LG Reveals Laser-Focus Smartphone, Aims To Stand Out Against Rivals

LG logoSouth Korean tech giant LG revealed its newest smartphone, which is packed with unusual features to help it stand out against rivals and gain market share.

LG flagship phone

The new LG smartphone has features any tech lover would fancy: a laser-guided camera, 5.5-inch quad HD display, and 13-megapixel rear camera.

LG announced the new device, which is the first to feature laser-assisted autofocus, at a global launch event in London.

Industry experts admired the device, but argued that its effect on the company’s ranking would be limited.

A worthy goal

“A device needs to have some standout features so that when a consumer goes into a store the retailer can explain what makes it different from other smartphones,” said Jasdeep Badyal, of CCS Insight, in a statement. “But it will still be a difficult battle for LG, particularly because of the bigger marketing budgets that Samsung, Apple and Sony have.”

LG hopes to raise its profile with the technology designed to quickly lock onto moving objects and let the Android-powered device’s camera focus in dim light conditions.