How To Keep Your Children Unspoiled

child with toyConsumerism is a large part of society; companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing in order to convince people that they will not be happy without a specific product. Children are particularly susceptible to this, and often end up demanding the latest toy that is in fashion. But as Parents discusses in “Too Many Toys? Ideas to Avoid Toy Overload,” giving in to your children’s demands can lead to too much of a good thing.

Don’t Waste Space On Unused Toys

Children generally want to keep all their toys, even when they only really play with a few of them. Parents can compound the problem by coming up with reasons to keep old or unused toys, such as wanting to keep them as memorabilia or in case a friend or relative wants them. But this only leads to having the toys sit unused in storage; rather than wasting space on things that will never be used, make your children’s old toys useful by donating them to a suitable organization.

Use Toys To Teach Lessons

While you are in the process of getting rid of old and unused toys, you can use this time to instill important values in your children. Although they will want to keep the toys, you can teach them the importance of sharing, and how they will be able to make another child happy by giving away what they don’t need. In addition, this teaches your children a practical attitude that will serve them better than if they attach sentimental value to everything. When you are done going through everything, you will be rewarded with a cleaner house and children who appreciate what they have.