Stop Floor Abuse: Use Floor Coatings

floor coatingFloors go through a lot of abuse. They experience abrasions, thermal shocks, chemical damage and various kinds of impact. Eventually, the damage will wear down, or even destroy your floors. They definitely need defence from all these harmful elements–and that’s where floor coatings come in.

How do you choose the right floor coating?

Step 1: Study the surface.

What is the floor made of? Don’t just apply any coating without studying the surface first. Concrete floors, for one, are porous and produce dust and get worn down as time passes. These floors, in particular, benefit from protective coating, such as those from A&I Coatings.

Is it clean? Does it have any foreign objects in it? A floor with materials such as curing compounds and fine particles may not bond well with the coating.

Does it have spalls or cracks? The right smoothness is important before applying the protective coating.

Step 2: Understand the abuse it receives.

Floors are subjected to different kinds of abuse. You have to identify which type, as well as the degree and severity to determine the appropriate coating.

You also have to remember that any cracks or damage must be repaired or patched first, or else they may get worse if you don’t take note of them early on.

Step 3: Consider other factors unique to your floor.

There are other factors you have to remember when choosing floor coatings. These may not be as crucial, but they still contribute to a satisfactory outcome.

  • How long the flooring will last – Owners want floors that are sure to last a lifetime. In reality, though, even with durable materials, you will still have to perform some maintenance.
  • Appearance – How the surface will look like once the coating is applied is important. The floor may end up looking vastly different from how you expected it to be.
  • Price Range – People prefer low-cost floor coatings, especially if keeping to a budget is a priority. You have to realize that as with many things, you get what you pay for. Choosing a higher quality coating may cost more, but you also generally avoid spending later on.

Remember that keeping your floors looking new is one of the ways to add value to your home. Getting them protected ensures that they’re better for longer. Coordinate with reliable companies that work on floor coatings and other related processes to ensure that you’ll be getting your money’s worth, and will give you the quality that you deserve.