Just Keep Cruisin’: The 3 People You Need in Your Cruise Adventure

cruise adventureIsland tours, getting that sun-kissed glow while out on the deck, and swimming with the dolphins are just some of the activities that make cruises so magical. That and the possibility of dancing under the moonlight with the love of your life, with the cool sea breeze are why so many people rave about their cruise experience.

If you are thinking about ticking ‘cruising’ off your bucket list soon, it is not enough to have the money and to prepare the essential items; you need to have the right people to go with, too.

Complete your boat cruise experience by surrounding yourself with the best people possible:

1. The One Who Will do Anything Once

Have a friend that will not back down from any opportunity to go on an adventure. The presence of such a companion is perfect if you are faint-hearted and will need egging on to participate in more exciting activities. Their “I-can-do-anything” attitude can be contagious and will have you saying yes to things like snorkelling, waterfalls exploring, mud crab fishing, and more. Having someone there constantly reminding you about how ‘you only live once’ will help you let go and simply have fun!

2. The Foodie

A foodie will make sure that everyone has a happy tummy by suggesting dishes based on their meticulous palate. Having a foodie along means you do not have to worry about which to pick among the food choices are best. Not only will your tummy be satisfied, you will also get to broaden your knowledge about other food cultures through the help of your foodie friend.

3. The Photographer

With all the beautiful views and scenic spots a cruise will take you through, it would be a sin not to document the journey. Sure, you can snap selfies, but how will you take a picture of yourself while swimming with the dolphins? Enter your photographer friend. Perhaps they are not professional, but they act like the real deal. They will suggest poses, snap photos from different angles, and even talk to other tourists to make way for your Instagram-worthy picture.

Take these people with you on a cruise and it is a guarantee: your adventure will be unforgettable. Have fun cruising!