The Severe Case of Under Inflation

Under InflationMost people do not give much thought to the inflation of the tires on their vehicle. Stop and consider this, though, did you know it could be costing you gallons of fuel every day? Americans waste 8.5 million gallons of fuel each day due to the under inflation of tires. If you thought under inflation is not serious, you thought wrong.

250,000 vehicular accidents occur each year because of under inflated tires. 300 million tires are abandoned every year due to the same, and consequently, there are 4.5 million tires purchased per year because of these numbers. Yes, it’s this serious.

Air More, Fail Less

The concern for inadequately inflated tires is not new. For years now, top tire suppliers like AllStarTire, along with the US Government, have been stressing the importance of proper inflation in the tire’s pressure retention and longevity.

The government reminds car owners to correct tire pressure regularly and maintain proper tire inflation to avoid dire consequences. Under inflated tires wear out faster and are due to fail more frequently. It affects your car’s fuel economy, but more importantly, your safety.

Drivers Beware

90% of tire blowouts are due to improper inflation. In fact, under inflation is the leading cause of tire failures. When a tire is under inflated, the tires fall out of shape and gradually flattens. Driving with an under inflated tire increases the risk of overheating and road accidents.

Only one out of seven car drivers check their tire pressure regularly. This results to more than 25,000 highway fatalities due to under inflated and overheated tires each year. Look at that, a simple slip can result in the loss of more lives than it should.

Don’t become a part of the terrifying statistics. To look after your safety is also to look after all components of your vehicle—even the smallest of things. Tires are what take you places, after all. Just don’t let that place be an emergency room.