Pimp Your Ride in Cool, Cheap and Crazy Ways

Built-In Car GPSPimping your ride does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. With a little bit of creativity, and, yes, a small allowance from your savings account, you can do all sorts of stuff to improve your car, both in terms of appearance and functionality.

Here are some car upgrade ideas from the cool to the cheap and, alas, the crazy.

Cool Car Upgrades

If your sense of direction is a little iffy, the first thing you must outfit your car with is a reliable GPS navigator that will let you know how to get to where you want to go.  For this purpose, the 5-Inch portable nüvi 1450LMT is worth considering.

Next on your list: a whopping stereo such as the Sony’s DSX-S300BTX Digital Media Receiver. With this upgrade, not only will you be able to play music via Bluetooth, you can start making hands-free calls.

Cheap Car Upgrades

If you want your car’s headlights to morph into an instant traffic light show, you may avail of an HID light bulb conversion kit that is inexpensive. To get more of your personal message across, invest in body and window decals which perfectly capture who and what you are about.

New Toyota Hilux seat covers you can buy from online vendors such as Janders can also give your old car a new sheen, as well as added comfort especially for when visitors come on board.

Crazy Car Upgrades

Crazy here means clever. What is smarter than using a pair of pantyhose to replace a broken fan belt?  Other ingenious ways to improve your vehicle’s functionality come in the guise of dashboard sticky mats for organisation, smartphone dock using an old ashtray, and a bungee net affixed to your car roof for extra storage.

Yes, you can pimp your ride without having to break the bank. You just have to decide whether you want to go cool, go cheap, or go crazy.