Log Cabin: Having Fun as a Couple in the Woods

Cabin in the woodsSearching for a secluded lodging in the woods is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, for those who have an affinity with nature, they can spend some quality vacation in peace. There’s joy in staying in the woods surrounded by nature, and the nearest neighbor is beyond earshot.

Interested to know more? Riveroflove.com discusses the other advantages of having a vacation in a log cabin:

Things to do

A cottage in the woods is no longer what it seems. These are no longer the old cabins where there’s no electricity, indoor plumbing, or even showers. There are even some places that have Wi-Fi and hot tubs. Inside the cabin, there are now modern amenities.

Outside, you can walk in the woods, enjoy the long hiking paths, fish in the stream or lake, or just read a book in a hammock. With the thick foliage, the sun is filtered and there’s a soft light under the trees. Additionally, you and your partner can swim in the lake or just have a long soak in the hot tub (with a beautiful view, of course). Cabins look like a traditional countryside cottage from the outside, as it blends with its surroundings.

Outdoor activities

In most places, especially those where there are cabins for rent, some parks within a short distance has plenty of activities for couples. You can ride ATVs and go off-road riding, fish in the lake, and enjoy some boating activity. These nature activities are within a short distance of where they’re staying. Of course, with the cabin’s elegant and natural surroundings, it’s always tempting to just stay inside the cabin for most of the day and laze away as a couple.

Modern wood cabins provide modern amenities for renters who are on their honeymoon or just want a romantic getaway. The cabin can also serve as a base while the couple explores and enjoys the other activities that the area or county has to offer.