What’s in a Bottle of Vodka?

Vodka was originally used for medicine – to cure illnesses, that is. Poland produced their first identifiable vodka in the 11th century, much later than Russia, where the first documented production of vodka took place at the end of the 9th century. Today, wine businesses, fine dining establishments, and even the smallest clubs have a bottle of vodka to offer.

Pequa Spirits, a wine and liquor company in New York, shares that a bottle of vodka can serve different purposes. With its history, flavor, and uses, vodka stands out among other liquors, earning it a place among the top selling spirits in the world.

Flavors in Your Meals

Vodka helps enhance the flavor of dishes without being too overwhelming. When used with the right ingredients, it can add a twist and bring the best out of your ordinary dishes – from pastas to appetizers and desserts. In baking, the alcohol in vodka prevents gluten formation and makes the crust more tender.

Fun in Your Parties

Straight up, mixed, or on the rocks — partygoers will never run out of ways to drink vodka. When mixed with other beverages, it can add fun and make the night more enjoyable. Almost every bar in town today offer their own signature vodka drinks. The most popular vodka cocktails contain yogurt, juices, and fresh fruits.

Meaning in Your Presents

A gift of liquor fits any occasion. A bottle in one’s gift basket stands true to the age-old tradition. Pequa Spirits agrees that vodka makes for good presents, particularly when sent with chocolates and sweet treats. People who wish to prepare their own presents can look for custom vodka gift baskets. In the spirit of giving, a fine bottle or two can deliver just the right message.

Vodka can be served in several ways, making it one of the best there is. Pequa Spirits have a wide range of fine bottles to suit parties, recipes, and gift baskets. Those interested in their selections can contact Pequa Spirits by calling 516.795.3935.

Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm: Will There Be More for Disney?

With Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm on their front line, Disney seems to have a handful of blockbusters in their midst. While these major media companies have brought box office hits to Disney, CEO Bob Iger informed analysts their plans of halting any splashy acquisition.

ceo disneyIger is known for purchasing major media companies during his time as Disney’s head. He first bought Pixar and convinced the late Steve Jobs of bringing more life to the animation studio. Marvel Entertainment came next on his list some three years later, with the blockbuster film “The Avengers” in tow. The company has gained another hit this summer with “Iron Man 3” topping sales and earning more than $1 billion on a global scale. Lucasfilm completes Iger’s list with his plans of making future “Star Wars” films that may come out on 2015.

With these major acquisitions comes the question of any plans Iger may have.  Disney’s CEO left a somewhat vague answer on the issue, but it may not be likely that there’d be more in the future. To catch an inside scoop about this news, visit this website.

Williams Sisters To Lead Us In Fed Cup

williams sisSisters Venus and Serena Williams will lead the US Fed Cup against Sweden at the Delray Beach Tennis Center on April 20-21.

The team’s line up will also include No. 16 Sloan Stephens and No. 27 Varvara Lepchenko.

The winner of the match will advance to the 2014 world group and have a chance to grab the Fed Cup title next year. The non-winning team will be moved to world group II in 2014.

The US team will face No. 54 Sofia Arvidsson, No. 65 Johanna Larsson, No. 425 Hilda Melander and No. 489 Sandra Roma of Sweden.

Currently, Serena is ranked No.1 in the world while Venus is ranked No. 22.

Do you think the Williams sisters will help the US advance to the next round? Find out more about this news in this report from Associated Press.