Internet Majors Objects To Singapore’s New Rules

Internet Rules in SingaporeSingapore’s move to draft rules on news web sites stricter, garnered many concerns from unexpected huge web companies saying the new regulations will hurt the industry.

Internet giant companies Facebook Inc, eBay Inc, Google Inc, and Yahoo Inc, said the country’s new rules “have negatively impacted Singapore’s global image as an open and business-friendly country.”

The companies issued their statement through an industry association representing their interests in Internet policy issues in the country, called the Asia Internet Coalition (AIC). Google, eBay, Facebook, and Yahoo! all have major presence in the city-state.

Google said separately in the letter that it was concerned about the long-term effects of the rules, especially for local Internet entrepreneurs who now face greater uncertainty and legal risk.

Singapore’s new rules on news sites

In May, Singapore said websites that regularly report would have to be licensed and listed 10 news websites that would be affected, based on conditions such as having monthly 50,000 unique web visitors from Singapore.

A site affected by the new licensing process would have to give a S$50,000 ($39,300) performance bond and take down any story that authorities seems objection able within 24 hours.