Digital Marketing Tips to Make Your Hotel Stand Out

An online hotel reservation bookingThe hospitality industry is very competitive. Many small hotels find themselves at a disadvantage, given their limited resources compared to that of leading hospitality brands. The good thing is digital marketing allows them to compete against the industry’s big fish for a share of the market. Here are some digital marketing strategies your hotel can use to attract new guests:

Perform a website audit

A site audit provides important information about your website. Different tests are performed to analyze SEO and end-user experience issues.

Study the competition

Research about not only the hospitality industry in general but also your competitors. Find out how your website is performing compared to the sites of other hotels. Also, check their profiles and pages on different social media sites to try to understand their digital marketing strategy and see which works and does not.

Differentiate your hotel

Build your hotel’s digital presence around features that are unique to you. This helps guests in distinguishing your services from others. A unique hotel feature can be anything from stellar customer service to breath-taking landscapes. Look for features that are unique to your hotel and promote them in your online ads and promotions.

Invest in social media

Social media is an important marketing tool for hotels. Post about your services on your top social media platform. Encourage your guests also to share posts about their experience in your hotel. Incentivize the process by offering deals and discounts to users participating in contests on your social media pages.

Target your niche

Small hotels do not have the resources to compete against leading hospitality brands. For this reason, you should keep your target market in mind when developing a digital marketing strategy. All of your digital marketing efforts must revolve around the needs of your target market.

Hotels that do not implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy risk losing potential clients and profits to the competition. Make sure to strategize well for the success of your business.