Alzheimer’s Care and the Contributions of Experts in Neurology

Neurologist Looking at an MRI ResultWhen a primary care doctor recommends seeing a neurologist, he or she may have noted symptoms requiring specialist care. A doctor of neurology in Provo specializes in identifying and managing diseases of the human central and peripheral nervous system. Illness involving the brain, spinal cord, and nerves and muscles are their specialty.

While caring for a loved one recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, you may be wondering if a neurology consult is necessary. The short answer is yes, a neurologist may be of help to someone dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. You must be able to make an informed decision about the condition, and a neurologist has the capacity to conduct a thorough neurological exam, to this end. Research on dementia reveals results about the benefits of multi-disciplinary care, and a neurologist is a professional who can contribute significantly to Alzheimer’s care.

Because a single test to ascertain Alzheimer’s disease does not exist, the medical expertise provided by a neurologist can help in the accurate diagnosis and formulation of a sound treatment plan.

Neurological exam

When diagnosing if a person is suffering from Alzheimer’s, a neurological exam is among the logical steps to take. The neurologist evaluates the patient for aspects that concern the involvement of the brain and spinal cord. Impaired memory is a significant symptom, which suggests an underlying impediment to the central nervous system. Other significant symptoms are abnormal reflexes, Poor muscle tone and strength, poor coordination of movement, and impaired speech, among others.

For persons diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a mental status test conducted by a neurologist provides relevant information about memory, thinking, and problem-solving skills.  People with Alzheimer’s also manifest disorientation, changes in behavior, mood, and personality, loss of ability to recognize people, and issues with abstract thinking. A neurologist can help with differential diagnosis, by ruling out other conditions that may present with symptoms similar to that of dementia.

Unfortunately, despite the advances of science, a post-mortem autopsy is the only way to confirm the presence of Alzheimer’s disease. It is with the help of specialists in neurology that we can provide the best care for our loved ones who are afflicted with the disease.

Practical Tips to Do Mortgage Numbers Properly

Piggy Bank, Calculator and CoinsWhen shopping around for mortgages, it’s imperative to do the numbers to determine whether you can truly afford to be a homeowner. Unless you can purchase a property with cash, you need to master mortgage math to find a home loan that fits into your budget.

The fastest way to achieve this goal is to use a home loan calculator in Utah, New Mexico, or any state where you’ll buy the house. Although this application can generate countless, possible monthly payments in an instant, it can be prone to misuse. To get accurate computations, American Loans recommends you do the following:

Remember PITI for Principal, Interest, Tax, and Insurance

Many calculators focus on the principal and the interest only, but these aren’t the only two things that affect monthly mortgage payments. Consider property taxes and insurance premiums too. Although typical fixed-rate mortgage amortization schedules only feature principal and interest portions of the payment, disregarding other regular expenses would skew computations. In some cases, monthly HOA fees are part of monthly housing costs.

Get Figures Direct from the Source

The most reliable source of information is always the lender. The list of charges you might be obliged to pay depends on the deal you qualify for. Crunching the numbers in the comfort of your home helps give you an idea of your expenses, but the most important figures will come from your prospective lender. After all, tax duties vary from one area to another, and insurance premiums different among insurers.

Don’t Forget About One-Time Expenses

The down payment and closing costs may be a one-time expense, which must be paid up front. Nevertheless, they affect the affordability of your mortgage. Fortunately, they’re negotiable. You may be able to minimize your down payment with a lender who’s willing to loan you more money. In terms of closing costs, some lenders may eliminate them in exchange for higher interest.

Dig into your financials before concentrating on property search. If you optimize mortgage calculators to narrow your best home loan options down, finding a house to buy becomes more fun and less stressful.

When Should You Get a Reverse Mortgage on Your Home?

Mortgage agreement with a key and house-shaped keychainThe right time to consult with reverse mortgage lenders is when you are at least 62 years old and have no plans of moving out of your current home, among other important factors.

While staying put seems easy, note that you would need to pay the loan in full if you need to move away. explains that by knowing the downsides, you can better gauge them against the possible benefits of a reverse mortgage.

