your time and money on potential partners that do not meet your criteria.
Choose a Chicago millionaire matchmaker service who could perform all these and give you the chance to meet the potential love of your life. 

The Dental Braces You Can’t See (Almost!)

An Invisalign BraceThe modern treatments that orthodontists in Woodstock deliver have paved the way for many of its residents not just to have more beautiful smiles, but more properly aligned teeth that have reduced risks of fracturing or damages. A lot of those who have taken advantage of orthodontics have also experienced a considerable boost to their self-confidence. For many dental clinics such as, treating orthodontic issues are now part of their regular services.
One treatment that continues to rise in popularity among Woodstock consumers is Invisalign. 

1. It corrects teeth misalignment yet remains inconspicuous.

The Invisalign system is an orthodontic appliance that uses nearly invisible aligners to correct misalignments.
These removable aligners have proven effective in treating some issues concerning the placement or growth location of the teeth. From minor to complex problems, Invisalign can help correct gapped teeth, overbite, open bite, overcrowding, and crossbite.

2. The teeth-straightener doesn’t restrict dietary habits.

With conventional braces, patients often have to restrict themselves on what they eat, since they can risk damage to the appliances. Eating also comes as a challenge, as they have to take care not to have food stuck in between their teeth (or the brackets and wire).
Many people opt for Invisalign. Its removable feature is one of the biggest advantages it has over traditional braces that consist of glued-on metal brackets connected by a wire, as it allows them to eat whatever they desire without worrying about embarrassment.

The modern way of resolving bite and cosmetic issues

Orthodontic options have vastly improved over the last few decades. Nowadays, patients can reap the many different benefits of having straight teeth in the shortest possible amount of time. With Invisalign, you can reduce treatment time to just a year, even shorter with the more advanced aligners.
And people will not even know that you currently undergo teeth straightening, which is a huge plus especially if you’re concerned about changes to your facial appearance.

3 Reasons to Invest in a Water Treatment Equipment for Your Home

Industrial water filter machine

When people hear the words “water treatment equipment,” they immediately think that it’s something that only medium-sized and large-scale companies across various industries can invest in and benefit from. This is wrong. There are many health and environmental benefits you can enjoy if you have your own water treatment equipment from at home. Here are some of them.

  1. Water Treatment Equipment Removes Unwanted Substances

There are many micro-organisms in water that can cause disease. These includes microbial pathogens such as parasites, bacteria, and viruses. There are also traces of solvents, pesticides, fungicides and inorganic substances such as barium, mercury, and arsenic.

Untreated water can cause a lot of health conditions, ranging from mild to severe and life-threatening. The purpose of treating water is to remove these unwanted substances.

  1. Water Treatment Equipment Ensures You Get High-Quality Water

Anything you put inside your body affects your health, especially water since you take so much of it and you need it to function. So make that investment to ensure that you’re drinking not just clean and safe but also high-quality water.

Sometimes, there are cases when public drinking water fails to reach the safety and health guidelines in some jurisdictions. Don’t rely on this alone. You have to be proactive when it comes to securing and safeguarding your family’s health.

  1. Investing in Water Treatment Equipment Is the Less Expensive Choice in the Long Run

Some people are comforted by the fact that safe, bottled drinking water is available anywhere, but for how long can you depend on these? Most importantly, how long can you pay for not just the water you drink but also for the packaging every single time you buy one? In the long run, investing in your own water purification system can save you money.

Water Is Life

Water is a basic human need, but some people lack access to it or sometimes, the quality of drinking water is compromised. Having your own water treatment equipment ensures that you and your family have a consistent supply of clean, drinking water, especially for families who don’t want to rely on commercially available water or community water.

3 Health Benefits for Using Plunge Pools

Swimming Pool

As the name suggests, plunge pools are small pools made for dipping. It’s not a pool you invest in if you want to do laps. But even if it’s just a small pool, you’ll find that you can enjoy a lot of great health benefits if you have one at home. Here are some of the perks of having one that could encourage you to check plunge pools prices in Perth, Australia.

Reduce muscle inflammation.

Athletes are known to indulge in a cold water bath to reduce muscle pain and inflammation after a rigorous exercise or workout routine. This process is called cryotherapy or cold water immersion. And it has also been proven to speed up the recovery of the muscles are a workout. You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy this type of water therapy. It’s a great way to reduce muscle pain after a workout whether at home or the gym.

Aids in relaxation.

Taking a dip in the pool can help lower stress levels. It’s a great way to start and end the day, and if you have one at home, all the more you can take advantage of this great health benefit. You don’t even need to stay a long time in the plunge pool. You just need to take a short wade or swim, get your muscles moving, and enjoy the light feeling you can feel after.

Good for socializing.

When you’re doing some laps in a large-sized pool, you’ll hardly make any socializing. In fact, you shouldn’t. After all, if you’re doing laps, you need to concentrate on your form and breathing. But when you’re “swimming” in a plunge pool, you can socialize with friends and family and have a good time.

Take a Plunge Today

If you have limited space but still want a pool in your home, consider investing in a plunge pool. Like other pools, it can increase the value and comfort levels in your home.