The 4 Elements of API 653 Owners of ASTs Should Memorize

Storage Tank MaintenanceAPI 653 is one of the standards for maintaining the safety and integrity of above ground storage tanks. Owners should know their 4 critical components by heart. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations set in this law could bring about disastrous consequences that can affect both human and the environment.

  1. General Tank Information

The first step API 653 inspectors conduct is acquiring general information about the above ground storage tank itself. They take note of and review the descriptions of the AST including its specifications, construction, release detection methods, and spill control.

  1. Inspections of the AST’s Bottom, Tank Shell, and Tank Roof

The API 653 standard enables certified inspectors to conduct various types of checks on the components of the above ground tanks. The most common methods they use include visual, spot (ultrasonic), scan (ultrasonic as well), liquid penetrant, penetrating oil, magnetic particle, radiography, magnetic flux scan, vacuum box, and tracer gas.

These ways of inspecting the crucial part of the tank allow inspectors to determine any faults in the tank that can turn either suddenly or gradually into a huge problem.

  1. Bottom, Shell and Roof Structural Integrity and Construction Considerations

During inspections, the certified AP 653 inspectors need to factor in certain structural integrity and construction details, including the above ground tank’s minimum remaining thickness, the minimum required thickness and its maximum corrosion rate.

  1. Evaluation of the Tank’s Settlement

Last but not the least is to evaluate and examine the AST’s positioning. API inspectors have to check whether the tank is already tilting or has settled improperly into the ground. The most important factors inspectors consider during this step include the tank’s dish type, uniform, out of the plane, localized dispersions, edge settlement, and rigid body tilting.

It is only through this standard that AST owners can establish whether they already need their tanks to undergo API 653 tank reconstruction or repairs, thus, as an owner, make sure your hired inspector conducts all four steps.