How to Make Scared Children Say ‘Yes’ to Their First Dental Visit

DentistAccording to Web MD, the general recommendation is that dentists must see children when they turn one year old or six months following the eruption of their first tooth. This echoes the need for early dental intervention, which is important in making sure a kid would grow up with healthy teeth and gums.

Many parents do not really stick to these principles. Some children have their first dental visit just when they have their first toothache, when they can already say ‘no’ to the idea of visiting a clinic. Everybody knows that dentists have a bit of a reputation among children. In fact, dentists frighten many kids.

The biggest issue now is how you can make them say ‘yes’ to their first dental visit if they have a notion that dentists are mean and scary. Here are few useful tips:

Begin at an early age.

The earlier their first visit, the better. This way, the child will already have an idea that the clinic is not at all scary and that the dentist is just as kind as mum. Frequent visits will also make your child familiar with the environment. In addition, the child will already have an idea on what happens in a clinic and how dentists help people take care of their teeth.

Talk to your child.

It helps that you sound positive and excited whenever you speak to them about their dental visit. Explain to them in very simple words why they need to see a tooth doctor. Tell them that the dentist just needs to count their teeth and check whether the tooth fairy is taking good care of them. Avoid mentioning words such as ‘hurt’ and ‘injection’ because these might scare them.

Choose the right dentist.

A paediatric dentist is different from a regular dentist. They have at least two additional years of training after dental school. They are trained to treat children’s developing teeth and attend to their unique dental health needs.

Make sure you find a dentist that is qualified to provide children dentistry services. In London, for instance, you can find Harley Street dentists, like, who offer services for young patients.

Keep these tips in mind, so bringing your child to his first dental clinic would be a success.