How To Keep Your Pet Safe During A Trip

pet in travelEveryone looks forward to a vacation, and it can be exciting to plan for. But those who have pets have the added complication of having to figure out arrangements for the duration of their trip. One solution is to simply take your pet with you; but as Prevention describes in “How to Take Your Pet on a Road Trip,” there are still precautions you should take.

Before The Trip
Check with your veterinarian whether your pet should get any vaccinations before you go. If your pet also takes medicine regularly, this is the perfect time to ensure you have enough to last for the duration of the trip. In addition, before you leave you should make sure your pet has an ID tag with your contact information, in case the worst happens and your pet can’t be found.

In The Car
There are several ways to secure your pet in your car; although many pet owners choose to let their pets sit freely in the car, that is dangerous for both you and your pet in the event of a crash. Instead, use a harness or a crate to keep your pet secure. In addition, keep your pet somewhere in the back seat; even if they are in a crate, any accident which causes the front seat airbags to hit them may end up harming them.

At Your Destination
Pets are often nervous and uncomfortable at a new location, so make the transition easier for them by bringing some familiar items from home. Having their own familiar toys, blankets, and bed will make them much more comfortable, and they will be able to relax and enjoy the vacation with you.