Ebook Subscription: A Feasible Way To Attract More Readers?

ebooksNewspapers, magazines, and other publications have it tough. They are striving to survive amidst a world growing more enchanted with the online page. Readers, instead of keeping their eyes on the written (or printed) word on actual paper, would rather consume tomes through the Internet and their digital devices.

The Toronto Star, a publication in Canada, tries the ebook subscription model to see if it will generate a thriving readership. At 4.33 Canadian dollars plus tax, each subscriber will receive a new dispatch of articles each week. These dispatches are sold through the Star’s website and iTunes at the moment, with plans to distribute to other online retailers if the project is successful.

The Canadian publication has yet to reveal the numbers of its readers, although each ebook they release eat up a lot of marketing budget. Sandy Macleod, Vice President of the Star’s consumer marketing department, however, says that they will need 10,000 readers at the least by this summer.

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