Watch Your Step: Why Carbon Footprint Reduction is Important

Each step taken by man has some irreversible effects on nature. Among the adverse outcomes is the increasing amount of carbon footprint. What about it? Carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide. You can link such emissions to different natural and human activities. Carbon footprint has an effect everyone can feel—climate change.

Carbon Footprint and Nature

High temperatures and fluctuating rain patterns can change the growing pattern of plants. This shift in vegetation poses threat to the wildlife that depends on it. For instance, migratory animals like the musk oxen arrive at their destination only to find that their food sources have grown too early or not at all. Many species will be extinct if climate change continues.

Carbon Footprint and Humans

Carbon footprint has detrimental effects on humans. Most at risk are the people who make a living under the heat of the sun such as farmers and anglers. It also has a direct effect on the economy. For instance, economies depending on agriculture will suffer due to lower yields. The rise in temperature also poses threat on coral reefs, a major asset for economies that depend on tourism.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Global emission of greenhouse gases can be broken down to different activities of man. About 8 per cent of greenhouse gases originated from commercial and residential buildings. One way to reduce carbon footprint is to lessen the energy that goes to waste. Shut off lights, air conditioning systems, and other appliances when not in use. It’s also advisable for commercial establishments to hire the services of assessors for NABERS accreditation to help building administrators understand and achieve energy efficiency.

NABERS ratings heavily rely on energy, water, indoor environment and waste. Other metrics may also include data centres and employee travel.

Green Pass Australia helps businesses take a different step to reduce carbon footprint. With their accurate measuring system, companies can have an in-depth understanding about energy sustainability. Companies may call 03 9428 9126 to set a consultation about getting a NABERS rating.

Adapting to the App Age

The future of advertising is mobile. You’ll need to move as fast as the users, as advertising undergoes tremendous change. With storage and bandwidth increasing significantly, smartphones and tablets are becoming the main personal and business computer.

Take a good look at your site. Sure, your website might look great on a desktop or laptop. But how does it look on the different sizes of screens for smartphones and tablets? Chances are it might not look as good as on laptop screens. This is why you need to make your website adaptive and design it for mobile platforms. Conduct HQ, one of the leading creative digital companies in Australia, shares how companies need to address the mobile revolution.

The Need for Adaptive Website

Try this little experiment to have a better idea why a traditionally designed website doesn’t work for mobile devices. Visit your company’s website using a laptop. Make the window smaller until it’s about the size of a smartphone screen. How does it look? You’ll see that it doesn’t look good at all and probably not useful either.

If your website is adaptive, the text will automatically reformat and the pictures will move accordingly to fit smaller screen sizes. The menu will also adapt so your website and content will work on any device. The good news is that through the expertise of application development companies in Sydney, your website will look great regardless of screen size. Now is the time to create an adaptive site. You can have an app designer take your current look and make it adaptive, or you can start over and design a new website.

Design for Mobile First

Designing for mobile first forces you to decide on what should stay and what should go. You have to re-evaluate your site’s content. By putting it on a smaller screen, you’ll need to decide what your potential customers really need to make a buying decision.

There’s no doubt that mobile is here to stay. Researchers expect that mobile Internet usage will double again this year. More smartphone users download new apps daily and in-app purchases continue to increase. The opportunity for Facebook to change affiliate app marketing further is approaching. Now, who’s going to lead and make the most of this opportunity?

Conduct HQ specializes in web, iPhone, and iPad applications. Call 1300 368 277 or visit their website to learn how the company can help improve your mobile app design.

Toyota Motor’s Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Vehicle Surpasses Five Million In Sales

Toyota Motor’s global sales of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, specifically the Toyota Prius, have surpassed 5 million. The Japanese automaker had sold a milestone 5.125-million hybrid automobiles as of the end of March. These hybrid vehicles now account for 14 percent of its global sales and 40 percent of its sales in Japan.


Takeshi Uchiyamada, vice chairperson of Toyota Motors, recalled that expectations had been low for the hybrid vehicle to catch on. He had to beg to raise the production plan from 300 cars a month to 1000, but people in Japan were lining up to place their orders when the Prius was announced. There wasn’t even a sample model to check out in their showrooms yet.

Hybrid vehicles have now becoming a trend, and Toyota Motors are just starting to make a change in the auto industry.

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What’s in a Bottle of Vodka?

Vodka was originally used for medicine – to cure illnesses, that is. Poland produced their first identifiable vodka in the 11th century, much later than Russia, where the first documented production of vodka took place at the end of the 9th century. Today, wine businesses, fine dining establishments, and even the smallest clubs have a bottle of vodka to offer.

Pequa Spirits, a wine and liquor company in New York, shares that a bottle of vodka can serve different purposes. With its history, flavor, and uses, vodka stands out among other liquors, earning it a place among the top selling spirits in the world.

Flavors in Your Meals

Vodka helps enhance the flavor of dishes without being too overwhelming. When used with the right ingredients, it can add a twist and bring the best out of your ordinary dishes – from pastas to appetizers and desserts. In baking, the alcohol in vodka prevents gluten formation and makes the crust more tender.

Fun in Your Parties

Straight up, mixed, or on the rocks — partygoers will never run out of ways to drink vodka. When mixed with other beverages, it can add fun and make the night more enjoyable. Almost every bar in town today offer their own signature vodka drinks. The most popular vodka cocktails contain yogurt, juices, and fresh fruits.

