Google Maps Conquer World’s Tallest Mountains

Google, with its famous feature Google Maps, is taking the Street View option to new heights after it announced Monday, March 18, that it will start offering interactive galleries of some of the world’s highest peaks.

google mapsThe new gallery features four famous mountains from around the world: the snowy Base Camp at Mt. Everest in the Himalayas in Asia, the dormant African Volcano Mount Kilimanjaro, Europe’s Mount Elbrus, and Argentina’s Mt. Aconcagua.

Google Maps users can drop by the various base camps or the sights along the mountain trails. There is also a feature that, with just a few clicks, lets individuals explore 360-degree panoramas and trace the path of several mountain trails.

“It feels like you’re walking through the gates of hell because there are mule skeletons sticking out of the ground,” said Dan Fredinburg on Mt. Aconcagua. Fredinburg is a member of the Google team that photographed all four mountains.

“It was this out-of-this-world experience of entering into an environment where not many people go and knowing we were going to bring back that experience for others to see.”

Fredinburg is actually a technical program manager for Google’s privacy and security team, but is regarded as a Google Adventurer. He and other colleagues express their love for the extreme outdoors by organizing visits to the world’s highest mountains that started more than a year ago. During the planning of one of their expeditions, a colleague suggested they use the trip as an opportunity to work with the Google Maps team.

“The goal as a team is to make sure we had the opportunity to provide users with maps that are more accurate and usable,” says Fredinburg. “Different adventurers and people who want to explore from the comfort of their homes have the opportunity to explore and see these different corners of the world.”