The Importance of Professional Help in Treating Eating Disorders

Girl With An Eating DisorderYou probably are not aware of the fact that many people suffering from eating disorders also suffer from drug or alcohol abuse. Statistics have it that almost half of eating disorder patients are abusing drugs or alcohol by the time they seek medical attention. 

With this data, you cannot ignore the close correlation between substance addiction and eating disorders. For a patient to get the right treatment in an eating disorder center such as EDCare, professionals must first identify the causal factors to his or her illness.

The treatment process

The process of treating a patient with an eating disorder can be quite long, depending on the complexity of the condition. Ideally, it begins with addressing the physical health issues of the patient. These include nutritional deficiencies, malnutrition, dehydration, and ulcers.

After regaining a healthy weight, the patient, along with his or her family, undergoes counseling and therapy. The center also facilitates an empowerment-based treatment to jumpstart the healing process and get the patient back to eating healthful diets.

Why do eating disorders seem to affect only a few?

Well, that is because most people with eating disorders hardly know that they are suffering from one. Some of those who do know, on the other hand, prefer not to talk about it with their family and friends for fear of judgment.

The truth is more and more people in this age are suffering from eating disorders, and the faces of those struggling with these conditions are diversifying quite steadily. Do not ignore the warning signs like obsessively counting calories or weighing portions, or always making excuses to avoid meals. As soon as you recognize a symptom in a loved one, contact an eating disorder specialist right away for professional help.