The Rise of Low-end Devices? Microsoft Launches $25 Mobile Phone

microsoft techgiantTech giant Microsoft has officially launched a low-cost mobile phone called the Nokia 130, which costs about $25.

Emerging market

As demand for affordable devices continue to grow, Microsoft revealed the handset that targets first-time mobile phone buyers.

The company’s new device has the ability to play back videos and MP3 files, but does not have access to the Internet.

Microsoft aims to reach thousands of low-wage consumers who still do not own a mobile phone.

Big decision

The company has made a major decision to enter the low-end market, as it believes there is only little competition there.

“This is a massive market segment, and there are not a lot of players in this segment for the reason that scale is really important,” Jo Harlow, head of Microsoft’s phones business, said in a statement. “We have the distribution and supply chain scale to compete effectively in this market. This is a space where smartphones today don’t reach, so there is still very strong benefits to our business.”

Despite experiencing struggles in the industry, Microsoft remains committed to deliver quality products and services.