Primary Categories of Search Engine Marketing

Types and terms in digital marketingGetting substantial web traffic is the primary goal for all companies with an online presence aiming for profits. With the millions of websites currently clamoring for the attention of online customers, promoting your services and products is paramount. Search engine marketing {SEM} is a form of promotion which boosts the visibility of your web pages.

There are various categories of SEM with SEO being the most popular. An SEO company based in VA like Alkries LLC is efficient in handling all forms of search engine marketing despite its name which might mislead you into thinking it only handles SEO. Here are some other forms of SEM.

PPC {Pay Per Click}

This form of SEM works much like a bidding system. You will first choose your target keyword then bid how much you want to pay for a click on your ad. Should you win the bidding for this keyword, then your ad shows up each time a client keys it in. PPC is very cost-efficient since you only pay for the clicks on your ad.


This form of SEM targets clients who have already left your site. Retargeting gives you a ‘second chance’ to entice your customers but generally focuses on your products rather than the website. You will use a tracking cookie to trail all people who have seen your ad. Though retargeting doesn’t require direct payment, you need the software and expertise to move its tracking cookies.

Paid Search Advertising

This involves conventional adverts posted on search engines pages as sponsored listings. The cost of paid search advertising is pre-determined and varies depending on your chosen page. Though effective, it is the most expensive type of SEM.

Most business owners associate SEM only with SEO. This erroneous thinking makes them not fully benefit from the many opportunities available for boosting their website’s and product’s online visibility. You can now place yourself ahead of your competition with the knowledge of different SEM categories.