How It Benefits You

The total home equity owned by all American homeowners reached more than $908 billion in 2017, which translates to around $15,000 per household, according to CoreLogic. In some states, it even reached an average gain of $44,000.

By tapping into your home’s higher equity, you can increase your retirement fund without having to sell your property. Most retirees have paid off the original mortgage on their houses, so there is a higher possibility of lower monthly payments and interest rates. These will depend on the value of your house.

The Downside of Higher Values

Rising property values are a boon for retirees. If you live in California, some counties have registered up to 60% higher median values between 2010 and 2016. However, this came at the expense of population growth.

In Los Angeles County, for instance, the birth rate fell by almost 2,600 babies among women from 25 to 29 years old. Median home prices in the county have increased by 31% over the six-year period, which indicated that more people are focusing less on having a child than buying a house.

Retirees and other eligible homeowners should consider a reverse mortgage only if they fully understood the risks, as the financial obligations can be overwhelming when you breach certain terms.

What are the Types of Fixed-Rate Mortgages?

Mortgage contractWithout a mortgage, owning a home would not be a reality for a vast majority. There are many factors you will consider when evaluating the best home loan for you. One of the crucial ones is the interest rate.

fixed rate home loan is the most popular choice for most homebuyers. This is because buyers already know their monthly payments. In an uncertain economy, this is the type of mortgage you may choose as it brings some measure of security. Its predictability allows you to plan your payments efficiently.

Here are the common types of fixed-rate mortgages you can select.

7-, 15-, 30-, and 40-Year Mortgages

The 40-year fixed-rate mortgage is the longest in the market though not very common. It has the lowest interest rates and monthly payments because of its extended payback time. The 15- and 30-year residential property mortgages, however, have lower costs in the long run compared to the 40-year one. Seven-year mortgages are generally for commercial properties.

Convertible Mortgage

This fixed-rate home loan allows you to convert your mortgage to one with a lower interest rate if the market rates decrease once your loan is in effect. Before converting, however, your lender has setup fees that you need to pay. If you are considering changing to a lower interest loan, therefore, you should be sure the rate you are going for warrants this extra upfront fee.

Balloon Mortgage

This loan allows you to make small repayments monthly for the first five to seven years of your loan. After this period, you are required to pay off your remaining balance in a lump sum. Balloon mortgages, however, have a contingency that if you are unable to pay the lump sum, your loan is converted into a fixed-rate loan.

The above mortgage options are the best for manageable homeownership. But your choice of lender is very crucial since you will be dealing with the professional for years. Ensure you choose one who will have your best interests at heart and one who is willing to guide you through the process.

How to Make the Most of a 1031 Property Exchange

people working at the officeSurprising as it might seem, the IRS can give you a leg up when playing the real estate market, explains an expert in 1031 exchange services here in Nevada. Under the section 1031 of the US tax code, you can hold on to the capital gains of a property you hold for productive use or investment.

Such properties include industrial warehouses, office complexes, apartment blocks, rental houses, and any property with an income. However, you need to play by a few rules to enjoy this support.

Designate the replacement property

Tax on capital gains can be anywhere from 15 to 30 percent of the profits you realize from a sale. Therefore, deferring the tax will amount to considerable savings. To realize these benefits, you need to identify the replacement property when making a sale.

Ideally, the property should be an equivalent value if not higher. The earlier you do, the better your chances of success as you have 45 days to identify the target property. Meanwhile, you need to appoint a qualified intermediary to handle the cash from the sale of your original property.

At no point during the exchange does the money find its way to your possession.

Avoid boot

Ideally, you shouldn’t make any financial gains from a 1031 exchange except for the new property. For further gains, commonly known as boot, are taxable. As such, you need to approach the process with a great deal of care. Otherwise, this is money out of your pocket.

Sometimes, working out the boot might prove tricky as it involves other issues that the selling and buying price.

