Maintaining Your Gorgeous Locks: Hair Care Guidelines for Travelers

Woman Drying Her HairWorking at a beauty salon can be entertaining, particularly because you will meet people with different stories and personalities. During one of those days, you will talk to ladies and gents who are currently traveling or are planning to travel soon and they will most likely want to get your hair care expertise. Share these hair care tips you learned from your hair school days in Utah:

Advise them to always get their hair ready before jumping into pools or beaches.

Water from beaches and pools react to hair negatively. There are instances when blonde hair turns green when immersed in water that has chlorine, so your clients have to watch out. Moreover, salt water in beaches will dry out their hair, which is why they have to condition it every time they leave the water.

Advise them to prepare hair care products and carry them at all times.

Preparation is always the key, even when it comes to their hair. Traveling usually means limiting the products they bring, so have them carry products in travel bottles or sample sizes. Remind them to have enough for their entire trip. Otherwise, ask them to do prior research regarding their destination to find out if they can also buy the products that they need there.

Advise them to protect and tie their hair when in humid and hot areas.

Have them understand that it won’t be healthy for their hair if they stay under the sun for a long time without hair protection. Explain that the sun can cause thinning, brittle and dry hair strands, discoloration, and split ends. They can use a bandana or hat to protect their hair when traveling in humid and hot locations. Ensure that they also tie their hair to keep their neck cool.

Your women clients who adore traveling will be thanking you for the tips listed here. Because of you, they won’t have to sacrifice their healthy hair just to continue their passion for touring the globe.