Turkey Blocks YouTube Over Security Leak

Image by Rego Korosi | Flickr
Image by Rego Korosi | Flickr

Turkey has banned video-sharing website YouTube, days after a federal court ordered the suspension of a ban on Twitter, after both were used to spread recordings damaging to the government.

Serious trouble

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is mad with the apparent wire taps, suggesting a major corruption scandal.

“After technical analysis and legal consideration…. an administrative measure has been taken for this website,” the telecoms authority (TIB) said in a statement.

The move came after the release of an audio file, relating to a security meeting in which top government, military, and spy officials talk about a possible scenario for military action inside Syria.

Purported security leak

Some news agency said it could not verify the audio’s authenticity.

But it was potentially the most damaging purported leak so far as it appeared to have originated from the bugging of a highly confidential conversation.

“They even leaked a national security meeting,” Erdogan said in a statement. “This is villainous, this is dishonesty… Who are you serving by doing audio surveillance of such an important meeting?”