Secrets To Great Abs

exerciseWeight gain is common at many times in life, and whether you are a college student looking to lose the “freshman 15” or just finding out how easily weight accumulates as you age, you will likely have the most difficulty losing stomach fat. You may have tried dieting to get rid of the flab, but dieting only gets you so far. In order to really tone up your abs you will have to start exercising, and Fitness Magazine shows you how in “9 Moves To Beat Belly Fat For Good.”

Getting Started

Starting out can be the hardest challenge to shaping up your abs, and this is partly because most people start off with high-intensity exercises. These exercises are known to work, but their difficulty can be a major deterrent to anyone just getting into the habit of exercising. Exercises like Lunge Twists and Step Hops are great for beginners because they are not as hard on the body. The Lunge Twist involves turning your torso as you step forward and lower your body to do a lunge. The Step Hop involves lifting one leg high while you hop on the other leg.

Exercises For People In Moderate Shape

Those exercises are great to start strengthening your stomach muscles, but after a few sessions you will be ready for more difficult exercises. Lunge Reaches and Hands-Up Hops are modifications on the starter exercises. The Lunge Reach involves reaching down while doing a lunge, forcing your stomach muscles to get more exercise than before. The Hands-Up Hop involves doing the same exercise as the Step Hop, but with your hands raised.

Advanced Exercise Techniques

Once you have mastered the intermediate workouts, it is time to really build your core. Advanced techniques like Squat Jumps, which involve jumping while doing a squat, burn more calories by combining exercises, which makes for a more difficult and intensive workout. Following this guide will help you safely lose weight, even on difficult parts of the body.