Meaning in Your Presents

A gift of liquor fits any occasion. A bottle in one’s gift basket stands true to the age-old tradition. Pequa Spirits agrees that vodka makes for good presents, particularly when sent with chocolates and sweet treats. People who wish to prepare their own presents can look for custom vodka gift baskets. In the spirit of giving, a fine bottle or two can deliver just the right message.

Vodka can be served in several ways, making it one of the best there is. Pequa Spirits have a wide range of fine bottles to suit parties, recipes, and gift baskets. Those interested in their selections can contact Pequa Spirits by calling 516.795.3935.

Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm: Will There Be More for Disney?

With Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm on their front line, Disney seems to have a handful of blockbusters in their midst. While these major media companies have brought box office hits to Disney, CEO Bob Iger informed analysts their plans of halting any splashy acquisition.

ceo disneyIger is known for purchasing major media companies during his time as Disney’s head. He first bought Pixar and convinced the late Steve Jobs of bringing more life to the animation studio. Marvel Entertainment came next on his list some three years later, with the blockbuster film “The Avengers” in tow. The company has gained another hit this summer with “Iron Man 3” topping sales and earning more than $1 billion on a global scale. Lucasfilm completes Iger’s list with his plans of making future “Star Wars” films that may come out on 2015.

With these major acquisitions comes the question of any plans Iger may have.  Disney’s CEO left a somewhat vague answer on the issue, but it may not be likely that there’d be more in the future. To catch an inside scoop about this news, visit this website.

P&G Hands Gillette Global Creative Account To Grey

Consumer goods giant P&G has handed its global Gillette creative account to Grey, concluding its five-decade relationship with BBDO.The step eliminates the largest portion of BBDO and Omnicom Group from the world’s biggest spender in advertising, although the BBDO retains some accounts like Venus women’s razors, Braun, and the Art of Shaving. It covers the worldwide “brand agency leader” assignment for Gillette men’s grooming. The move does not directly affect other portions of the account that includes planning by Aegis’ Carat, and media planning by Publicis Groupe’s Starcom MediaVest.


Work will be transferred to Grey within a three-month transition period, according to Patrice Louvet, a P&G key person. The assignment includes Gillette men’s razors, blades, shave prep, and deodorant. Louvet iterated that the objective from the start is a global intervention.

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Out Of The Ring, Rocky Musical On Its Way To Broadway

sylvester-stallone-rocky-musicalRocky Balboa has been dubbed as an everyman who went out of his way and became a professional boxer with an unbeatable record back in the 1970s. Now, Rocky will not only bring the crowd cheering with his boxing moves; he’s also set to create a sensational hit on stage. What became a knockout musical in Germany is now on its way to Broadway to give people a new look at the famous boxer.

After the show’s successful debut in Hamburg, producers planned to have the musical adaptation of the 1976 film “Rocky” at Winter Garden by February. Alex Timber will direct the musical, with boxing choreography done by Steven Hoggett. Sylvester Stallone, along with Stage Entertainment USA, will also produce the show.

The musical adaptation remains faithful to the film, but will create a more intimate and powerful story to capture the audience once again. The story follows how Rocky gets a lucky shot in his boxing career while pursuing a relationship with the love of his life, Adrianna Pennino. For more information about Rocky’s venture to Broadway, visit this website.

Users Faces Service Issues For iCloud

icloudUsers of Apple’s iCloud services experienced technical problems for several hours Tuesday morning.

“Users might have incorrectly received an authentication error when attempting to use iCloud,” Apple says on its status page. “Setting up a new iCloud account from an eligible device may have been temporarily unavailable.”

Apple’s Game Center showed problems with user sign-ins reoccurring at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time, after issues earlier in the morning had been resolved. The company says that between 4:20 a.m. and 8:25 a.m., “some users [were] affected.” It also acknowledges that iTunes Store, Apple ID and Game Center were affected as well.

When asked to provide more details on the service issues, Apple did not respond. Although the company improved its Services, Stores and iCloud status page late last year, the company still does not publish more information about the cause of its service outages.

Thomas Claburn of Information Week provides more information about the story.

Green Outdoor Spaces Benefit People Almost As Much As A Happy Marriage

green spacesDr. Matthew White at the European Centre for the Environment and Human Health reports that the effects of living in a flourishing green outdoors is comparable to marriage and other big personal events.

“We’ve found that living in an urban area with relatively high levels of green space can have a significantly positive impact on well-being,” Dr. White explains. He continues to say that the effect is almost “equal to a third of the impact of getting married.”

This conclusion is found to be accurate, even after Dr. White and his team gave allowances for individual socioeconomic factors such as physical health, type of residence, civil status, income, and employment.

Bath Murphy, information manager of Mind, a mental health charity organization also remarked on the subject. She said living in a greener area provides a great way to escape the daily stress city dwellers experience.

Do you want to learn more about the study? View the full news article here.

Ebook Subscription: A Feasible Way To Attract More Readers?

ebooksNewspapers, magazines, and other publications have it tough. They are striving to survive amidst a world growing more enchanted with the online page. Readers, instead of keeping their eyes on the written (or printed) word on actual paper, would rather consume tomes through the Internet and their digital devices.

The Toronto Star, a publication in Canada, tries the ebook subscription model to see if it will generate a thriving readership. At 4.33 Canadian dollars plus tax, each subscriber will receive a new dispatch of articles each week. These dispatches are sold through the Star’s website and iTunes at the moment, with plans to distribute to other online retailers if the project is successful.

The Canadian publication has yet to reveal the numbers of its readers, although each ebook they release eat up a lot of marketing budget. Sandy Macleod, Vice President of the Star’s consumer marketing department, however, says that they will need 10,000 readers at the least by this summer.

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