You need to account for mortgage and other debts. Failing to balance your liabilities on both properties can lead to serious headwinds. Even if you don’t receive any cash back, a decrease in liabilities on the acquired property is considered a gain and as such, taxable.

How to Get More Out of Your Paycheck

hand receiving moneyAfter paying the bills, mortgage, and if you have kids, tuition fee, is there enough money left to cover other costs? According to financial specialists, 50% of your income should cover food, housing, and other necessary payables, while 30% should go to things like travel and other hobbies. So, where does the 20% go? The remainder of your pay should go to insurance and savings. But is there even enough left after paying the necessities?

If you find yourself not having enough after paying all the bills, you’re not alone. In fact, only 19% of Americans think they’re earning enough. Here are some tips on how you can stretch that dollar:

Get Insured

Many still find getting insurance unnecessary. What they don’t realize is having vehicle insurance in Cicero, Illinois, for instance, can save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in the long run. The same goes with a health insurance policy. Depending on your coverage, most insurance policies protect the holder from financial liability and provide medical coverage.

Pay Off Debt

In the age of credit cards and online shopping, acquiring more debt can only take a few seconds. Before swiping that credit card or applying for a loan, pay off existing ones first. You might not notice it, but keeping your debt for years can cost you even more money long term. Once you’ve paid off any existing loans, you’ll find you have enough money for saving up.

Avoid Shopping Online

Rather, shop only when you need to, especially if it’s online. It’s so easy to find and buy something online, making it easier to shop on impulse. You might have heard this before, but the same rule applies to online stores—visit them only when you’re looking for something specific to buy. Otherwise, avoid downloading shopping apps or visiting these websites.

These are just simple measures that can help you stretch the money you make. Saving money is a habit that eventually becomes a lifestyle. Take small steps and see how this would eventually change your financial status.

Factors to Consider when Buying Your First Home

house and keysFirst-home buyers have a checklist when looking at properties for sale. It should be in a nice, quiet neighborhood, especially if they are starting a family. Obviously, it should be within budget, and for millennials, that means looking at a city that’s not too expensive to live in.

If you’re considering a home purchase but don’t know if Utah is the right state for you, these factors will help you decide:

Attractive Mortgage Terms

You don’t just look at an Ogden mortgage loan uncontested and decide it’s the one, at least not if you’re a wise homebuyer. You’ll want to compare all the available options in Ogden and take some time to think about the different terms and rates you qualify for.

There are plenty of things to consider, such as your monthly expenses, other loans, and salary.

Manageable Cost of Living

It’s ambitious to live in Los Angeles or New York City if your bank portfolio is not plump enough. What you’re looking for is a city that allows you to live comfortably without worrying about your savings running dry.

In Ogden and other cities in Utah, you’ll have job options that pay well, so there will be no worries about you going bankrupt if you work and live smart. You can even start saving up for your children’s future and your retirement early on.

Peaceful Environment

No one wants to settle down in a place known for turmoil and crimes. That’s why the price of real estate near communities with high crime rate is lower in comparison with other neighborhoods known for safety and security.

You don’t even want to consider those cheap but compromised neighborhoods; the money you save makes a big difference in your peace of mind.

It’s time for you to settle down and you want a house to get started. Consider the important factors before you make up your mind.

Unusual, Countryside, and By The Sea Places for Weddings in Cornwall

Guest throwing confetti at newlywedsThe United Kingdom has a lot of places which may be considered as weird places for a wedding. However, Bodmin Jail may be considered a more unusual wedding venue in Cornwall. It is in parts a museum, and events place and a restaurant.

Cornwall Places for a Wedding

The dry wit of the British is quite evident in Cornwall, especially when it comes to wedding venues. Bodmin Jail is one of the most sought-after places for traditional wedding celebrations. The architecture is richly detailed and complete with Gothic high vaulted ceilings and matching decors. There are other places almost equally popular and just as unusual.

