The Road to a Good Exam Score: Effectively Writing a Good Economics Essay

students writing an essay during examThe essay portion of a Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A’ Level Economics exam makes up over half (60 per cent, to be specific) of the total test score. With only 45 minutes to plan and write the answer to an economics essay question, it’s vital for exam takers to have excellent essay writing skills to obtain a good grade in the test.

Although there’s no one universal approach to tackle an essay question, there are ways to construct a right answer that will earn the student most, if not all, of the possible marks for each essay question. Keep these things in mind when coming up with a compelling economics essay answer in the exam.

Follow a Systematic Approach

Many JC Economics tuition centres would offer different approaches in answering an essay question. One good way would be to use an eight-step approach, which consists of the following steps:

  • Review the question carefully.
  • If it’s a two-part question, consider starting with Part B before answering Part A to avoid any answer overlaps.
  • Focus on the keywords as they indicate the topic of the question.
  • Check the command words to learn what you need to do to answer the question.
  • Note down any economic concepts or theories relevant to the question.
  • Prioritise these according to relevance.
  • Based on your list, choose the ones that effectively answer the essay question.
  • Organise your selected concepts or theories in such a manner that answers the question.

Write a Good Introduction

Now that you have an approach to answering the question, you’ll need to construct a proper intro. Your introduction should define the economic terminologies mentioned in the essay question. Additionally, it should provide an overview of your approach in a clear and succinct manner.

Use the Right Diagrams

Besides a good intro, it’s also important to draw the appropriate and correctly labelled diagrams to illustrate your understanding of the economic concepts. These diagrams can substantiate your explanations and allow you to earn the required marks to ace the essay.

Utilising a systematic approach, coming up with a good intro and drawing the appropriate diagrams can help you write a good answer in the essay portion of the economics exam. Additionally, these strategies can save you time, allowing you to proofread your answer.