Spending Good Times in Singapore – 4 Affordable Ways to Enjoy the City

view of beach in Sentosa islandSingapore might be small in size, but it is nothing short of exciting adventures and magnificent sights. More than the usual places and scenes you’ve heard and saw, the city-state offers plenty of other activities that would make your visit even more memorable and worthwhile.

To start off the list, here are some suggestions you can’t dare to miss.

A Trip to the Haw Par Villa

As you travel along the Pasir Panjang Road, you’ll come across to a theme park inspired by Chinese mythology. The place is also known as the Haw Par Villa. Many tourists, both local and foreign, find the place frightening yet intriguing at the same. The park has collective depictions of many Chinese folklore including the 10 Courts of Hell most of which are in a life-sized and three-dimensional diorama.

Kayak Experience at Khatib Bongsu

Marvel at the lush greenery of mangrove trees right in the north region of Khatib Bongsu or eastern part of Pulau Ubin. Visitors could readily paddle their way through this jungle which is not too far away from Singapore’s mainland. Tourists could enjoy kayaking at the whole stretch of this water forest because you’ll also discover other types of wildlife living off this area, like sea eagle as well as the horseshoe crab.

Enjoy a Dip in the Beach

The Lion City is famous for many things but not entirely for their beaches. Surprisingly, there’s quite a good number of beaches where tourists could swim all they want and get the perfect sun-kissed skin they want. To complete the experience, you may also enjoy beach party in Singapore which portrays the culture and heritage of the city-state.

Treasure Hunt at Sungei Road

Singapore is known as one of the highly commercialised nations where big chain brands and malls heavily dominate the shoppers’ experience. What you probably didn’t know is the thriving and alive flea market scenes of the country.

Sungei Road Thieves’ Market is among the most popular of those and has been in existence for decades now. If you just can’t seem to have your fill, you can visit Sunday Artist Market in Ann Siang Hill to find unique and antique items. What’s so good about these areas are they are located nearby MRT station, so you need not worry about getting lost.

Whether or not it is your first-time, these suggestions will level up your tour in the Lion City. Don’t miss out to re-discover and enjoy this city-state by including these on your travel bucket list.