It is fairly common for castles and manors to be used as wedding venues. In Cornwall, these are almost ordinary occurrences. Cornwall castles include Pentillie Castle, Tredudwell Manor, Tregenna Castle and the Pendennis Castle. Barns and brewhouses are also common places for weddings. You can choose between Brewhouse St. Ives, Marquee Venue Newdowns Farm, Nancarrow Farm, Trevibban Mill Vineyard, Trevanna and Coombe Trenchard. Most barns and farmhouses which serve as wedding sites can accommodate only around 40 guests. This seems to be the norm in Cornwall.

In the Heart of the City

For those who would like to experience the rustic settings and still stay within the city limits, they can choose among hotels or taverns. One example is the Guildhall located in the heart of St. Ives in West Cornwall. The countryside is uniquely Cornwall, and there are places which could not be b mistaken for anywhere else. These include the bay of St. Ives, as well as the cliffs all along the coast.

Hotels in the area are unlike their urban cousins and are unique and unusual in the context. The Headland Hotel, for instance, stands almost at the water’s edge. It offers a breathtaking view of the sea. If you would want to get married in lovely, if unusual surroundings, Cornwall is a viable place to go to.

4 Recommended Leisure Time Activities for the Elderly

group of elderly peopleThe Affordable Care Act (ACA), signed back into 2010, has allowed the elderly affordable and better access to senior healthcare services.

Some of the benefits from ACA that seniors can enjoy include lower cost of prescription drugs, preventive services and annual wellness visit, lower Medicare part B premiums, among others. These senior-focused healthcare updates are no less than stellar.

But, we should not fail to remember that the rights and privileges we provide to our elderly should not stop here. Aside from medical assistance, they deserve access to leisure opportunities as well, such as these:

1. Group activities

Gone are the days when the only group activities available to seniors are bingo and shuffleboard. Now, options have improved, and our elderly can choose from an array of leisure time activities, such as adult day programs, bridge clubs, music clubs, theater groups, chess clubs, fitness and strength training, and even cycling tours.

2. The Golden Age Club

This is an organization that accepts people aged 50 and older. They come up with various events including sports, health, and recreational activities.

3. Volunteer Activities

For seniors with the spirit of volunteerism, this should be a fun opportunity. Seniors can even volunteer for elderly care facilities as receptionists or gift shop attendants and therefore be able to interact with their fellow elderly.

4. Learning New Things

With internet access and a mobile device, seniors can learn new hobbies which they can share with their loved ones. These activities can even fight off the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

For our senior’s medical and leisure needs to be consistently catered to, we must find better ways to provide them with the financial support they need, such as free professional financial advice. Most of our seniors are susceptible to an array of financial difficulties.

Now, regardless of the existence of medical and leisure privileges accessible to them, so long as they struggle financially, these privileges will be out of reach.

4 Ways to Pay Cash Loans Faster

personal application loan form approvedDo you know that about 34 percent of Americans take out cash loans? If you think that’s small, remember that 34 percent equates to approximately 83.5 million people. Cash loans are great if you need cash fast, thus the name. But if you want to be debt-free faster, here are some tips on how to do it.

Keep these tips in mind if you regularly apply for cash loans in Salt Lake City.

1. Borrow only what you need

It’s tempting to borrow more than what you need. After all, you can easily think of items you can get for the cash you’re getting. But when it comes to loans, the smarter thing to do is only to borrow what you need. This way, you won’t be tempted to borrow more than what you can pay.

2. Pay extra when you can

Similar to your mortgage-free plan, you can make extra payments when you can. Do a bi-monthly payment schedule if you can. This way, you can pay off your debt faster and won’t spend paying more on the interest. Moreover, paying extra is a good tactic to ensure that the money goes to handling your loans first before you spend on other things.

3. Earn extra money

There are many ways to earn extra cash. For instance, you can sell your items online, or you can sell your trash for quick cash. You can also recycle and turn some old items into money. You can also look for jobs online that you can do just about anywhere. And when you do, use that money to pay off your debt faster.

4. Paying Smarter

Cash loans are great if you need cash fast, so don’t worry about getting one. Just make sure that you also come up with a debt-free plan, so you don’t end up wasting money. This can help ensure that your hard-earned money goes to the right things.